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Cure Blossom and Marine's Flower Tacts

The Flower Tacts (フラワータクト Furawā Takuto?) are the devices that the Heartcatch Pretty Cures use whenever they need to use purification attacks. Individually, each tact is named after their owners, yet as a whole, they are simply called Flower Tacts, which might be due to Cure Flower. Every Cure summons their Flower Tact with "Gather, Power of Flowers!" (集まれ、花のパワー! Atsumare, hana no pawā!?). Dark Pretty Cure, however, summons hers by saying "Power of Darkness, gather up!" (闇の力よ、つどえ! Yami no chikara yo, tsudoe!?).

Known Flower Tacts


The flower tact is white and gold, featuring a hot pink ornament to match the heart beneath the spinner, button, and the pink gem on the top. The spinner consists of clear glass with a rainbow piece inside of it.

Marine's tact features blue detail in place of pink, while Moonlight's has purple detail and appears to be longer in shape. The Dark Tact is black and pale grey, with ruby colored details.


  • Out of all active Cures (including Dark Cure) seen in the series's present time, Cure Sunshine is the only one who does not have a Flower Tact; her special device being the Shiny Tambourine instead.
  • The Japanese word "tact" (タクト) comes from the German word "taktstock" which means baton in English.
  • The Flower Tact is also appears to be of a design and name similar to that of the Rouge Tact (Cure Rouge's part of the Symphony Set from Yes! Pretty Cure 5), only that the Rouge Tact is more simplified and may be smaller than the Flower Tacts.