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The girls arriving at their posts on the Symphony Set before attacking

Five Explosion (ファイブエクスプロージョン Faibu Ekusupurōjon?) is Pretty Cure's ultimate group attack in Yes! Pretty Cure 5, obtained from Milk's willpower.


The Symphony Set right before it rams an enemy.

When Milk's willpower reaches its zenith, she jumps onto Cure Dream's arm and becomes a small storage device. All five girls get the pieces of the Symphony Set; Cure Rouge, Cure Lemonade, Cure Mint, and Cure Aqua send their items to the Dream Torch. Cure Dream holds the completed Symphony Set to Milk's book bag, now glowing, and it becomes empowered and grows to the size of a jet. Cure Dream recites her part of the incantation while holding out her hand. The rest of the girls hold out their hands and recite the rest of the incantation. Lights representing the colors of the girls cover them from above and bring them on board the Symphony Set. Rainbow light comes from the wings of the item, and it dashes through the sky, gaining butterfly wings of energy and colliding into the enemy at top speed. The wings become much larger and destroy the enemy as the girls jump down safely, leaving rainbow butterflies in the aftermath.


The more powerful version seen in the first movie.


Cure Dream: 夢と希望の力と共に···
Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ···五つの光を
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade: 今日ここに
Everybody: プリキュアファイブエクスプロージョン!


Cure Dream: Yume to kibō no chikara to tomo ni...
Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ...Itsutsu no hikari wo
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade: Ima koko ni!
Everybody: Purikyua Faibu Ekusupurōjon!


Cure Dream: Together with the power of dreams and hope...
Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ... Join with these five lights
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade: Here and now!
Everybody: Pretty Cure Five Explosion!



Precure 5 Explosion!