The Fortune Piano with Fortune's transformation PreCards.

The Fortune Piano (フォーチュンピアノ Fōchun Piano?) is a transformation device which debuted in episode 22 of Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!. This allows Hikawa Iona to transform into Cure Fortune by using the transformation phrase Pretty Cure! Kirarin Star Symphony and the Cure Fortune PreCards. In order to begin the transformation, she has to press the lowest key three times before running her fingers across the keyboard, with the ring glowing the respective colors of the key she hits.

The Fortune Piano was created through using her PreCards and the cards of Shirayuki Hime to grant a wish, namely the restoration of her Cure Fortune powers after Phantom destroyed her original PreCards. Though Cure Fortune had recovered her sister's PreChanMirror, after the fight, she opts to use this device instead, as it is her own power.

Like the PreChanMirror, Fortune uses it for form changes. When changing into her Pine Arabian form, she presses the red, orange and green keys and slides her hand across the rest, with the ring glowing green. When changing into her Anmitsu Komachi form, she presses the purple, pink and yellow keys, with the ring glowing pink. When changing into a new outfit with the PreCards, she presses the dark blue key, the highest one, three times.


The outside is lilac with a golden gem shooting star adorned with three amethyst purple stars, resting on a fuchsia star and circle design. It is held shut with an amethyst star-shaped gem.

Inside, the Fortune Piano has an amethyst start at the top left corner with a star and circle design etched on the flap. On the side is a curtain like shape where the PreCards are inserted. The bottom flap has three amethyst start buttons, along with a rainbow of piano keys, coming in dark purple, red, pink, orange, yellow, green, blue, and navy.


  • Her Transformation Ring and her Ring for summoning the Fortune Tambourine have two different designs.
    • Also the ring is not shown any longer during the transformation after she pressed the piano keys and the ring flashed.
    • Neither the other ring can be seen during combat.


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