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Floral Explosion

Floral Explosion (フローラルエクスプロージョン Furōraru Ekusupurōjon?) is Pretty Cure's and Milky Rose's group attack in Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!. It is used in the final battle against Eternal's boss. It requires Coco and Natts wearing the Palmier Crowns, the power of the Four Rulers (King Donuts, Queen Bavarois, Princess Crepe, and King Montblanc), and everyone's feelings put into the letters they send to Mailpo.


Pretty Cure and Milky Rose combine their powers in attack's final moment

Coco calls upon the Cure Fleurets and Natts calls upon the Milky Mirror. King Donuts, Queen Bavarois, Princess Crepe, and King Montblanc call upon their powers, empowering the Cure Fleurets and also turning the Milky Mirror into some kind of Fleuret. Pretty Cure recite their part of the incantation, cross the Cure Fleurets and raise them, forming five red roses. Milky Rose recites her incantation, points her Fleuret at the enemy, and forms a blue rose in front of her. They raise the Fleurets as they recite the final part of the incantation, the roses combine together as energy, forming a seed. The girls thrust the Fleurets, that seed immediately grows into a blue and red rose, and the rose releases a yellow energy blast, destroying the enemy. The rose becomes a giant woman in the image of Flora with white hair and blue and red roses. The woman turns to white light, restoring anything destroyed or corrupted.



Coco: プリキュアに力を!
Natts: ミルキィローズに力を!

King Donuts & Queen Bavarois: 赤いバラと···
Princess Crepe & King Montblanc: ···青いバラに···
Everybody: ···力を!

Cure Dream: 希望の···
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ···赤いバラ!
Milky Rose: 奇跡の青いバラ!
Everybody: 伝説の力を今、一つに!
Everybody: プリキュアミルキィローズフローラルエクスプロージョン!


Coco: Purikyua ni chikara wo!
Natts: Mirukī Rōzu ni chikara wo!

King Donuts & Queen Bavarois: Akai bara to...
Princess Crepe & King Montblanc: ...Aoi bara ni...
Everybody: ...Chikara wo!

Cure Dream: Kibō no...
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ...Akai bara!
Milky Rose: Kiseki no aoi bara!
Everybody: Densetsu no chikara wo ima, hitotsu ni!
Everybody: Purikyua Mirukī Rōzu Furōraru Ekusupurōjon!


Coco: Give Pretty Cure power!
Natts: Give Milky Rose power!

King Donuts & Queen Bavarois: Give the red rose...
Princess Crepe & King Montblanc: ...and the blue rose...
Everbody: ...Power!

Cure Dream: The red rose...
Cure Rouge & Cure Lemonade & Cure Mint & Cure Aqua: ...Of hope!
Milky Rose: The blue rose of miracles!
Everybody: The power of the legends, now in one!
Everybody: Pretty Cure! Milky Rose Floral Explosion!