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Full of Smiles! Everyone Will Get Their Happiness!! (笑顔がいっぱい! みんなで幸せゲットだよ!! "Egao ga Ippai! Minna de Shiawase Getto da yo!!"?) is the 50th and final episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and also the 292nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The final battle between Cure Angel and Moebius. Will Pretty Cure be able to save Chiffon and the parallel worlds in time?


As they fall and are weakened, the data of all people in Labyrinth were captured by Moebius.

Peach, Berry, Pine, Passion, Tarte, Azukina, Westar, and Soular are separated from each other by the data cable. They begin to fight an army of Moebius- and one by one they were defeated as the data from the people is being released. As Moebius is being defeated, he plans to destroy all of Labyrinth once he gains Chiffon's powers.

The girls face Chiffon and attempt to save her from being attacked. They collect a lot of heart power to save Chiffon with Pretty Cure Loving True Heart Fresh attack. She soon regains consciousness and returns to her normal self, causing everyone to express happiness as she saves them and the entirety of Labyrinth.

They return home after a long battle and quickly meet up with their parents at their houses, who all happily speak to the girls and embrace them with love, saying how much they missed them.

The Cures dance to Happy Together

The next day, Setsuna decides that with Labyrinth safe, she should return to Labyrinth with Soular and Westar. But first she agrees to dance in the contest as part of their group and they perform to H@ppy Together!!!. In the end, the girls win the dance contest. Setsuna and the others decide to part ways, but first Love and Setsuna take some pictures to use as a

The winner of the dance contest

memento for everything they have been through. They give a picture to Tarte, Chiffon, Azukina, and Setsuna before they all take off for their true homes.

Daisuke then approaches Love to ask if she has feelings for him as he does her. However, after a moment of thought, Love teasingly refuses to tell him.

A time skip shows the girls in the future. Miki has remained beautiful and is now an elegant model, while Inori has put her smarts to good use and is now a popular veterinarian. Love continues to dance while encouraging others to be happier and help them; showing that everyone has since gained their true happiness...

Major Events

  • The Cure Angels (along with Soular, Westar, Azukina and Tarte) defeat Moebius, and Chiffon is saved.
  • Love, Miki, Inori, and Setsuna win the dance contest.
  • Tart, Azukina, and Chiffon return to the Kingdom of Sweets.
  • Setsuna, Soular, and Westar return to Labyrinth to make it a better world.
  • Miki becomes a popular model.
  • Inori learns how to be a vet.
  • This marks the last episode of Fresh Pretty Cure! and it was succeeded by Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, taking its initial timeslot.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • This is the first and only episode since episode 25 to use You make me happy! as an ending theme.
  • H@ppy Together!!! is played three times in this episode: One time during the dance contest, one time during the last four minutes of the series, where the Cures are shown having their dreams come true and in the second ending sequence of the episode.
  • This is the only episode of Fresh! to have 2 ending sequences instead of 1. Where both endings are screened.
  • When Moebius was trying to brainwash his enemies, Setsuna is not registered as Eas but only as Setsuna and Cure Passion. While Soular and Westar are registered with both of their villain names and civilian ones. Also, both three died and reborn.
    • Passion was also the only Cure who's bloodtype was not revealed while Peach was the only one to get her height revealed.
  • The last scene of the episode is similar to the one of the opening where Love heads to school. With the exception of Tarte being absent as well as being lined.



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