Miracle・Magical・Jewelryle! Cure La Mode・Decoration!
Felice・Fun Fun・Flowerle! (フェリーチェ・ファンファン・フラワーレ! Ferīche・Fan Fan・Furawāre!?) is the official transformation phrase used by Hanami Kotoha in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! to transform into Cure Felice.

In order to transform, Kotoha must have her Linkle Stone Emerald and the Linkle Smartbook. It is first used in episode 22.


The Linkle Stone Emerald appears and floats alongside the Linkle Smartbook. Kotoha, with her hair and yellow dress glowing and holding the stylus, shouts "Cure Up・RaPaPa!" and holds it up in the air. The stone then inserts itself into the book and she says "Emerald!" before drawing the letter F on the screen, and once it does appear on the screen, the word "Felice" is spelled out. Then, Kotoha says "Felice・Fun Fun・Flowerle!" as she draws a circle and points the stylus forward, and it becomes filled with flower designs. The circle moves a bit and green vines with leaves on them sprout out the middle and surround Kotoha.

Then images of Ha-chan in her first three forms and Kotoha herself are shown as her height changes. The skirt appears first and then a vine grows upward on her body and vines start to surround her arms and body, forming her top. Then more vines wrap around her legs and form her shoes. Then the flowers on her shoes, skirt and top bloom. Her hair then lengthens and turns bright pink and styled in braided pigtails. Then her hair accessories, tiara, and earrings appear. She then strikes a pose as the Linkle Smartbook appears on the left side of her hip.

A yellow butterfly lands on the left side of her hairpiece and flowers appear in the irises of her eyes. Felice then spins around as the flower opens and a wing-like ribbon appears on her back, resembling flower petals. She is seen sitting on top of a flower, saying part of her introduction before blowing pink flower petals into the air. She then introduces herself as she strikes her final pose.

Key Animation

  • Emerald Style transformation - Tatezaki Hiroshi


  • The lyrics played throughout the transformation: "Like beautiful trees, my dreams shall also prosper and grow. The wonderful greens! From seed grows bud then flowers bloom. Life repeats and become the forest greens."


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