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The Shocking Truth! Moebius's True Form!! (驚きの真実! メビウスの本当の姿!! "Odoroki no Shinjitsu! Mebiusu no Hontō no Sugata!!"?) is the 49th episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 291st episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall. Last time Cure Angels were born, and the combined Northa and Klein was defeated by Loving True Heart.


Hope returns with the Cure Angels born, and together they finish off Northa and Klein and make their way for Moebius.


The Angel Cures

After the Cure Angels were born, they fight the combined Northa and Klein. With the power that they have now, they beat them with the combined attack, Pretty Cure Loving True Heart. They are defeated and return to their basic forms; a plant and a lizard. Soular expresses gratitude with Berry for her words earlier, while Westar admires Kaoru's delicious donuts that he made earlier.

Moebius's artificial robot body

Everyone leaves for Moebius, using their wings to fly while Soular, Westar, Tarte, and Azukina ride a Hohoemina; a Nakewameke on the side of Cure Angel. Upon arrival they find Chiffon as Intinity, under the influence of Moebius. When Passion sees what has gone on, she desires to try to break through to him and get him to stop his evil ways, while he attempts to get her to return to his services. However, when he attacks her, she is protected by Cure Berry and Pine.

The four are attacked by Moebius, but they quickly take him down - only to find out that to their surprise, its an artifical robot.

The first ones to fall were Azukina, Tarte, and Westar. At that time Azukina accidentally fell from the protection of Westar and Tarte comes to her rescue, along with Westar while the Hohoemina returns to its common

Angel Cures flying

Nakewameke form.

The second to fall down is Soular. When the Cure Angels were heading toward Chiffon, there was a giant cable interference and Soular copes with objects that became Nakewamekes. Soular is finally attacked with a one-time attack and he fell, causing Berry to call out to him and see if he is okay.

Eventually they all fall down and they pass out.

Main Events

  • With combined Northa and Klein defeated, Moebius is confronted.
  • The strength of the Cure Angels, Loving True Heart, is first used.
  • Nakewameke has reformed into Hohoemina.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


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