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  Falsetto (ファルセット Farusetto?) is a villain from Suite Pretty Cure♪ and a member of Trio the Minor alongside Bassdrum and Baritone.

He is the main antagonist from episode 37 to 44 until Noise was revived.


Falsetto is a man with pink tousled hair. He has eye wrinkles, indicating his age.


Falsetto, as his name indicates, is in charge of the upper voice range of the trio, and his singing is often out of tune. Initially, he uses boku (ボク?) and polite language. He has a modest personality and tries to stay out of conflict between his other two team members, willingly letting Bassdrum be the leader, having no ambition of his own. When Siren was still part of the team, she often sat on his head and let out her frustrations by clawing at his hair.

After being brainwashed by Noise, he takes over as Trio the Minor's leader by force, treating Baritone and Bassdrum as his servants. His first person changes to ore (おれ?) and he forces the other two to call him "-sama". He is shown to be competent and efficient, and his singing ability improved. His goals revolve entirely around serving Noise and fulfilling his goals, to the point that he annoyed Noise into absorbing him.

In the final episode, the brainwashing was undone, and Falsetto returned to his gentler personality.


In episode 36, after Mephisto is healed from hypnosis, Falsetto was brainwashed by Noise to become his loyal servant.


Falsetto is a musical term for a type of voice usually possessed by male singers.


  • He is the only member of Trio the Minor which, when he transforms into his final form his skin doesn't change like Bassdrum and Baritone's.
  • Falsetto has summoned 5 Negatones.


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