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Flappy (フラッピ Furappi?) is the flower spirit that allows Hyuuga Saki to transform into Cure Bloom and later channels Moop's power of the moon, allowing her to transform into Cure Bright. He ends his sentences with "~rapi". He seems to have a crush on Choppy.



Flappy is very pale blue-white in color with sky blue markings and black (often appearing very dark red) eyes. The end of his tail is shaped like a flower and he has on a red-hot pink necklace with a golden yellow orb on it. His eyes have what could be thought of as petals (being the flower spirit and all) and a flower bud shape on his forehead the same as the shape on his tail.


Flappy is a responsible fairy who is always willing to take charge. He is not afraid to speak his mind and is determined to accomplish any goal he has in mind or try to protect his loved ones. Although he and Saki sometimes bicker, he still supports her and will defend her when they're in a crisis. Despite this, Flappy is rather shy when it comes to confessing his feelings to Choppy. When his crush is being mentioned, he tends to get defensive and overreacts.


  • Choppy: Flappy has a huge crush on Choppy but he can never quite tell her. He shows her not so subtle hints and affectionate gestures but she never picks up on it. In the epilogue, it is implied that he finally managed to tell her.FwPCSS49
  • Hyuuga Saki: Flappy lives with Saki and they get along fairly well, though they sometimes argue about random things.


Flappy (フラッピ Furappi?) comes from the word, "flower" (フラワー furawā?).


In the first episode, Saki goes to the Sky Tree and bumps into Mishou Mai when they see two floating balls of light heading straight towards them. Said balls of light reveal themselves to be Flappy and Choppy who informs the duo they had met in the past and now they must become Pretty Cure. They scold the girls multiple times for not remembering their first encounter in front of the tree. Karehan then shows up so Flappy and Choppy try to fight him alone but are beaten very easily. Just as Karehan is ready to capture them, Saki and Mai defend the fairies and become Pretty Cure.

Once Saki and Flappy get into an argument when Saki knows that Flappy slept on the clock which results in her waking up late. She doesn't believe that Flappy has gotten ill initially, until she realizes that Flappy has indeed gotten a fever. When Flappy and Choppy get fling into the water by Moerumba, Saki quickly saves Flappy and Choppy from drowning. After Saki catches a cold, Flappy stays up just to look after her. The next morning, they later realize that Korone was the one who knocked over the clock so they both angrily give Korone an angry shoot. FwPCSS11

After watching a movie with Saki and Mai, the fairies decide to re-enact a scene from it, but Flappy ends up having his romantic gesture ruined and can only watch Choppy being distracted by a butterfly, much to his sadness and chagrin when Moop and Foop subsequently tease him about this. He later snaps at Moop and Foop, causing them to cry. However, right after he and Choppy reconcile with Moop and Foop, Goyan suddenly appears through a portal and captures him and Choppy as a means to track the location of the Fountain of Sun. FwPCSS29


Flappy's voice actor, Yamaguchi Kappei, has participated in two image songs for the character he voices. One is a group song with Kimoto Orie, Enomoto Atsuko and Matsuki Miyu, while the other is with Gojo Mayumi and Matsuki Miyu.


  • Flappy really likes rice based foods.
  • He and Choppy are the first mascots to have an image song.


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