Singer(s) Writer Composer Arranger Time Appears in
Kitamura Eri
(喜多村 英梨)
Natsumi Tadano
(菜摘 只野)
Funta7 Funta7 04:04 Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2 ~The Gift Of Smiles~
Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Best
Pretty Cure Colorful Collection Twinkle♦Blue
FRIENDS ~3Q4love~ is the second image song for Aono Miki from the Fresh Pretty Cure! series. The name is based on the Japanese spelling "3", then the pronunciation for the English "Q" and 4, becoming "sankyū fō", which is similar to the Japanese pronunciation of the English quote, "Thank you for love".


3Q4love nakechau kurai
Tomodachi wa takaramono!!

ONE tatoe hitorikiri
Mezameru asa demo kodoku janai
Heart kono itami koso ga
Min'na to no kizuna kibō no shirushi
Kyara wa chigatte mo kokoro wa tsunagatteru
Hanarete mo owaranai dorīmu・chīmu

Aozora mabushi sugite
Keshiki ga urunde koboresō
Tabidatsu hitomi ni tsugeru kokoro kara
"thank you for my friends"

COOL otonappoku mieru
Watashi wo sasaeta san'nin no Smile
WHY? Manyuaru wa nai yo
Shisutemu demo nai mienai chikara
Itooshī kimochi doko kara umareru no?
Sono kotae wakachi atta raburī・chīmu

Aozora kageri nakute
Nandarou?! Ima dake...setsunai yo
Tabidatsu senaka ni tsugeru daisuki! to
"thank you for my friends"

Hateshinai toki no naka de
Deaeta kiseki wa honmono!
Eien ni kawaranai sore wa min'na e no

3Q4love 泣けちゃうくらい
友達は 宝物!!

ONE 例えひとりきり
目覚める朝でも 孤独じゃない
Heart この痛みこそが
みんなとのキズナ 希望のしるし
キャラは違っても ココロは繋がってる
離れても 終わらない ドリーム・チーム

青空 眩しすぎて
景色が潤んで こぼれそう
旅立つ 瞳に告げる ココロから
「thank you for my friends」

COOL 大人っぽく見える
わたしを支えた 3人のSmile
WHY? マニュアルは無いよ
システムでもない 観えないチカラ
愛おしいキモチ どこから生まれるの?
その答え 分かち合った ラブリー・チーム

青空 翳りなくて
旅立つ 背中に告げる ダイスキ!と
「thank you for my friends」

果てしない 時間の中で
出逢えた奇跡は ホンモノ!
永遠に 変わらないそれは みんなへの

3Q4love there is no need to cry
As having friends is my treasure!!

ONE being alone for example
Is not lonely if you wake up with the morning
Heart if this is the pain you have
It is the sign of hope that connects the bonds of everyone
Even if your characters are different, your hearts will be connected
It will never end or be taken away, my dream・team

The blue sky is much too bright
As it spills the moist scenery on us
As I depart I look into your eyes from my heart
"thank you for my friends"

COOL is to look like an adult
Their smiles supported me all the way to the very end
WHY? Is it that not the manual
That even the system cannot be seen within this power
Where did this precious feeling even come from anyway?
The answer must be that we share a lovely・team

Without the blue sky there is gloom
What is it?! It just now...become sad
As we depart we say I love you! to our very own backs
"thank you for my friends"

Within this never ending time
I tossed up a miracle that is real!
To everyone who will never ever change forever
"Thank you very much"


No. Title Artist Duration Audio
1 FRIENDS ~3Q4love~ Kitamura Eri 04:04
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