Fresh Pretty Cure! Vocal Album 2 ~The Gift Of Smiles~ (フレッシュプリキュア! ボーカルアルバム2 ~笑顔の贈り物~?) is the second vocal album for the Fresh Pretty Cure! series, that was released on November 26th, 2009. Like the previous album, it contains image songs, present opening and ending songs, as well as other character songs.


Track # Title Time Audio
01 Let's! Fresh Pretty Cure! ~Hybrid ver.~
(Let's!フレッシュプリキュア!〜Hybrid ver.〜?)
03:44 01._Let’s!_Fresh_Pretty_Cure!_Hybrid_ver._.ogg
02 Always A Smile In My Heart
04:21 02._Always_a_Smile_in_my_Heart.ogg
03 lalala Shangri-la (Shangri♡La)
(lalala Shangri-la(桃♡源郷)?)
04:27 03._lalala_Shangri-la_(Shangri-la).ogg
04 FRIENDS ~3Q4love~
04:05 04._FRIENDS_3Q4love_.ogg
05 YOU MAKE ME HAPPY! (English Ver. ~To the children around the world~
(YOU MAKE ME HAPPY!(英語ver.~世界中の子供たちへ~)?)
03:58 05._YOU_MAKE_ME_HAPPY!_(English_ver._To_Children_Around_the_World).ogg
06 Dreaming Flowers
(Dreaming Flowers?)
04:26 06._Dreaming_Flowers.ogg
07 Pretty Cure☆Happy☆Christmas
03:09 07._Pretty_Cure☆Happy☆Christmas.ogg
08 no believe, no life
(no believe, no life?)
03:54 08._no_believe,no_life.ogg
09 To Your Future Self
04:37 09._To_Your_Future_Self.ogg
10 H@ppy Together!!!
(H@ppy Together!!!?)
04:05 02._H@ppy_Together!!!.ogg
11 Happiness☆Wonderland ~The Gift Of Smiles~
04:39 11._Happiness☆Wonder_land_The_Gift_of_a_Smiling_Face_.ogg
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