Fujimura Shougo
藤村省吾 Fujimura Shōgo
Fujimura Shougo Fujipi
SeasonFutari wa Pretty Cure
Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Age15 (FwPC)
16 (FwPCMH)
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
Home PlaceGarden of Rainbows
First AppearanceFwPC01
Japanese Voice ActorKishio Daisuke
English Voice ActorWill Wood
Fujimura Shougo (藤村省吾 Fujimura Shōgo?) (Shawn Ferguson in the English dub) is a minor character in Futari wa Pretty Cure and Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart. He is a handsome student of Verone Academy and is Misumi Nagisa's object of affection, who refers to him as "Fujipi" (藤P Fujipi?) ("Fergie" in the English dub).

He is also Yukishiro Honoka's childhood friend, which sometimes causes conflict in Nagisa and Honoka's relationship. He participates in the school's soccer activities.


Before the Series

Fujimura has known Honoka since childhood. He was nicknamed "Fujipi" and was content with the name for a while, but as he got older he became irritated with the nickname as his reaction indicates when Honoka or Kimata use it.

Futari wa Pretty Cure

While Nagisa and her friends were taking the train, she met the handsome Fujimura, and developed a crush on him.FwPC01

In the next episode, he accidentally kicks a soccer ball through the window of the school laboratory. Nagisa witnessed this and heads onto the soccer field to confront the culprit. She is surprised to see Fujimura again and interacts with him awkwardly.FwPC02

Nagisa notices how close Honoka and Fujimura - childhood friends - are and is worried about their bond. She believes that boys would prefer Honoka's type, even musing that she would also be interested in Honoka as a boy. The next day, Nagisa meets Fujimura and Honoka on her way to school. While they walk together, Fujimura laments being unable to focus on much other than playing soccer, and Nagisa is too nervous to talk to him.

Honoka realizes she hasn't introduced Nagisa to Fujimura yet and does so. Honoka calls Fujimura by his old nickname "Fujipi", and Fujimura scolds her, as he thinks of the nickname as childish. Honoka reveals that Nagisa was waiting for a chance to talk to him, which embarrasses and angers Nagisa. This conflict causes Nagisa and Honoka to fight, but they later reconcile. FwPC08


  • Misumi Nagisa - At the beginning the series he doesn't know her much, but they develop into good friends. Nagisa has a strong crush on him, but the nature of his feelings remain unclear.
  • Yukishiro Honoka - They are childhood friends who are very friendly and close.
  • Kimata - Another old friend who also attends the soccer club.


Fujimura Shougo has shoulder length dark brown hair and brown eyes. He is usually seen wearing the Verone Academy school uniform.


Fujimura (藤村?): means "wisteria village" [1]

Shougo (省吾?) 省 means, "wins, victories" and 吾 means "I, me"[2]


  • His English dub name is possibly a reference to Shawn Ferguson, a real American soccer player.
  • Fujimura's birthday is on December 11.FwPCMH41


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