This is a list of Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart episodes.

Episode # Title Villain Air Date
01 "Yappari Futari wa Purikyua~! Densetsu wa Tsuzuku yo!"
"We Are Still Pretty Cure~! The Legend Continues Through Thick and Thin!"
Zakenna 2005-02-06
The Queen is destroyed by the wound given to her by Evil King when he was previously defeated. She separates herself into three parts: her life, her heart, and her 12 wills, in which they all wind up in the the Garden of Rainbows. Then, a strange girl appears as the evil forces bent on resurrecting their king awaken.
02 "Shin'nyūsei wa Makafushigi! Hakkiri Itte Nazo Dakara!"
"The Freshman is a Profound Mystery!? She is Really Full of Riddles"
Circulas 2005-02-13

Hikari transfers to Nagisa's and Honoka's school. Meanwhile, the Guardian and Elder are still giving Nagisa a hard time as she tries to adjust to the new living arrangements.

03 "Kore tte Unmei? Porun to Hikari Sekkin Sōgū!!"
"Is This Destiny? Pollun and Hikari's Close Encounter!!"
Circulas 2005-02-20

Hikari meets Pollun and later sees Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and defeat a Zakenna. This leaves her wondering what Pretty Cure is.

04 "Hitori janai! Futatsu no Kimochi ga Kasanaru Yokan"
"You are not alone! The Premonition of Two Feelings Overlapping"
Circulas 2005-02-27

Hikari is still pondering the events of the previous day and wonders who she is. She asks Nagisa and Honoka about Pretty Cure, but before they can explain, they are attacked. Pollun shows up and just as the battle looks like it will end in defeat, he and Hikari are wrapped in a pillar of light.

05 "Sassō Tōjō! So no Na ha Shaini Ruminasu!"
"A Gallant Appearance! Her Name is Shiny Luminous!"
Circulas 2005-03-06

Pollun changes form and grants Hikari the power to transform into Shiny Luminous so she can assist the Pretty Cure. This causes Nagisa and Honoka to wonder if Hikari might be the Queen.

06 "Ki wo tsukete! Hikari no Otsukai Kiken ga Ippai "
"Be Careful! Hikari's Errands are Full of Dangers"
Uraganos 2005-03-13

Akane sends Hikari shopping with Nagisa and Honoka and Hikari gets temporarily lost. She manages to get the shopping done and joins up with Nagisa and Honoka again, but they are attacked by Uraganos on the way back.

07 "Faito da Nagisa! Kaji de Kajiba no Baka Chikara"
"Fight, Nagisa! The Do-Or-Die Response to Chores"
Uraganos 2005-03-20

Nagisa's Mom goes to her high-school reunion and leaves Nagisa to do the chores. Nagisa slacks off at first but then gets to it after a visit by Honoka.

08 "Nayumi Buttobi! Hikari wo Musubu Minna no Kizuna"
"Worries Fly Away! Hikari Ties Everyone's Bonds"
Uraganos 2005-03-27

Nakao, Akane's colleague, tells her to close the Tako Cafe and return to her original job. She becomes worried and Hikari, Nagisa and Honoka helps her not to close the cafe.

09 "Jama Sasenai! Honoka no Ichiban Taisetsu no Hi"
"You Won't Interfere! Honoka's Most Precious Day"
Viblis 2005-04-03

It's Honoka's birthday and her parents come to visit her after being away from their jobs. They take her to a French restaurant but the power gets cut off and Viblis attacks.

10 "PANIKKU Sunzen! Amukute Kiken na Kengaku Jishuu"
"On the Verge of Panic! A Sweet and Dangerous Training Trip"
Viblis 2005-04-10

Honoka and Nagisa's class goes on a field trip to a cake factory but are attacked by Viblis.

11 "Dai PINCHI! HĀTO wo Tsunaide Ippatsu Gyakuten!!"
"A Great Crisis! Link Your Hearts and Turn Everything Around!!"
Viblis 2005-04-17

It's the Lacrosse Championship and the team are set to take on another school. Unfortunately, a fallout with two of the members causes the team to lose, but Nagisa manages to make them work together. Meanwhile, Hikari gets an encounter with Viblis but is not able to fight her.

12 "Shōbai Hanjō! Kōgen no CAFE he Irasshai!"
"A Thriving Business! Welcome to the Plateau Cafe"
Baldez 2005-04-24

Akane takes Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari to a festival in the highlands for their work in the takoyaki shop.

13 "Nagisa Oyako de Dai-BATORU? Haha no KOKORO ko shirazu!?"
"Nagisa's Great Parent-Child Battle? Neglecting a Mother's Heart!?"
Circulas 2005-05-01

Nagisa has an argument with her mother and feels that she is annoying, but after a conversation with her father, she realizes all the trouble that mother has gone through to look after Nagisa, so she goes home to make an apology.

14 "Fujipi-senpai GANBA! Nagisa Kiai no Ōenki"
"Go for it, Fuji-P! Nagisa's Spirited Cheering Flag"
Circulas 2005-05-08

Fujipi's soccer team has a match with another school and Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari go to cheer them on. Unfortunately, Circulas appears in the middle of the match so they leave the game to prevent the match from being disrupted by him. Later on, Porun tries to stop Baldez from hurting Shiny Luminous but he manages to capture both Porun and Seekun!

15 "Akogare no Senpai ha Daishinyū!?"
"An Aspiring Upperclassman is a Close Friend?!"
Circulas 2005-05-15

Hikari goes out with her friends Nao and Miu. Meanwhile, Honoka studies at the library whilst Nagisa goes to a bakery to get bread for her mom. They all meet up at the same area and Nao persuades Nagisa into playing basketball with some boys.

16 "Nagisa NORINORI! RAKKĪKARĀ de Zekkōchō!!"
"Nagisa in High Spirits! Her Lucky Color is in Top Form!"
Uraganos 2005-05-22

Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa that her horoscopes predicts a good week for her and that her lucky color is yellow. Nagisa doesn't believe it but after a series of good events, she decides not to study for her mid-term exams and instead rely on luck.

17 "Dōsuru!? Nayameru Honoka no Kenkyūhappyōkai"
"What to Do?! A Worried Honoka's Research Presentation"
Uraganos 2005-05-29

The Science Fair is coming up and Honoka and the Science Club do not know what theme they should do for the fair so they redo the Lightning theme that was done last year. Honoka feels that it is not the right choice but after a while, she changes the theme to "Trash and Us" and everyone works hard on it.

18 "KYANPU da HOI! Tayori ni naru no ha Otō-san!?"
"Camping, Hoy! Father is Reliable?!"
Uraganos 2005-06-05

Nagisa's family and Honoka go on a camping trip and Hikari joins them later on. Chuutaro runs away and the three girls chase after them, only to find Uraganos. They fight him off and return to Nagisa's parents but they couldn't go to the waterfall because Nagisa's dad was concerned about the rain. Whey they visit Akane, they find out that a landslide happened by the waterfall!

19 "Hikari Komatte! Nagisa ga Tenkō Arienai!!"
"Hikari is Worried! I Can't Believe Nagisa's Changing Schools!!"
Circulas 2005-06-12

When Nagisa overhears her father talking about moving back to Osaka, she feels worried about Honoka and Hikari's reaction to the news. Fortunately, it was her father's boss moving but Hikari thinks Nagisa is moving and finds it hard to tell Honoka.

20 "NAMIDA no owakare!? Rina no PONPOKO Monogatari"
ナミダのお別れ!? 莉奈のポンポコ物語!
"A Tearful Farewell? Rina's Raccoon Story"
Viblis 2005-06-26

Nagisa, Honoka and Shiho notice that Rina has been acting strangely, so they find out by following her home. Turns out that she was looking for a baby raccoon and was feeling sad letting him go. Meanwhile, the boy in the mansion asks the Zakenna butlers to go outside. When Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari look after it, Viblis attacks them and the raccoon is hurt but Pretty Cure and Shiny Luminous manages to defeat her.

21 "Do~naru? Do~suru!? Kinjirareta Deai"
"What Happened? What to Do?! A Forbidden Encounter"
Circulas 2005-07-03

Circulas, Uraganos and Viblis allows the boy to go out of the mansion and the Zakenna butlers follow him to keep him safe. Meanwhile, Hikari meets a 12-year-old boy called Daiki and they go for a walk together. Nagisa and Honoka look for her and at that time, Hikari meets the boy from the mansion. The whole street darkens and only Nagisa, Honoka, Hikari and the boy are there.

22 "Kyōfu no BARUDESU! Oitsumerareta PURIKYUA"
恐怖のバルデス! 追いつめられたプリキュア
"The Horror of Baldez! Pretty Cure Cornered"
Baldez 2005-07-10

After the previous encounter with Hikari and the boy from the mansion, Baldez sets off to attack Pretty Cure for what they had done to the boy. When the girls meet him, they transform and Cure Black and Cure White attacks him with the Marble Screw Max attack. Unfortunately, his power managed to make a counter attack towards Pretty Cure so Shiny Luminous uses Extreme Luminario. Despite its immense strength of their combined powers, Baldez repels Extreme Luminario and retreats.

23 "Yami no Chikara wo Hanekaese! Kibō ga Kureta Arata na Chikara!!"
"Repel the Power of Darkness! Hope Calls on New Power!!"
Baldez 2005-07-17

The girls go to Lake Hyoutan with Seekun and Intelligen to look for the 'shining piece of Earth surrounded by six pillars'. They eventually find it and they call upon the power to create from the Garden of Light to be sent to the Garden of Rainbows. Unfortunately, Baldez attacks and the power to create is stopped, leaving the shining piece of Earth to disappear. The three girls transform and fight Baldez but he is too strong for them!

24 "Seijun Zenkai! Yuka-senpai to Nagisa no Chōjō Kessen!! "
"Youth at Full Throttle! Yuka and Nagisa's Decisive Battle!"
Uraganos 2005-08-07

It's summer camp for Verone Academy and Nagisa and Honoka get ready for leading their clubs. Hikari joins them and surprisingly, Yuka joins Nagisa and Honoka but not for their clubs. Later on, Nagisa sees Yuka and tells her to play lacrosse with the rest of the team. During the game, Nagisa faints and Honoka, Hikari and Yuka look after her. After Nagisa wakes up, Uraganos comes and attacks. Nagisa and Honoka transform and fight Uraganos. When he attacks them, Nagisa becomes angry and tries to summon the Sparkle Bracelets.

25 "Hikari no Natsu no Hi Sanae no Omoide"
"Hikari's Summer Day and Sanae's Memories"
Viblis 2005-08-14

Nagisa, Honoka, Hikari and Honoka's grandma goes to the lake for a boat ride. Honoka's grandma spots a problem with Hikari and tells her to never give up hope. Meanwhile, Viblis ponders about the disappearance of Baldez and Uraganos, so she sets off to attach the three girls. They transform and fight her, whilst protecting Honoka's grandma as she sleeps. Luminous tells Viblis that the darkness would never rule over the Garden of Rainbows and says that she will never lose hope. The Pretty Cure duo summons up their Sparkle Bracelets and uses the Marble Screw Max Sparkle attack against Viblis.

26 "Makeru na Nagisa! Minna Nayan de Ō-kiku Natta! "
"Don't lose, Nagisa! Everyone's growing worried!"
Viblis 2005-08-21
It's the summer festival and Nagisa and Honoka take to the streets. Nagisa feels sad about not knowing what to do in the future, so she tells Honoka about her problems. They meet Shiho and Rina and visit some stalls. Fujipi and his friend join them and, as usual, Nagisa feels nervous when Fujipi is around. The group pass Akane's takoyaki cafe and Hikari joins them, followed by her friends, Nao and Miu. They go to the top of the hill to see the fireworks and Nagisa talks to Mepple about her problems. Shortly afterwards, Fujipi joins her and she tells him about her problems but Viblis attacks, forcing Nagisa and Honoka to transform into Pretty Cure. After their battle, Nagisa learns from Fujipi that he doesn't know what his dreams are but would find it at his own time.
27 "Nokotta Shukutai Katadukero! Nashi to Arashi to ZAKENNĀ!"
"Finish up your Leftover Homework! Pears and Storms and Zakenna!"
Viblis 2005-08-28
After finishing all her homework, Nagisa realizes that she needs to do her independent research before she starts school. Akane tells Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari that she was going to visit a pear orchard for her new addition to the menu. The girls join her and this gives Nagisa the opportunity to do her research. The girls meet the couple that owns the pear orchard and they begin to harvest them. During this, Viblis attacks and Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari transform. They fight her and use the Extreme Luminario on her Zakenna. After their encounter, the girls manage to finish their harvest and are rewarded with the pears that they took out.
28 "BERŌ-NE PANIKKU! Wanpaku Ōjo no Obake Taiji"
"Veroune Panic! Hunting the Ghost of the Mischievous Princess"
Circulas 2005-09-04
There is a rumor going round the school that the ghost of Ruriko is haunting the school. Nagisa and Honoka doesn't believe this but when a series of events happens, which makes Nagisa scared. The hand was Honoka and Hikari comes to Nagisa after hearing her scream. Suddenly, Circulas attacks and the three girls transform. He uses his full power to destroy Pretty Cure but they defend themselves. When Porun tells Luminous to repel the darkness, a voice is heard and they see a creature called Lulun, who is the princess of light and "weaves the future". Cure Black and Cure White uses the Marble Screw Max Sparkle and destroys the Zakenna. After their battle, the girls find out that Lulun was the reason for the series of events that was thought to be from Ruriko and that she was looking for Porun. Akane tells the girls that she made it story of Ruriko up when she was in third year.
29 "USOMAJIHONTO? PORUN no Komori Dai-sakusen!"
"No Way, Seriously, Really? Pollun's Great Babysitting Strategy!"
Uraganos 2005-09-11
After her arrival, Lulun stays with Porun but he gets annoyed with her. Nagisa takes her to her house but Lulun is sad that she is not with Porun. When they return her to Hikari, a boy and his sister walks by. The girl told her brother that he left her teddy bear at the park, so he tells her to stay with Hikari. She feels sad that her brother is not with and runs away. When Hikari chases after her, Uraganos comes in and summons a Zakenna. Nagisa and Honoka come in and they all transform. Whilst fighting, Luminous is captured by Uraganos but Lulun uses her power to take her out of his grasp. Cure Black and Cure White bring out their Sparkle Bracelets and uses the Marble Screw Max Sparkle to destroy the Zakenna. After the battle, the boy returns to his sister and she becomes happy. He gives her teddy bear and leaves whilst thanking Hikari for looking after his sister.
30 "Ganbare RURUN! Mirai wo Tsumugu Hikari no Chikara"
"Do Your Best, Lulun! Weave the Future with the Power of Light"
Circulas 2005-09-18
Nagisa and Honoka take Hikari and Lulun to the amusement park. They take a rode on the roller coaster and Nagisa talks about the events that took place here (Nagisa and Honoka transforming to Pretty Cure for the first time, taking Porun to make him feel happy). Lulun sees a balloon and chases after it, which leaves the three girls to look for her. Circulas comes in and captures Lulun and threatens to destroy her. Hikari was angry because she had promised Lulun that she would always protect her, so she transforms into Luminous and Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure. During their battle, Luminous tries to get Lulun back but he attacks her and Pretty Cure. Luminous faces Circulas alone and Lulun feels sad about Luminous suffering, so she uses her power to give Luminous a type of heart diamond, which repels Circulas. Pretty Cure summon their Sparkle Bracelets and uses Marble Screw Max Sparkle to attack Circulas.
31 "BARUDESU Fukkatsu! CHI-MUWA-KU de GIRIGIRI Toppa!!"
"Baldez Reborn! A Split-Second Breakthrough with Teamwork!!"
It's the lacrosse tournament and Verone Academy are set to take on Kakatouan. However, the first half is proven difficult for the team as they lose to 2–nil. Nagisa changes roles and before the match restarts, Viblis sends Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari to an isolated lacrosse pitch with Circulas and Uraganos. Nagisa gets annoyed that she was sent out of her game and gets even more angry when Viblis calls it 'pointless'. The three girls transform and Lulun gives Hikari the heart diamond. They fight the three and use the Extreme Luminario. Viblis, Circulas and Uraganos try to flee but Luminous's heart diamond makes the Luminario follow the three. They retreat but the Zakennas are destroyed. After the fight, Nagisa returns to the game. The two teams are 3–3 and time was running out, so she manages to score for her team and win the tournament. A new Heartiel, called Bravun, joins Seekun.
32 "Yami Kara Mamore! Kono Sekai de Ichiban Daiji na Egao!!"
"Protect us from Darkness! This World's Most Important Smile!"
Viblis 2005-10-02
Nagisa forgets to write an article for the newspaper, so Honoka takes her and Shiho and Rina to a lady, Mitayo, who owns a odango shop. They interview her and eat some odango but they find out that Mitayo was going to close the odango shop. Honoka volunteers to write the article and spends all night on it. On the day of the newspaper distribution, Mitayo reads the article and ponders on the future of her odango shop. When the girls come to eat, Viblis comes in and summons a Zakenna. The girls transform and as usual, Lulun gives Luminous the heart diamond. Cure Black and Cure White find it hard to attack the Zakenna so Luminous uses the Extreme Luminario. After the fight, more people visit the odango shop and Mitayo says that she will continue with her business.
33 "Yūki wo Dashite! Nagisa Haran no BĀSUDĒ!"
"Summon your Courage! Nagisa's Troublesome Birthday!!"
Uraganos 2005-10-09
It's Nagisa birthday and she goes out with Honoka and Hikari to look at some cosmos flowers. They see Fujipi and Nagisa becomes nervous. When his water runs out, Honoka and Hikari takes his bottle and leaves Nagisa alone, so that they could talk together. At first she feels nervous but she gains courage to tell Fujipi her true feelings. Unfortunately, Uraganos comes and Nagisa gets angry for him interrupting her speech but feels that it was a good timing. Honoka and Hikari come in and they all transform. They fight the Zakenna and use Extreme Luminario. After the fight, Nagisa tries to tell Fujipi her true feelings but instead tells him that she will be cheering him on. At the end, Bravun announces that she is going back in the Chairect.
34 "Tabi da Nakama da! Shūgaku Ryokō da ZAKENNĀ!?"
"Friends on a Journey! Zakenna on a Field Trip!?"
Uraganos 2005-10-16
It's the first day of the field trip and Nagisa and Honoka takes a look at some of the features in Kyoto. Nagisa finds a lottery and wins two tickets, giving her and Honoka the chance to see an Edo drama. Meanwhile, Hikari feels worried after a series of weird event and Whisun comes out of the Chairect to tell her that "the truth is coming". At the field trip, Nagisa and Honoka dress up in Edo costumes and sees two of their friends who are wearing their own Edo costumes and Nagisa tries to follow them, but falls. She meets a man who makes props and Honoka joins them. When they look at the props, Uraganos comes and the two girls transform into Pretty Cure. They get tied up but Hikari comes and transform into Luminous. Uraganos tries to attack her but Lulun gives Luminous's heart diamond the power to repel him. Cure Black and Cure White summon their Sparkle Bracelets and destroys the Zakenna using the Marble Screw Max Sparkle. After the battle, Nagisa and Honoka are worried about what to do with Hikari. At the end, a Heartiel is seen sitting on a pole.
35 "MAJIYABA Shūgaku Ryokō! Omoi Dedzukuri ha Kiken na Kaori "
"A Seriously Terrible Field Trip! Memory-Making has a Dangerous Scent"
Uraganos 2005-10-23
On the second day of the field trip, Nagisa and Honoka's teacher deals with the arrival of Hikari and tells her to phone Akane to let her know she was fine and that she was returning with Nagisa and Honoka. Meanwhile, the boy from the mansion is in the same place and is looking around at some things. Later on, Shiho, Rina and Nagisa go out to town and visits the souvenir store. Honoka and Hikari meet up with them and they travel to a mountainside area and split up. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari find Prosun (the Heartiel from the previous episode) but Uraganos comes in and they are told by Wishun that the "truth" is almost there. Nagisa and Honoka transform and fight a Zakenna. Meanwhile, Wishun senses something and yells about the "truth" almost being here. Hikari follows her but is led to nowhere. She meets the boy from the mansion and their surroundings are covered by darkness. Mipple and Mepple sense this and Cure Black and Cure White do a fake Marble Screw Max in order to get away from Uraganos and reach Hikari. Hikari and the boy continue to stare at each other and they suddenly faint. Cure Black and Cure White get there in time and catch Hikari whilst Viblis catches the boy. She takes him away and Uraganos catches up to Cure Black and Cure White; they try to summon their Sparkle Bracelets but are interrupted by him, so they attack him and summon their bracelets. After receiving this, they do the Marble Screw Max and destroy the Zakenna. On the way home, Hikari is still sleeping and Nagisa and Honoka talks about their trip.
36 "Ōchi ni Kaeshite~! PORUN to RURUN no Daibōken"
"Go Back to Where You Came From! Pollun and Lulun's Big Adventure"
Viblis 2005-10-30
When Lulun runs off, Porun follows after her and tries to take her back to the tako cafe. They see a girl coming and they hide near a dustbin but the girl, thinking that they're teddy bears, takes Porun and Lulun home. Meanwhile, Hikari looks for Porun and Lulun and Seekun goes looking for them along with Prosun. At the girl's house, she plays with Porun and Lulun and her mum asks her if she wants to come with her to pick up her father. The girl refuses and takes out a broken toy car, which belongs to her father. She starts to cry and Lulun feels sad for her. Seekun finds Porun and Lulun but Lulun wants to stay with the girl. Before Seekun could ask her to come, the girl returns to her room and Seekun and Prosun flees. The girl takes Porun, Lulun and the broken toy car with her to the park and there,she cries about what her father would say about the car. Porun gets out of her bag and goes outside. He tells the girl to have courage and Lulun joins in, although the girl glances at her when she hears Lulun. Meanwhile, Nagisa, Honoka an Hikari look for Porun and Lulun in the park but Viblis attacks them and finds Porun and Lulun. Nagisa and Honoka transform whilst Hikari reaches Porun and transforms. Cure Black and Cure White fight the Zakenna and Luminous protects the girl by using her heart diamond. Cure Black and Cure White summon their Sparkle Bracelets and use the Marble Screw Max Sparkle on the Zakenna. The girl's parents find the girl and she tells her father about the car. He says to her that she is more important than the car and as soon as she shows him Porun and Lulun, Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari asks for them. At first the girl is sad but she gives them away and says goodbye to them.
37 "Nagisa Tobu! Honoka Maiu! Kokorozashi ho Zenryoku no Dai-butai!"
"Nagisa Flies! Honoka Dances! All of Shiho's Power on Stage!"
Uraganos 2005-11-13
It's the Verone Festival and Shiho set to fulfill her dreams of becoming a movie director so she directs the play. There is a scene that involves the character to be lifted by wire action and no-one wants to do it, so Nagisa volunteers to be the character. Honoka volunteers to be the enemy; despite the fact that some people are concerned that it wouldn't suit her personality, Shiho went along with it. During the rehearsals, Nagisa finds it hard to do the wire lifting and Shiho feels worried about it. She decides to stop the wire action and Nagisa feels bad about not being able to do it properly. On the day of the Verone Festival, all is going well in the play until Nagisa falls during her part. Shiho tells the crew to lower the curtains and as she tells Nagisa and Honoka what to do in the next scene, Uraganos comes in and everyone falls asleep. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and fight Uraganos and some Zakennas outside. Meanwhile, Hikari takes Porun and Lulun to a safe hiding place. The Zakennas make a tornado and attack Cure Black. Cure White tells Cure Black where the Zakennas are and Cure Black defeats them. They combine to make a bigger Zakenna, so Hikari transforms into Luminous and she uses the Extreme Luminario on the Zakenna. After the battle, Nagisa gets an idea from the battle and tells Shiho to use the wire. Rina is worried about their lack of rehearsal but Nagisa's plan goes well and the play ends on a happy note. At the end, Seekun is seen with a new Heartiel called Happynen.
38 "Sayonara Honoka!? Kizuna ha Mataku Eien ni!"
"Goodbye, Honoka!? Our Bonds will be Strong Forever!"
Circulas 2005-11-20
Honoka receives a postcard from her mother and in it, she asks Honoka if she wanted to move to Paris as part of her work. Honoka feels worried and tells Nagisa and Hikari about this. Nagisa tells her that it's fine for her to go and realizes what she's said to her. She gets concerned about life without Honoka and Pretty Cure and talks about it with Hikari. The next day, Nagisa visits Honoka and they play catch with their cross sticks. Circulas comes and Nagisa and Honoka transform. Hikari also transform and they fight Circulas. After the battle, Honoka decides not to go to Paris and tells her parents that she is happy where she is
39 "Moetsukiro! Seijun RAKUROSU Kesshōsen!!"
"Burn out! The Youth Lacrosse Finals!!"
Circulas 2005-11-27
It's the lacrosse championship between Verone and Otagaku and Nagisa is in high hopes of winning the game. The Otagaku's captain, Nagasawu, meets Nagisa and she takes her to the tako cafe with Honoka, Shiho and Rina. They talk about their experience of playing lacrosse and why they chose it. Nagisa asks Nagasawu why she chose lacrosse but she doesn't remember. On the day of the championship, Nagasawu informs her team about their planned formation whilst Nagisa and the team hold hands together and think about the match. They begin to play and Nagisa's team lead with two points. At the end of the match, Nagasawu is annoyed at Nagisa's team being happy but realizes that lacrosse made her happy, so she praises her teammates and tells them to do their best. It goes well and her team lead 2-2. Nagisa tells her team to swap positions and as the second half starts, she is sent to Uraganos, Viblis and Circulas along with Honoka and Hikari. They transform and fight the three and the Zakenna. After the fight, Nagisa returns to the game and manages to score and win the match. Nagasawu congratulates her and praises her for her good play.
40 "Futari wa Saikō! Zenkai BARIBARI Nagisa to Ryōta!!"
"We're the Best! Nagisa and Ryouta at Full Throttle!!"
When Ryouta gets promoted to a higher badminton club, Nagisa has to take him there. After he arrive with an overslept Nagisa, he meets Honoka and they all go to the court. Nagisa cheers for Ryouta but he gets embarrassed and tells her to be quiet. Hikari arrives and joins Nagisa and Honoka. Ryouta meets a boy called Yuuji and they are paired up together along with Takada and his partner. They get nervous but Honoka and Hikari tell him to play his best, which makes Nagisa annoyed at his brother not liking her cheering. The game starts and Takada and his partner are winning. Honoka sees that he's tense, so Nagisa calls for time-out and pretends that her brother's shoelaces were undone. Ryouta is annoyed at her for saying that but she tells him to enjoy badminton like he did when he was younger. He gets happy and tells Fuuji the same thing, which makes them play better than before. But Porun senses evil and Viblis takes Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari to a dark version of the badminton court. Both of them transform and fight her but are counter-attacked and stuck in rubble. Hikari transforms into Luminous and tries to help Pretty Cure but Viblis stops her. As she builds up her attack, the boy in the mansion shouts "Don't!" and Baldez takes her away. Cure Black and Cure White go outside to fight her but realizes that no-one is there. They go back to the normal badminton court and continue watching the game. Meanwhile. Viblis is angry at Baldez but he tells her not to harm Hikari. In the game, Takada and his partner wins and Ryouta and Yuuji are sad however, Ryouta tells Yuuji it was a really good game. The badminton teacher tells them, that they can stay because he wanted people who enjoyed badminton.
41 "Kihaku de Watase! Chokotto Yūki no PUREZENTO!!"
"Deliver your Spirit! A Bit of Courage is Needed for This Present!!"
Baldez 2005-12-11
It’s Fujipi’s birthday and Nagisa is determined to get him a present. She can’t decide what to buy him but Honoka suggests to her a gift that he can use all the time. So Nagisa buys a towel and Honoka tells her to decorate it with embroidery. On the day of his birthday, Nagisa finds out that Fujipi’s soccer team is at the municipal fields and struggles to find him. Meanwhile, Honoka meets Hikari and asks her where Nagisa is but Mipple senses the presence of darkness so they quickly search for Nagisa. When they find her, Baldez turns up and summons a Zakenna. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure and fight the Zakenna. Hikari transforms into Shiny Luminous and uses Extreme Luminario on the Zakenna. Nagisa is worried at the now tattered present but Honoka and Hikari manages to fix it up. They spot Fujipi and Nagisa gives him the present. He is happy and tells Nagisa that he will use it all the time which makes her happy.
42 "Ginban no Koibitotachi? Subette Koron de Dai-PINCHI!"
"A Skating Rink of Sweethearts? Slipping and Falling into Great Crisis!"
Uraganos 2005-12-18
Fujipi invites Nagisa to a day-out at the amusement and she is happy to be with him only to find out that Honoka and Kimata are coming with him. They do ice-skating and Nagisa finds it hard but Fujipi helps her. Meanwhile, Hikari and the boy in the mansion see each other through a Christmas decoration and Baldez quickly destroys it. When Nagisa, Honoka, Fujipi and Kimata go to a ferris wheel ride, Honoka leaves Nagisa alone with Fujipi because 2 people were to ride in a cart. Nagisa feels nervous and talks to Fujipi. She tries to ask him about how he felt about her but the darkness arrives and makes Fujipi go to sleep. Nagisa is annoyed at the interruption and manages to get off the ride with honoka. Hikari arrives and they all transform and fight Uraganos. He captures Lulun and threatens to destroy her but she manages to break free and summon the heart diamond to repel him. Pretty Cure uses the Marble Screw Max Sparkle to destroy the Zakenna and Uraganos tries to block until it became too strong for him. After the battle, everyone meets up at a café and Nagisa volunteers to collect the food. Honoka follows her and she hears Nagisa shout out how she loves Fujipi. At first she is shocked but she feels relieved that Nagisa has courage. Fujipi didn’t hear what Nagisa said, so she tells him that she said Merry Christmas to him.
43 "Saigo no Fuyuyasumi! Tokubetsu Jugyō da ZAKENNĀ!?"
"The Last Winter Break! A Special Lesson for Zakenna?!)"
Viblis 2005-12-25
Nagisa and Honoka think about their times as leaders of their clubs when they see the new captain. Maki feels worried that the group is falling apart so she asks Nagisa for advice. Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa to come to school tomorrow at 3 o’clock whilst Yuriko tells Honoka the same thing but both don’t tell Nagisa and Honoka the reason. At the Tako Café, Akane tells Hikari to check the supplies in the fridge but instead sees the Dotsuku Zone; meanwhile the boy in the mansion sees the Garden of Light through his window. Hikari slams the fridge door and runs off, thinking about what she just saw. The other day, Nagisa and Honoka meet up and they are escorted by Shiho and Rina. They find people from the science club and the lacrosse team in the science clasroom throwing a farewell party. Akane and Hikari present a cake and some takoyaki that was made by them and the new captains of the lacrosse team and science club give them flowers. Just as Yuriko takes a picture of everyone the darkness arrives and everyone falls asleep. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari go outside and meet Viblis with a Zakenna. They transform and fight the Zakenna. They defeat it with the Marble Screw Max Sparkle and they return to the party.
44 "Hikari ga Kieta Hi, Asu wo Sagasu Hi!"
"The Day Hikari Disappears, The Day We Search for Tomorrow!"
The boy in the mansion continues to stare out of the window and Circulas, Viblis, Uraganos and Baldez talk about the day of the Evil King’s resurrection. In the garden of the light, Elder sees the garden of rainbows and finds out that the balance between the two worlds are affected by the power of darkness. At the tako café, Hikari goes inside to collect some food whilst Nagisa and Honoka put up a parasol. They see the darkness on the umbrella but it disappears. Akane goes to check on Hikari but she is missing and the darkness arrives along with Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos. Nagisa and Honoka transform into Pretty Cure but they have a hard time fighting without Luminous. Meanwhile, Hikari finds herself in a dark place and she meets the boy from the mansion. She asks him if he brought her here but he said that he had nothing to do with it. The boy tells Hikari that he feels worried about who he is but she comforts him. Cure Black and Cure White uses the Marble Screw Max Sparkle on Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos, which sends them fleeing.
45 "Mugen no Yami, Eien no Hikari "
"Infinite Darkness, Eternal Light"
After the disappearance of Hikari, Nagisa and Honoka find out that everyone doesn’t remember her anymore but feel like something is missing. In the Garden of Light, Elder explains to Wisdom about the Darkness consuming other worlds and the possibility of consuming the Garden of Rainbows first. Hikari and the boy find themselves in the Dotsuku Zone and this makes Hikari fall down in shock from seeing it in the fridge. The boy gives out his hand to help her up and as she gets back onto her feet, beams of light and darkness come out of their hands. Porun is scared and runs off with Lulun following him and Nagisa and Honoka chase after them. Baldez arrives at the scene and Hikari feels weak after her energy is transferred to the boy. Baldez tells her that he is responsible for the resurrection of the Evil King and the world would be in total darkness. Porun senses trouble and runs further away with Lulun holding onto his tail. They see a hole in the sky and when Nagisa and Honoka catch up to them, Porun tells them that Hikari is in there. Lulun puts her arm around him and they think strongly about Hikari which takes them into the hole and break the balance of light and darkness. Porun and Lulun are back from the darkness and they see Hikari lying on the floor. They go up to her along with Nagisa and Honoka but see that she is not responding to their voices. Porun gets upset and cries but Hikari wakes up and comforts him. Nagisa and Honoka are relieved and Mipple and Mepple praise Porun and Lulun for saving her. A new heartiel, called Eternalun, arrives and Mepple identifies him as the final Heartiel. He goes to the Chairect and Nagisa asks him what to do. He tells them that the answer is in their hearts and with that, he enters the Chairect. The boy, Circulas, Uraganos, Viblis and Baldez arrive and Baldez thanks Hikari for giving the boy the power to resurrect the Evil King. Nagisa and Honoka transform and fight them but are quickly taken down. Hikari transforms and holds the boy’s hand and tells him that she will save him. Meanwhile, the chains from the Evil King spread out and destroy the city.
46 "Sutemi no Sōkōgeki! Yami no Senshi MAKKUSU PAWĀ!!"
"Life-Risking Attack! Dark Soldiers at Maximum Power!!"
Cure Black and Cure White are left to fight off Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos, who plan on defeating Pretty Cure for the Evil King. Meanwhile, Shiny Luminous sees the boy walking towards the Evil King and goes to stop him, only to see Baldez blocking her path. She tells the boy to wait and he turns around. The two are surrounded by darkness as they see each other and the boy asks her what would happen to him. Suddenly, he feels pain in his chest and a beam of light comes out of him and joins the Evil King. Baldez sees that the resurrection is complete and the Evil King is brought to life. Meanwhile, Cure Black and Cure White have a hard time fighting the three generals. Luminous tells Seekun to enter the Chairect but Seekun is concerned about her. Luminous looks back at her memories and goes with her decision to resurrect the Queen. Seekun enters the Chairect and in the Garden of Light, the power to create light reacts and the Elder knows that the resurrection of the Queen is taking place. Cure Black and Cure White summon their Sparkle Bracelets and fight off Uraganos. Luminous finds herself in a rainbow place with Lulun and the Chairect and wonders why she isn’t the queen. The voice of the Queen tells Luminous that her love for the garden of rainbows is too strong to allow the resurrection to take place and this leaves her to make a decision. Cure Black and Cure White use the Marble Screw Max Sparkle on Circulas, Viblis and Uraganos, who are using their powers to destroy Pretty Cure. When Circulas and Viblis are surrounded by the Marble Screw, they go over to Cure Black and Cure White and they destroy their bracelets before they return to the darkness. Baldez arrives shortly after the event and Cure Black and Cure White are faced with a new challenge.
47 "Tobira wo Akete! Koko kara Hajimeru Monogatari"
"Open the Door! The Story Begins from Here"
Evil King
Baldez attacks Cure Black and Cure White and they are left immobile. Meanwhile, the voice of the Queen tells Luminous that her feelings for the people cannot make her Queen and had told Porun and Lulun their true meanings of their names. Baldez attacks Cure Black and Cure White and they fall into darkness. They think back to their family and their support. Baldez sees a beam of light in the sky and Cure Black and Cure White have returned with their Sparkle Bracelets. They use the Marble Screw Max Sparkle on Baldez but he withstood it. He gathers power and reveals to them that he is the Evil King. Luminous ponders on what the Queen says and finds the answer: that everyone’s hand will be untied. Baldez attacks Pretty Cure and they are sent flying. Cure Black and Cure White tell each other not to give up and they manage to gain more strength. They use the Marble Screw Max Sparkle on him and he is defeated. However, they see him in a bigger form and he tries to crush them, only to be stopped by the Queen. Cure Black and Cure White are shocked to see her but they see Luminous, who tells them that she is willing to save the lives of people. She tells Cure Black and Cure White that the ultimate power is here and they use Extreme Luminario Max on the Evil King and he is destroyed for good. At the Verone graduation, Honoka is sad about having to leave Mipple. Akane sees Nagisa and Honoka feeling sad and asks them what was wrong. Hikari appears with her and Nagisa is shocked to see her. Porun tells her to be quiet and Mepple appears, telling her that he’s hungry. Nagisa is annoyed at first that she has to be with him but then feels happy. Akane introduces the boy from the mansion and tells them that he is called Hikaru and that he is Hikari’s younger brother. Nagisa, Honoka and Hikari get ready to face the new future.
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