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Fresh Pretty Cure! The Kingdom of Toys has Lots of Secrets!? (映画フレッシュプリキュア! おもちゃの国は秘密がいっぱい!??) is the 7th Pretty Cure movie produced by Toei Animation. It was released in Japanese cinemas on October 31st, 2009. The Blu-ray version of the movie was released on June 17th, 2015.


During a slumber party Love comes across her old stuffed rabbit Usapyon. An abandoned toy seeking vengeance has taken over The Land of Toys and he's began to steal toys from all over. Its up to Pretty Cure to stop him and protect the feelings of children everywhere!


Love, Miki, Inori and Setsuna are at Kaoru's feeding Chiffon and enjoying some special donuts -filled with his sincerity- when they are reminded that they have planned a pajama party that will be starting that evening. It will span three days, one day per-household. When Tarte expresses curiosity as he's never heard of a pajama party before, Love describes the various aspects that make them fun, then she goes on to assure Setsuna that she will enjoy herself too.

As the girls return home to prepare for their first evening together, a mysterious figure makes an appearance. He uses his magic to steal away toys from the various children of Clover Town; action figures from young boys, dolls from some little girls, toys in a display or machine, he takes them all. The girls are blissfully unaware as they play cards, have a pillow fight, and cook curry together to eat for dinner. While cleaning up they discuss the upcoming bazaar and what possible items they could be interested in when Love's father turns on the news. Hearing a report on toys suddenly going missing causes the girls some concern, and when Love's mom comes by to tell them the bath is ready, the four girls run out of her home claiming they forgot to buy shampoo earlier.

The four girls run through town thinking Labyrinth is responsible as they stop at the Toys Market shop to find arguing adults and distraught children. After Love manages to calm down a little boy, the girls witness the toys vanish from the shop and they return to the Momozono Household to speak with Tarte about it. However, it turns out that Labyrinth isn't responsible like they thought. The Clover Box isn't responding like it usually would, so it's some other, unknown force at work.

Just then, Love hears her name being called. She thinks it was Miki at first, but when she tells her that it's not, Love listens to the voice before remarking that it sounds familiar to her. Her closet begins to glow, and an old, stuffed rabbit doll floats out of it and into her arms. Love is very surprised, but happily she goes on to introduce Usapyon to her friends. Tarte thinks this is unusual -with Setsuna reminding him that he is a talking ferret fairy- but Usapyon assures them that as long as one has a true friends heart, they can converse with toys and understand them. Usapyon goes on to say that she heard them speaking about the toys, she also points out that she is fully aware they are Pretty Cure, and today she has come with a plea. Toymajin is the cause of the disappearing toys in his plans for world domination. She wants the girls to come back with her to the Land of Toys to stop him. Wanting to return the toys and help Usapyon, the girls agree and Setsuna uses her Linkrun to transport them there.

Arriving at a colorful and cute looking gate, the girls are stopped by a serious-looking toy soldier who refuses to let them pass without a permit. The girls are initially a bit startled by this living toy, but Usapyon shows him the handwritten note she prepared in advance, which seems to do the job and he lets them inside. The girls look on in awe to see the entirety of The Land of Toys looks like the gate, and they find many living toy inhabitants. Usapyon admits not to knowing where Toymajin asks, so the girls try to locate someone who can help them. But this ends up being futile, when all of the toys become frightened and go into hiding.

Unknown to the girls, Toymajin is aware of them being there. He isn't very happy to see Usapyon working with them and he threatens no mercy if they interfere with his plans.

Usapyon attempts to convince the toys to come back out, saying that by working together with Pretty Cure they can defeat Toymajin. Nobody seems to listen, except for a strange figure who offers himself for use to the girls, known as Count Roulette. His eccentric personality only makes the girls suspicious though, so they begin to leave until he reveals knowing where Toymajin is, and when they agree to hear him out, he takes them to a large forest that has been set up like a board game. If the girls play this game properly they will be led to Toymajin. Seeing as they have no other options and because it seems like fun, the girls agree to try.

Love starts and she uses his spinner to roll a six, but after landing on the sixth space it begins to glow, and she is transported to a karate Dojo. Miki demands an explanation, leading Count Roulette to realize he seems to have "forgotten" to finish explaining the game. Whatever space one lands on, they must complete its task to keep going. Usapyon calls out Count Roulette as Toymajin's henchmen but he could care less, reasoning that he's just doing his job. The girls said they wanted to find Toymajin and he's giving them that chance. With that Miki decides to go next, and she rolls a three, followed by Inori who gets four, and Setsuna who gets a five. One by one each girl is transported to a different location.

As Love watches a karate figurine wielding a weapon with bewilderment, Miki is forced to dodge rays being shot out at her by an alien and Inori runs away from a dinosaur. Setsuna is taken to a large chessboard and the pieces transform into robots. The girls transform into Pretty Cure to properly fight off their attackers. Peach manages to break the weapon the action figure uses to put them on equal grounds. Berry gets blasted into a crater where she discovers an abandoned spaceship, while Pine attempts to calm down the dinosaur. Passion is confident that she can fight off this army of robots and a fight ensues.

As this is going on Toymajin keeps a close eye on the girls and Usapyon, who was left behind with Tarte and Chiffon. He tells Count Roulette to make sure she lands on a space that will take her directly to him, so when Usapyon rolls the spinner she gets a two. Tarte picks up Chiffon and they play the game together. When he rolls a one, they land on a rest space and instantly fall asleep. Usapyon looks around the dark room she has appeared in to find Toymajin nearby, and he gets up to ask her why Pretty Cure is there. Usapyon refuses to let him sadden the worlds children by stealing away their toys, so she's brought them to stop him. Toymajin finds this deplorable; he and she are practically one in the same. She can't act as if she isn't involved.

Peach continues fighting off the karate toy while Berry is forced to evacuate her broken down spaceship, but just as the alien goes in to look he is caught off-guard to realize she's sitting on the wing of his own. She punches it hard enough to damage it, and it explodes once she lands somewhere safe. Meanwhile, Pine asks the dinosaur to come to her, and as it turns, she leaps up to kick out a large splinter that got caught in one of its joints. It lands on its side and she picks it up to show the dinosaur, which has calmed down severely. Passion manages to fight off the robot knights until only the King remains. She dodges his slashes with his large weapon, which he criticizes as being a useless way to fight, but Passion manages to distract him enough that he lets down his guard, and she uses his dropped weapon to cut off a large piece of the castle surrounding them, which she proceeds to crush him with.

Peach is getting worn out, so she decides to employ a new method to defeat the karate figure. She closes her eyes to focus in one the sounds the constantly moving toy makes. When he suddenly runs at her, she slowly raises her fist to meet his, which causes enough pressure that it throws him backwards, into the wall. It breaks apart and the figure stops moving, ensuring that Peach has won.

Toymajin is very angry when he realizes this, and he uses magic to make four copies of himself to confront each girl. Peach demands that he returns the children's toys at once, but he refuses. They'll just be thrown away again, in fact, The Land of Toys is full of abandoned toys. It was what led to his creation, and he will conquer the world of these children so that no toy has to be thrown away again. Now they will come together to take revenge on those children and turn the tables on them.

The girls return back to the board game and Love feels a heavy guilt as the girls discuss what they have just learned. She kept Usapyon in her closet and over time she simply forgot about her, it's practically the same as having thrown her away. She wants to apologize to Usapyon right away; just then the girls happen to notice she's gone missing.

Toymajin berates Usapyon as she tries to convince him not going through with his evil plan. He doesn't truly believe that she thinks all children are good, and he uses his magic to grab her and absorbs her. He goes on to tell Count Roulette to make the girls reach the goal, which he proceeds to do, much to their confusion. The girls look around at the new, dark location they have been brought, and just as they wonder if the goal will lead them to Toymajin, he appears to crush the goal structure.

Meanwhile, Chiffon has woken up, and she bounces around trying to encourage Tarte to get up. He looks on to see that everyone has left by now.

A fight begins between Toymajin and the girls, where they quickly realize that he is much too big and strong for their attacks to do anything. He effortlessly throws them around, and Peach attempts to convince him to stop. He refuses to listen on the grounds that they could never understand how it feels to have loved someone and be thrown away by them later. He isn't the only one who feels this way, every toy thrown away seeks this vengeance. He grabs Peach and implores her to look at his body, which contains every toy he has gathered, all of whom cry out in dismay and anger to have been rejected and tossed aside. She is shocked upon realizing Usapyon is among them as the girls recover her from his grasp, and she remains in dismay as he begins to blast at them with several machines and a laser. Pine, Berry, and Passion summon their Linkruns to summon their Cure Sticks and use Healing Prayer, Espoir Shower, and Happiness Hurricane.

Their combined attacks manage to freeze Toymajin in place, but they are lacking Peach's help and have no choice but to return to her side as she begins to despair, convinced that Usapyon resents her. Suddenly, Berry slaps her to snap her out of it and reminds her of her promise to the child she made earlier. Love Momozono didn't make it, but Cure Peach, and as a Pretty Cure she must remember to prioritize her desire to help others and protect them. Pine tells her that because of the love she feels for Usapyon, her feelings will surely be conveyed to her through this, and Passion reminds her of what she said to her back when she came to their side, that it's always possible to start over.

Peach rises and agrees to keep fighting, and she summons her Linkrun to use Love Sunshine. Then she goes on to summon the Clover Box to grant them its power and use Lucky Clover Grand Finale. This seems to subdue Toymajin, and he disappears; but only for a moment. A terrible storm begins to kick up and back in town, Toymajin convinces the toys there to lend him their power for the revenge they all seek and he pulls them all towards him to absorb them and grant him a larger and much stronger form. His magic becomes so strong that it not only destroys the structures surrounding them, but it throws the girls back. They begin to worry, unsure of how to defeat such an enemy. They won't be able to keep fighting like this because of all the energy they have already exerted up until now.

Peach remains persistent, she must apologize to Usapyon. This is the only chance she has and she won't let things remain the way they used to be. She runs up Toymajin's large body and attempts to locate her old toy, but when he swings at her, she is thrown down his body and her purse is snagged, causing her Linkrun and Pickrun go missing, causing her to detransform back into Love. She refuses to give up and she attempts to locate Usapyon, and upon finding her, she begins to cry and profusely apologizes to her. Usapyon awakens to see Love, and remarks on the warmth she can feel from her. She floats up to assure Love that she knows she wasn't abandoned, and she asks her to remember the past, back when her mom suggested throwing her away. Love wasn't playing with her, and she was really worn out, but Love refused, because she was her precious friend.

They embrace as Toymajin attempts to convince Usapyon that Love is lying to her. She refuses to listen to him, and the girls attempt to tell him that he is wrong about children. Not all of them are bad, and they are still loved, even if things didn't work out the way they wanted them too. The toys argue with them by saying that it doesn't change the fact they were abandoned though, and Usapyon goes on to say that words aren't enough to fix the deep grief they feel. They must find a way to convey the loving hearts of children in another way, to show the toys that they were truly cherished. Love pleadingly asks for children to help them at this moment by sending them their love, and to the girls surprise, thousands of hearts begin to fill the sky.

The toys are very surprised as they look on, but Toymajin refuses to be swayed and he tries convincing them not to give in. He shakes his leg, causing Love to release Usapyon and be sent plummeting to the ground. Chiffon appears and with magic, she gathers the hearts from the sky and they transform into an angelic white Pickrun. It flies to her abandoned purse to combine with her Linkrun, which throws out a large blast of light, and from it, Love flies high up into the air to transform into Cure Angel. She uses Loving True Heart to surround the toys with the same warmth Usapyon felt, and they begin to glow and separate from Toymajin. They float off to the sky to return to their loved ones, cured of their resentments and anguish, and Toymajin gradually becomes smaller, until its revealed that he is actually a teddy bear.

The bright and grassy scenery has returned, and the girls approach the abandoned bear plush. He begins to cry as he recalls spending many times with children, and how happy he was. The girls assure him that he can find happiness again, and he decides to put his faith in children once more. The girls rush back for home, and they tiredly realize that they were gone all night after they pretend to be asleep when Love's mom comes to check on them. They head to breakfast as a report is held to reveal the toys of Clover Town have all returned.

During the bazaar, Kaoru is busily serving donuts while Tarte and Chiffon watch. Love attempts to drum up business for their section but awkwardly does it in a way that makes the items sound really cheap, then she attempts to fix it by saying they are very expensive. As Miki tries to help her from making things worse, Setsuna happens to find a curious little girl eyeing Toymajin. They can see that she loves teddy bears, and Love asks her if she will be his friend, then she offers to give him to the little girl. She is very happy, and cuddles him before turning to her mom to explain what happened. Her mother thanks the girls for being so kind and they go on their way, Toymajin happily takes one last glance at the girls.

With the bazaar over the girls pack up to leave. They sold everything and feel pretty good, especially because Toymajin found someone new to love him. It's then Inori brings up something that she has been wondering, and she asks Love why her hands were covered with bandages. Love laughs it off and claims that it isn't important, leading Setsuna to tease her.

Back at the Momozono household, Usapyon sits on Love's desk in her bedroom next to some sewing items. She has been repaired.




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  • In episode 35 Soular and Westar briefly visit the land of toys while chasing Chiffon in infinity mode and run into some of the same characters as the Cures do in the movie; it is likewise seen in the final episodes as one of the worlds Moebius conquers once gaining Infinity.
  • In one scene, before Cure Angel performed Loving True Heart the clover symbol has 4 hearts, not 5 hearts.




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