HuPC12 Flower Shoot

Flower Shoot (フラワー・シュート?) is a secondary attack Cure Yell performs in HUGtto! Pretty Cure. It was first performed in episode 12 and requires the Yell Tact.


Cure Yell holds her sword straight while pressing the pink and red hearts to activate the attack. Once satisfied, she whips the sword to the other side of her body, creating rose petals as she does it. Her sword emits a pink light that she grabs with her free hand and touches the tip of the sword, creating a pink rose that she sends forward to deflect an enemy's attack.



Cure Yell: メロディソード! フラワー・シュート!


Cure Yell: Merodi Sōdo! Furawā Shūto!


Cure Yell: Melody Sword! Flower Shoot!


1080p Cure Yell Attack Flower Shoot

1080p Cure Yell Attack Flower Shoot

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