Fuurin Asumi (風鈴アスミ?) is a main character in Healin' Good♥Pretty Cure. She is a spirit born from Queen Teatinu's prayers to save the Cures and Latte. Asumi's alter ego is Cure Earth (キュアアース?) and she is known as the Pretty Cure of Wind.



Asumi has long blonde hair tied back into a bun and has purple eyes. Casually, she wears a green dress that reaches her ankles, a white scarf, and cream-colored sandals. She also wears a purple key-like pendant around her neck. When it gets colder, she wears a white jacket over her dress.

As Cure Earth, her hair grows drastically and turns lavender, held by a gold tiara with pale yellow and white wing-like decorations and turquoise gems on each side. Her eyes turn pale blue. Her dress is bright purple and white with light blue sleeves. At the center is a turquoise brooch with light blue ribbons along with short white feather-like ruffles near the waist. Two white straps go around the neck, held with a purple gem at the neck. The skirt is asymmetrical and way longer on the left, and underneath it is a light purple skirt that also splits open on the right, revealing a shorter white skirt. Her flats are purple with thin gold anklets around each ankle and a thicker gold one above it on the right and one around the right leg. Her accessories include purple spherical earrings and elbow-length white gloves with purple hearts on the back of the hand.

In her Special Healin' Good Style, her hair gets longer and wavier while turning lighter in color. Her tiara and the feathers on it change shape and become more ornate. She wears a purple and gold vest with an upturned collar and a white top while the ribbons on her brooch become more ruffled. It also has long light blue off-the-shoulder sleeves with fitted cuffs. Her skirt grows longer and becomes symmetrical while the light purple layer does the same and is more ruffled. Her flats become high heels with small white wings and two thin gold anklets around each ankle, with the bottom one accented with purple and light blue jewels. She has large pale purple wings. She no longer wears gloves.


Due to being a spirit, Asumi knows absolutely nothing about being human, so she lacks common sense. She also has a one-track mind, as she believes her only purpose is to serve and protect Latte. As time passes, Asumi begins to learn to adapt to her new life and understand what emotions are.



Fuurin (風鈴?) - Fuu (?) means "wind" [1], while Rin (?) can mean either "bell" or "chime" [2]. When combined, Fuurin means "wind chime".

Asumi (アスミ?) - There is a kanji equivalent that eludes to Asumi's theme, 明日美 which means "beautiful bright light". [3].

Earth is a noun that can mean "the solid matter of this planet; dry land; ground" [4].


Rescuing Latte

Cure Earth first appears in episode 19 after hearing Queen Teatinu's tearful prayers to save Latte and the Cures. She appears from the statue in the form of a wind gust, freeing Latte from Batetemoda's grasp and leaving him as well as the Cures and Latte amazed by her appearance. She then quickly defeats the Megabyogen before the Cures use Healing Oasis to purify it and free the Wind Element Spirit. After the battle ends, she creates the Wind Element Bottle to heal Latte, but because of her being sick from a cold and not the Megabyogen's infection, it does not do much. Nodoka then asks Earth who she is.

Joining The Team

After meeting the trio, she explains she is a wind spirit created by the Earth in response to Teatinu's wish. She then decides to go to the Healing Garden with Latte so she can protect her. But the Healing Animals stop her, much to her confusion, until the girls tell them to back off. After receiving the stethoscope from Nodoka, she soon learns that Latte wants to stay with the rest of her friends. Finally understanding how Latte genuinely wants to heal the Earth with her, they become partners and she is able to overpower Batetemoda. She is then given the name Asumi and becomes part of the team.

Adapting to New Life

With nowhere to live, Asumi is allowed to stay at the Hanadera household. However, she struggles to adapt to her new lifestyle due to a lack of common sense, so Nodoka has to frequently help her out. She also has a hard time understanding how tired Nodoka feels and wonders why Nodoka is willing to help her all the time. After finally understanding Nodoka, Asumi decides to return the favor by defending Grace from Daruizen and purifying the Megabyogen. She then happily embraces her new life more.

Understanding Loneliness and Respecting Latte

After being given a new room for her to live in, Asumi tries to stay closer to Latte by feeding her and giving her blankets to make Latte feel comfortable staying with her. However, Latte gets uncomfortable and goes outside, causing Asumi to feel lonely and become transparent as a result. After Chiyu saves her from a group of scared people, Asumi tells Chiyu how she feels about Latte avoiding her, and Chiyu teaches her the meaning of sadness and "love". But Latte avoiding her only causes her to get upset and make her transparent again. When she finally talks to Latte though, Asumi understands the feeling of "love" and explains to Latte how much she cares about her and will prioritize Latte's feelings, reconciling and enabling Asumi to transform into Cure Earth again. Earth even scolds Shindoine, who is harming others for self-love. After Nodoka tells Asumi about how much her mother cares for her, Asumi begins to open up even more to experience the wonderful world.

Learning The Meaning Behind "Cute"

When Asumi struggles to understand the definition of "cute" while she and her friends were clothes shopping, the girls decide to take her to the Hiramitsu Animal Clinic. There, Mei dresses Latte up in cute clothes, but Asumi ends up thanking Mei for making Latte happy instead.

Later on, Asumi meets Pocchito, a puppy that the Hiramitsu family was looking after. While taking him out for a walk, Asumi tells Chiyu that she feels weird not understanding what "cute" feels like, and becomes transparent, to which Chiyu tells her everyone has different preferences.

When Asumi asks Hinata which dog at the park is the cutest, Hinata tells her they're all adorable, while only confuses Asumi. When trying to understand more about the word, she ends up scaring Pocchito. During the battle, Earth learns what "cute" means after seeing how hard Sparkle tried to protect the dogs. This allows Earth to protect Pocchito and scold Guaiwaru in the process. With the battle over, Asumi says goodbye to Pocchito and asks to be his friend.

Cure Earth

HGPC20 Cure Earth.png

"The two winds that connect through time! Cure Earth!"
Toki wo hete tsunagaru futatsu no kaze! Kyua Āsu!

Cure Earth (キュアアース?) is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Asumi. In order to transform, she needs her transformation Element Bottle and her Healing Animal partner Latte.


The transformation begins with Asumi inserting her Wind Element Bottle into Latte's bow. Latte then shouts "Start!" as she runs towards Asumi. Asumi then completes the transformation phrase as Latte reaches her. Asumi and Latte then say "Cure Touch!" together as Asumi holds Latte's paws and the two then spin around as feathers emerge. Asumi then lets go of Latte, who runs up on her arm before leaping into the air. A purple heart appears and turns into a white coat, which Asumi puts on. She hugs Latte again as her Earth Windy Harp appears, with both the harp and Latte floating away again. Then her shoes, gloves, dress, brooch, and ribbon appear. After that, Asumi's hair grows longer and turns lavender before her earrings, tiara, and the hearts in her hair appear. She then takes the Earth Windy Harp and plucks a couple of the strings. Earth spins around as Latte reunites with her and the two start the introduction. Earth then strums the harp again before striking her finishing pose, with Latte jumping in.



Asumi's voice actor, Mimori Suzuko has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include duets with Shiraishi Haruka, who voices Latte, Yuuki Aoi, who voices Hanadera Nodoka, Yorita Natsu, who voices Sawaizumi Chiyu, and Kouno Hiyori who voices Hiramitsu Hinata.



  • Asumi's birthday is on August 16th, making her star sign Leo.
  • Asumi is the first spirit Cure in the franchise.
    • She's also the first purple Cure to have blonde hair as a civilian.
  • She is also physically the oldest Cure, being 20 years old. But because of the circumstances surrounding her nature as a spirit, she is actually the youngest Pretty Cure in the series age-wise.
  • Asumi's name is given to her by Nodoka.
  • Her body will become transparent and begin to fade if she feels negative emotions, as revealed in episode 22.
  • In episode 24, Asumi reveals that she can use her powers, along with her Wind Element Bottle, to open up portals for others to teleport through, but she uses up a lot of energy doing so.


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