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Give Me a Break! A City Targeted by Darkness (カンベンして!闇に狙われた街 "Kanbenshite! Yami ni Nerawareta Machi"?), dubbed Cleaning up the City in the Canadian English dub, is the 2nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 2nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa, still in disbelief over what happened the day before, tries getting to know Honoka as the two come to terms with their new responsibilities. Meanwhile, Pisard steals energy from the city.


During class, Nagisa recalls the events of the prior dayFwPC01 and wonders if it was a dream. An election for class representative is held which Honoka wins. A bit later, Nagisa reads from a book to the class, but Mepple disrupts, disproving her dream theory.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard reports to the Evil King that he found the two that escaped from the Garden of Light. The Evil King asks why he doesn't have the Prism Stones with him, so Pisard claims that he experienced some "interference." The Evil King reveals that when he gets his hands on all seven Prism Stones, he will become immortal and be able to conquer the entire universe.

Nagisa pulls out the caretaking cards that arrived with Mepple.

Back at Verone, Nagisa is being threatened by Mepple to feed him, saying that he will haunt her if he dies of starvation. She doesn't have any food on her, but Mepple says that she can use a caretaking card to feed him. He explains that the cards summon inhabitants from the Garden of Light who came along to take care of him. Nagisa swipes the Omp card on Mepple's Card Commune, forming a bubble where he is served by a chef named Omp. Initially, Omp brings out BLT sandwiches, but Mepple selfishly asks for rice with miso soup instead.

In the city, Pisard watches as people go about their lives, noting that while their energy is small individually, they all add up and are powered by emotions, comparing it to a "giant blast furnace." He plans on giving this power to his king.

Nagisa visits Honoka in the science lab, where she demonstrates an experiment making a single piece of candy before breaking apart. Mepple pops out as he senses Mipple nearby, but Honoka tells him that she's sleep, disappointing him. Nagisa tells Mepple that it causes trouble when he speaks in public, so Honoka suggests using the "sleeping card." Nagisa uses the Nelp card to put the resisting Mepple to sleep.

Honoka mentions that Nagisa wanted to talk to her about something, and the latter says that she wants to stop being Pretty Cure. She says her parents wouldn't believe her and that she can't take care of Mepple. However, Honoka sees it as fate and finds it interesting, even the dangerous parts. Suddenly, a soccer ball flies through a window in the lab and breaks it. Nagisa gets angry and goes outside to confront the soccer team, but she becomes flustered when she sees the culprit, the boy she saw at the train station yesterday. His friend calls him "Fuji-P," and they apologize. Nagisa returns the ball and heads back, while Honoka, from the lab window, wonders where her "threatening attitude" went.

At an appliance store, a salesman shows off a vacuum cleaner to Pisard, who hypnotizes him into giving it away for free.

Mepple and Mipple run from the forces of the Dotsuku Zone.

At home, Nagisa agonizes over her feelings when Mepple interrupts to tell her about his home, the Garden of Light. It was a thriving place until evil things began to consume it, sent from the Dotsuku Zone. The Queen and Elder sent Mepple and Mipple to escape along with the two remaining Prism Stones. At Honoka's house, she is told the same story by Mipple, who mentions that they're being targeted for the "stones of life." Her grandmother overhears them and asks who Honoka is talking to, so she lies that she was talking to herself. She then asks Honoka if she had been in the storage shed recently, but she also denies this.

On top of a building, Pisard states that "the show will begin," as he summons a Zakenna to possess his vacuum, commanding it to suck up all the energy. The power begins to go out in the city.

Mepple exclaims that the Dotsuku Zone's forces will attack again, but Nagisa say she's just an ordinary girl. However, when a news report on TV details the ongoing panic, Mepple states that it must be the work of the enemies, urging her to go as Mipple is probably already there. As Nagisa is about to leave, Ryouta asks where she's going, but she puts him into a cobra twist to make him give up on asking.

The girls run through the city, but Nagisa notices her friends Kubota Shiho and Rina stuck in an elevator at the Wakaba City shopping center. They go up to the rooftop and find Pisard, who sends his Zakenna-possessed vacuum to attack them. Mepple tells the girls to transform.

Cure Black is tied up by the elevator cords.

Pisard remarks that it's just like the legend from the Garden of Light, and commands his Zakenna to attack. Cure Black tries to land a kick, but she is pulled in by the suction, before being tossed into the elevator shaft, followed by Cure White. Pisard cuts the cables to send the suspended elevator flying down, so the girls quickly tie the severed cables to themselves and use their bodies to slow the descent. After that, they jump back up to the rooftop to continue the fight.

Pisard orders the Zakenna to attack them again, but a rainbow-colored shield appears to protect the girls as they join hands, giving them the chance to launch their Marble Screw attack. The Zakenna-possessed vacuum is damaged, and Cure Black lands a kick as it turns back to normal. Pisard escapes and overlooks the city returning to normal from afar, commenting on the "power of light" that the girls used.

A defeated Pisard overlooks the city skyline as it regains power.

The next day, Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa about their near-death experience, noting that someone rescued them as they could hear voices "from above," which prompts Nagisa to cut their conversation short and push the girls to school quickly, claiming they're late.

Meanwhile, authorities are still trying to determine the cause of the power outages from the previous day. The salesman from before is selling the same vacuum cleaner used against Pretty Cure, baring the imprint of Cure Black's shoe from her kick.

Major Events

  • The Dotsuku Zone and its Evil King are introduced, as well as his plans for immortality and universal conquest.
    • It's revealed that there are seven Prism Stones in total and that the Dotsuku Zone has five already.
  • The boy on the soccer team that Nagisa is infatuated by, is called "Fuji-P" by his friend.
  • Mepple and Mipple detail the Dotsuku Zone's attack on the Garden of Light, and their escape.
  • The cards used to take care of Mepple and Mipple are shown off.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Give Us a Break! Darkness Invades the City.[1]
  • During the next episode preview for this episode, at the end of the first episode, the girls express shock over the "vacuum monster" (掃除機モンスター Sōjiki monster?).
    • Nagisa then says "this unbelievably SUCKS...right" (掃除機ありえな~い、なんて Sōjiki ariena~i, nante?), before alternating between "vacuum cleaner" (掃除機 Sōjiki?) and "honestly" (正直 Shōjiki?).
  • In the previous episode, Shiho and Rina discuss electing both Nagisa and Honoka as class representatives, however, in this episode, only Honoka, one person, is elected.
  • The four candidates for the class representative election are: Misumi (Nagisa), Yukishiro (Honoka) who wins, Nishizawa, and Takahashi. Honoka wins with eighteen votes.
  • When Nagisa reads to the class, she reads an excerpt from The Grave of Wild Chrysanthemums (野菊の墓 Nogiku no haka?), a classic piece of Japanese literature.[2]
  • Nagisa puts her brother in a cobra twist for the first time.
  • The instrumental of "DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure" plays after the girls safely stop the elevator.
  • The unnamed schoolgirl who pulls out the votes for class representative is voiced by Nishino Yoko.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • One of the students in the election for class president is named Alexis. The blackboard is edited to have the names of: Hannah, Alexis, Jenn, and Malia.
  • Natalie reads the famous "To be or not to be" soliloquy from William Shakespeare's Hamlet to the class.
  • When Mepple asks Nagisa to give him breakfast, she asks if he thinks she's his wife. The dub has Natalie say "personal servant" instead.
  • After Nagisa chides Mepple for being overfamiliar, he calls her "Nagisa-sama, Elder sister Nagisa," and "Princess Nagisa." The dub changes these to "Lady Natalie, Princess Natalie," and "Queen Natalie" respectively.
  • Mepple originally says he's glad to be "born Japanese" when served rice with miso soup, whereas the dub has him say "Bon Appétit" instead.
  • Mepple asks "Wherefore art thou, Mipple?" when sensing her, a reference to a line from Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet.
  • When Natalie explains why she can't "save the world" to Hannah, she says she can't even do her homework on time.
  • When Pisard cuts the elevator's cables, he originally calls it a "present." The dub has Pijard sarcastically ask if anyone's "going down."
  • When the girls return to fight Pijard, Cure Black calls him a "fashion freak."



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