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Fuwa Kokone (芙羽ここね?) is one of the four main Cures in Delicious Party♡Pretty Cure. Her family owns a fine restaurant, and she is an only child.

Kokone transforms with Pam-Pam to become Cure Spicy (キュアスパイシー?).



Kokone has short, dark azure hair that frames her face, with bangs mostly brushed to one side and a pair of clips opposite of them. She has a partial braid on one side of her head, and over her bangs is a curled lock. She sharp cyan eyes. She wears a white top with a ribbon, a navy pencil skirt with black belt and a blue jacket. Her dark colored boots are worn with black tights.

As Cure Spicy, her eyes brighten and her hair turns bright blue. It grows in length and is worn in a curled side-tail with a thin streak of pink through it. At the base is a large circular braid of blue and pink, held by a blue blue with an ornament resting on blue scalloping. She gains earrings and a blue choker on white fabric. Her dress consists of a dark and bright blue corset with gold buttons. The chest and sleeves are pale blue with a hole at the center and bright blue cuff. A blue gem heart rests on blue bow on the chest. Her long scalloped skirt is cyan with pink lining and dots of pink and yellow, residing over a ruffled pastel yellow layer and white frilly petticoat. On her waist is a large blue ribbon and flower-shaped apron with pink and indigo lining, adorned with small pink and blue bows. She also wears dark blue tights with blue and yellow boots with a pink bow, and pale blue gloves with a bright blue cuff.


Kokone is a fashionable, cool beauty. She's a 2nd year middle school student who loves make-up and cute things. She is admired by many people, but she prefers to be alone, and doesn't speak much. She is, however, sympathetic and kindhearted.

Initially, Kokone struggles to communicate comfortably with others, but with the help of her friends, she is able to open up and be comfortable around others.


  • Pam-Pam: Her fairy partner. She comes to adore Pam-Pam upon meeting her, and is willing to be her friend.
  • Nagomi Yui: At first, Kokone felt shy when approaching Yui, but after eating with Yui and watching her fighting for a good cause, Kokone decides to let Yui be her first friend.
  • Rosemary: Initially, Kokone finds it difficult to properly communicate with Rosemary, but they soon resolve their misunderstanding and become good friends.
  • Hanamichi Ran: Kokone and Ran initially had difficulties being friends owing to their differing opinions, but later they both accept each other's differences and become closer friends.
  • Todoroki: Her family's butler who takes care of her when her parents are not at home. She respects and cares for him.


Fuwa (芙羽?): Fu (?) means "lotus"[1], while Wa (?) means "feather"[2]. The pronounciation of 芙羽 is "Fuwa", and in Japanese, "Fuwafuwa" means "fluffy"[3]. This expression can be used in a lot of ways, just like "fluffy" in English. It can be describing how fluffy the bread is, or how even feelings can be "Fuwafuwa". This means 芙羽 is a pun not only because Kokone is the Cure with the bread fairy, but also because of the fact that she is beautiful and graceful.

Kokone (ここね?) has no meaning, but similar names with "Koko" use the kanji for "heart" (?)[4], which alludes to Kokone's love for Heart Bread and her catchphrase that features the phrase, "Spice For Your Heart".

Cure Spicy is having the quality, flavor, or fragrance of spice[5].


Strange Encounters

While walking down a street, she sees Kome-Kome in front of a fruits shop. She quickly realizes Kome-Kome is trying to buy some carrots, so she buys some for her. Sometime later, she sees Kome-Kome fly over a wall. But when she turns to leave, she meets Pam-Pam. She asks the fairy if she can fly like Kome-Kome, and is stunned when Pam-Pam speaks. Just as she picks Pam-Pam up, Yui and Rosemary appear. She gives Pam-Pam back to Yui, who asks if she has seen Kome-Kome. Kokone tells her where she saw Kome-Kome go.

Sometime later, Kokone is walking through Oishiina Town again when she sees Yui and Rosemary confronting Gentlu. She witnesses Gentlu summon an Ubauzo and Rosemary create a Delicious Field before fainting. With the sun now setting, Kokone wakes up just as Precious and Rosemary reappear. Precious flies her back home. Kokone ends the day eating dinner by herself.DPPC03

Making New Friends and Becoming Cure Spicy

As the new school year begins, Kokone still remembers Precious bringing her back home before. She is assigned to Yui's class, but has difficulty opening up to her peers. However, she begins warming up to Yui, after Yui helps her finding a baby rabbit from the breeding shed and then invites her to have bread together.

When Gentlu once again summons another Ubauzo, Kokone is told by Yui to run to a safer place, but she gets dragged into the Delicious Field due to Pam-Pam's powers. She then witnesses Yui transforming into Precious, much to her own surprise. Pam-Pam then apologizes to her for bringing her into this mess, but Kokone forgives the fairy and vows to fight against the monster with her and Yui. This makes her resonate with Pam-Pam, thus granting her the Heart Cure Watch. With that, Kokone transforms into Spciy for the first time, and helps Precious to defeat and purify the Ubauzo. Afterwards, she resumes eating out with Yui, and is happy that she gets to make new friends for the first time. DPPC04

Bonding with Friends

Despite feeling happy about having new friends, Kokone struggles to communicate with them, and acts awkwardly whenever she tries to talk to them. She goes shopping at Pretty Holic with Yui and Rosemary, but thinks she's being too pushy despite both being fine with her love for make-up, and becomes self-conscious when she struggles to peel a carrot. She starts to lack confidence when she overhears Rosemary saying that he might not be her type of friend.

Wanting to be liked, Spicy tries to fight Gentlu's Ubauzo by herself, although she keeps failing. Precious and Rosemary confront her, and Spicy finally admits that she feels like she isn't good enough as a friend because of her mistakes, but Precious and Rosemary remind her that they appreciate her own unique qualities, which helps Spicy regain confidence. She later enjoys dinner with her friends, with a newfound sense of self confidence. DPPC05

After Ran joins the team, Kokone wants to bond with Ran, but conflicts arise between them because of their different opinions on trivial matters like revamping Ran's CureSta page. As she believes that she has been too opinionated towards Ran, she decides she should go with the flow instead. But when they try to babysit Kome-Kome, they argue over what's wrong with Kome-Kome.

With their unresolved disagreement, both Yum-Yum and Spicy are unable to cooperate with each other. While Yum-Yum argues that it's better to act first, Spicy believes that thinking things through is preferable. But after listening to Precious's advice, Spicy decides to adopt Yum-Yum's approach, which helps Yum-Yum purify the Ubauzo. Afterwards, both girls learn that being honest with each other is the key to fostering their friendship, and they become closer friends. DPPC09

Learning to Enjoy Food

Upon learning that the class will be having a picnic from their teacher, Kokone is eager to use the picnic as a chance to have fun with her classmates and even puts the most efforts into making the lunch. However, she only ends up being uncomfortable in front of her classmates, unable to enjoy her food as a result.

After telling Todoroki that she felt tired after the picnic, Todoroki takes her to a place where he has a special memory about hotdogs. There, Kokone learns that enjoying food is a priority. Therefore, when Narcistoru steals Todoroki's memory by summoning a Motto Ubauzo, Spicy is determined to retrieve it and manages to purify it with Delicious Spicy Bakin'. Afterwards, Kokone gets to enjoy food with her friends.DPPC15

Cure Spicy

Cure Spicy

With A Dainty Sandwich, Spice For Your Heart! Cure Spicy!
Fuwafuwa Sando de Kokoro ni Supaisu, Kyua Supaishī!

Cure Spicy (キュアスパイシー?) is Kokone's Pretty Cure alias.


The transformation starts with Pam-Pam changing into her sandwich form. Kokone catches her and after spinning a couple of times and nuzzling her, she shouts the transformation phrase. After leaping up, multicolored circles fly up and Kokone opens up the bread flap on Pam-Pam, shouting "Open!", which causes Pam-Pam's hairpiece to transport to the rest of the sandwich. Kokone then shouts "Sandwich!" while putting the bread back on top. She then shouts "Sharing energy!" and flies into the air. The jewel on Pam-Pam's collar shines a blue light while she shouts "Tasty!", causing a round blue loaf of bread to appear, which Kokone eats. Then her hair changes color, length, and style, with Pam-Pam bouncing on top of her head, making her bow and ruffle appear. After that, heart-shaped highlights appear in her hair along with her earrings. Then her top, gloves, and skirt appear, with Pam-Pam's bouncing making her bow and apron also appear. Spicy then hugs Pam-Pam, which causes her front bow, tights, and boots to appear. With the transformation complete, Pam-Pam nuzzles on Spicy's face before appearing on her left hip. Spicy taps Pam-Pam twice before saying her introduction and striking a final pose. Finally, she says "You won't forget this shared tastiness!" before forming a circle with her arms.



Kokone's voice actor, Shimizu Risa has participated in several image songs for the character she voices. Many of them include songs with Hishikawa Hana, who voices Nagomi Yui, Iguchi Yuka, who voices Hanamichi Ran, and Kayono Ai, who voices Kasai Amane.

  • Tea party With You

Group Songs

  • Bonds♡Specialty (Along with Hishikawa Hana, Iguchi Yuka, and Kayano Ai)


  • Kokone's height is 165cm, while her height as Cure Spicy is 167cm.
  • Kokone's birthday is on March 13th, making her Zodiac sign Pisces. Her birthday falls on Sandwich Day.
  • Kokone's favourite breads are Curry Bread and Heart Bread.
  • Kokone's surname is a homophone for the name of Fuwa, who is the mascot of Star☆Twinkle Pretty Cure.
  • Episode 5 reveals that she isn't good at cooking, as her meals are usually cooked by an in-house chef at home.


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