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Final! Healin' Good♥Shower (ファイナル!ヒーリングっど♥シャワー?) is a group attack that the Cures use in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. It is first used in episode 31 and requires the Healin' Good Arrow and the Special Healin' Good Bottle.


The attack begins with the Cures summoning the Healin' Good Arrow. Grace then inserts the Special Healin' Good Bottle onto the arrow. The tip spins around as the Healing Animals say their part of the incantation, with the tip of each Cure's arrow stops at their respective Healing Animal. The Cures then change into their Special Healin' Good Style forms. Grace then pulls the plunger as the barrel fills up with rainbow-colored liquid. Lights then shoot out of the Cures' arrows, and the spirits of their Healing Animals appear. The Healing Animals join their Cure partners as they ride on streams with their respective elements. Grace is on a stream of flower petals, Fontaine is on a stream of water, Sparkle is on a stream of light, and Earth is on a stream of wind. They then regroup as fire four colorful beams of light at the target. The lights coalesce and strike the target, with four arms reaching out and rescuing the human target, purifying the enemy. The attack ends with the four Cures and Healing Animals saying "take care".



Cures: ヒーリングっどアロー!
Healing Animals: ヒーリングアニマルパワー・全開!
Healing Animals: キュン!
Cures: アメイジングお手当て!準備OK♥
Healing Animals: OK!
All: プリキュア!ファイナル!ヒーリングっど♥シャワー!
All: お大事に。


Cures: Hīrin Guddo Arō!
Healing Animals: Hīringu Animaru Pawā・Zenkai!
Healing Animals: Kyun!
Cures: Ameijingu Oteate! Junbi OK♥
Healing Animals: OK!
All: Purikyua! Fainaru! Hīrin Guddo♥Shawā!
All: Odaiji ni.


Cures: Healin' Good Arrow!
Healing Animals: The Healing Animals' Power Is Fully Charged!
Healing Animals: Throbbing!
Cures: Amazing Treatment! Setup, OK♥
Healing Animals: OK!
All: Pretty Cure! Final! Healin' Good♥Shower!
All: Take care.


  • In episode 45, Cure Earth has her eyes closed during the attack because she did not want to see the Sukoyaka Sweet Buns she loved getting hurt.




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