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Full Bloom*Smile! (満開*スマイル!?) is the second Smile Pretty Cure! single that came out on September 5th, 2012.

The single contains the second ending theme of the show, a character song by the 5 Cures, and the melody karaoke versions of the songs. The DVD includes the credit-less versions of the new opening and ending video clips as seen on the show.


Track # Title Time Audio
01 Full Bloom*Smile!
03:42 01._Full_Bloom_Smile!.ogg
02 Let's Laugh, Just Laugh And Laugh♪
(笑う 笑えば 笑おう♪?)
04:35 02. Let's Laugh
03 Full Bloom*Smile (Original・Melody・Karaoke)
03:42 03._Full_Bloom_Smile!_(Original_Karaoke).ogg
04 Let's Laugh, Just Laugh And Laugh♪ (Original・Melody・Karaoke)
(笑う 笑えば 笑おう♪(オリジナル・メロディー入り・カラオケ)?)
04:32 04._Let's_Laugh,_Just_Laugh_And_Laugh♪_(Original_Karaoke).ogg

First Press Bonus

  • CD+DVD: Data Card Pretty Cure All Stars "Green Forest Stage Dress (by Miyuki & Akane & Yayoi & Nao & Reika)

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