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Felice holding her Flower Echo Wand.jpg

The Flower Echo Wand (フラワーエコーワンド Furawā Ekō Wando?) is Cure Felice's weapon that she uses in Mahou Tsukai Pretty Cure! to perform her attack, Emerald Reincarnation for the first time in episode 22.

Main Uses

Cure Felice mainly uses her Flower Echo Wand to perform the attack, Emerald Reincarnation. To activate the wand, she must place the Linkle Stone Emerald onto the slot that is present on the wand. She also uses it to perform her sub attack, Linkle Pink Tourmaline where she inserts the Linkle Stone Pink Tourmaline in order to perform her attack.


The Flower Echo Wand is white in color with floral markings edged into the base which connects to a turquoise trim that holds a magenta colored rosebud. When in use, the bud opens up revealing a white rose underneath. The slot for the Linkle Stones is shaped like a golden butterfly.


  • The Flower Echo Wand is the second attack item that serves as a transformation item to allow its user to transform, as the stylus that becomes the Wand is used by Kotoha to activate the transformation. The first weapon to do this as well was the Milky Mirror that was created by the Milky Palette that fused together with the Milky Note's power.