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Fujita Akane (藤田 アカネ Fujita Akane?) (Alex in the English dub) is a young entrepreneur who owns and operates the Tako Café, a mobile takoyaki store that Nagisa frequents.



Akane is a young adult with short-medium brown hair worn in a low ponytail with a red bandana with white star print. Normally she wears an off-white buttoned shirt worn denim pants and a pair of white and orange sneakers with a red stripe pattern on the sides. Over her clothing, she normally wears a dark blue apron.


She has a headstrong personality and often shows a lot of self-confidence. Because she has already experienced the various situations the girls encounter, she often offers advice to them.


When she was young, she used to go to Verone Junior High School. She discovered the vice principle's hobby of reading manga by confiscating children's. During her time in Verone Junior High School, she was the captain of the Lacrosse Club. She graduated and went to High School and later have a job, but wasn't happy about it, so she soon opened her mobile store and started "Tako Cafe" and ran it near her old school.

Nagisa and Honoka are regular customers at her tako cafe along with their friends. She often gives the girls some advice on their problems and sometimes shares her own memories as a student of Verone Junior High School.

In Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart, she introduces Kujou Hikari as her cousin, possibly because the Queen's power caused her to believe so. Throughout the series, she acts as Hikari's guardian and both are shown to be living together. She gets Hikari to help her out at the store and even appends her name to the Tako Cafe logo. She still gives advice to the girls when they seem down or are having problems


Fujita (藤田?): Fujita means "wisteria rice field"

Akane (あかね?): Akane means "madder red", the name of a shade of intense red. It is used mostly to describe the sun and sunset.


Akane's voice actress, Fujita Mikako, has sung one song for the character she voices.


  • She shares her first name with a Cure from Smile Pretty Cure!, Hino Akane.
  • She shares her voice actress’s surname.
  • In episode 27 of Max Heart, in one scene Akane's apron spelled "taka" instead of "tako".




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