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Freezen and Frozen (フリーズンとフローズン Furīzen to Furōzen?) are Dotsuku Zone denizens, subordinates of Evil King and the main villains in the movie Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart 2: Yukizora no Tomodachi. They hate warmth and want to destroy the phoenix Hinata, who is important for contributing warmth and heat. The duo always claim themselves to be the "strongest combination".


Both of them have a nearly identical personality: they are both cold-hearted, treacherous, and hate warmth. They are very proud to be the "strongest combination" and love to destroy the bond of other two-person teams. So they force Cure Black and Cure White to fight each other. However, if they are in a dangerous situation, they begin to argue with each other and blame the other for their miserable situation.


Freezen and Frozen sense the presence of Hinata the phoenix and send a Zakenna to capture her. However, Cure Black, Cure White, and Shiny Luminous can protect her successfully. When the three Cures go to the Garden of Clouds, the two follow them, then capture Hinata with an ice cage and fight the Cures, while they are freezing the Garden of Clouds. In their ice arena, they force Cure Black and Cure White to fight each other by freezing their hearts. However, when Freezen and Frozen are about to freeze Hinata and Shiny Luminous, Cure Black and White appear again as a team and fight the brothers a second time, only to lose against them again. Luckily Hinata lends her power to the two Cures, making Cure Black and Cure White transform to their Super Cure Forms and defeating the ice fiends, who have already lost their team spirit.


Both Freezen and Frozen have ice powers and can freeze a whole land or sea with their attack "Freezing Blizzard", an ice-beam attack which combines their ice energy.



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