Give Me a Break! A City Targeted by Darkness (カンベンして!闇に狙われた街 "Kanbenshite! Yami ni Nerawareta Machi"?), dubbed Cleaning up the City in the edited English dub, is the 2nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 2nd episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa, still in disbelief over what happened the day before, tries to get to know Honoka and come to terms with their new situation while Pisard once again steals energy from the city.


During class, Nagisa recalls the prior day's events while wondering if it was all a dream. While she is doing this, an election for class representative is being held, of which Honoka wins.

Later in class, Nagisa is called upon to read a passage from a book, but Mepple starts interrupting her thoughts and also the entire class, proving her dream hypothesis wrong.
Nagisa sits

Nagisa depressed about being a Pretty Cure

In the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard reports to the Evil King that he found Mepple and Mipple, but claims that he experienced some 'unexpected interference' before he could find out where they had hidden their Prism Stones. The Evil King reveals that when he gets his hands on all seven Prism Stones, he will be able to keep the darkness from consuming him and become immortal, conquering the entire universe.

Back at Verone, now outside of the classroom, Mepple demands that Nagisa feed him, even threatening to haunt her if he died of starvation. She grudgingly agrees to feed him using one of the care-taking cards on Mepple's Card Commune, summoning Omp to make rice with miso soup for him. After that, Nagisa meets up with Honoka in the lab during one of her experiments. Mepple makes another fuss again, prompting Nagisa to use the care-taking card that summons Nerp so that he can be put to sleep.

Nagisa expresses her grievances about fighting as Pretty Cure, claiming that she doesn't want to continue doing it. However, Honoka finds it interesting and wants to keep doing it. Even knowing about the dangers doesn't deter her one bit.

Suddenly, a soccer ball flies through the window of the room that the girls are in, breaking the glass. Nagisa angrily heads out with the ball to confront the boy who kicked it, only to become instantly smitten the second she sets her sights on the culprit, the boy she saw at Wakabadai Station the other day. His friend calls him 'Fuji-P,' and apologizes on behalf of him. Fuji-P also apologizes to Nagisa, but she gets flustered and walks back inside after returning the soccer ball. Honoka overlooks this, wondering where Nagisa's 'threatening attitude' went.

At home, Nagisa agonizes over her sudden feelings, when Mepple starts telling her about his home, the Garden of Light. It had been a happy place until the Dotsuku Zone came. Fearing annihilation, the Queen sent Mepple and Mipple to the Garden of Rainbows along with the two remaining Prism Stones.

Honoka is told the same story by Mipple. Her grandmother overhears them and begins asking questions, causing Honoka to lie and claim that she was talking to herself.

Meanwhile, Pisard notices how much energy there is in the city, and decides to give the energy to the Evil King. He purchases a powerful vacuum cleaner and fuses it with a Zakenna to suck all energy out of the city.

Mepple feels the dark force and demands Nagisa to help stop it. She is reluctant, but when a news flash shows that the power outages she sees no other option, and goes out to meet up with Honoka, only to notice that her friends, Shiho and Rina, are trapped in an elevator. They head to the top of the building to find Pisard, and, still frustrated over his last loss and suspicious towards the Garden of Light's legendary warriors, he sends the Zakenna to attack them.


Cure Black strapped by a cord.

After the duo transform the Zakenna attacks them and White spins it into the air. Black goes to kick it, but is slowed down by a burst of air which it sucks her in through a current and throws her through a doorway. It then does the same to White, using it's cord.

Seeing that they are only one elevator shaft above Nagisa's friends, the girls attempt to tie the cables around themselves after Pisard cuts the cables to send the shaft flying downward. They manage to slow the fall down until the shaft finally comes to a hault. The girls confront Pisard a new and angrily tell him off. The Zakenna attacks them again but a shield protects the girls, allowing them to use Marble Screw to defeat it and drive Pisard off. Black gives the vacuum a final kick before it returns to normal.

The next day, Shiho and Rina tell Nagisa about their near death experience and rescue. But before they can get suspicious, Nagisa distracts them by pointing out they are running late for school.

The episode ends with authorities trying to determine the cause of the power outages, and the salesman from before, trying to sell the same vacuum cleaner that was possessed by the Zakenna, still bearing the imprint of Black's shoes.

Major Events

  • The Dotsuku Zone is seen for the first time.
  • Fujimura Shougo is properly introduced, as "Fuji-P."
  • The Garden of Light along with Mepple and Mipple's past is revealed.
  • The care-taking cards, specialized for the Card Communes to take care of Mepple and Mipple, are first used in this episode.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Give Us a Break! Darkness Invades the City.
  • During the next episode preview for this episode, at the end of FwPC01, Nagisa and Honoka express shock over the "vacuum monster" (掃除機 モンスター 'Soujiki monster' ?).
    • Nagisa then mistakenly says "this unbelievably SUCKS!" (掃除機 ありえない 何て 'Soujiki arienai nante'?), an unintentional pun of "this is honestly unbelievable!" (正直 ありえない 何て 'Shoujiki arienai nante'?).
      • Nagisa continues to struggle between saying "vacuum cleaner" (掃除機 'Soujiki'?) and "honestly" (正直 'Shoujiki'?).
  • The four candidates for the second-year Sakura class election for class representative are, Misumi (Nagisa), Yukishiro (Honoka) who wins, Nishizawa, and Takahashi.
  • When the Soccer Ball breaks the window of the lab room, it bounces into the room from the opposite side of where the broken window is.
  • As Shiho and Rina talk about being stuck in the elevator, the dark stripes on Nagisa's bow are missing.
  • Nagisa breaks the fourth wall for the first time when she looks into the camera and says "Arienai!".
  • Honoka gets elected as class representative of the second-year Sakura class.
  • This is the first time Nagisa uses her special 'cobra twist' move, on Ryouta.

Dub Edits

  • Natalie says "How did I get into this" where Nagisa says "Arienai" for the first time.
  • The conversation scene with Nagisa and Mepple contains minor changes in its dialogue to better fit an English speaking audience.
    • In Japanese, Mepple demands Nagisa to give him breakfast, whereas in the dub, he says he's dying of starvation and Natalie has to feed him.
    • Nagisa says that she isn't Mepple's wife. Natalie questions if she lookes like his servant.
    • Before being harshly shaken, Mepple calls Nagisa "Nagisa-sama", "Sister Nagisa", and "Nagisa-hime", while in the dub he calls her "Lady Natalie", "Princess Natalie", and "Queen Natalie."
    • Mepple says he's glad to be born Japanese, with Nagisa disbelievingly saying "Yeah, right...". In the dub, he says "Bon Appetite", leaving Natalie to say "Oh, brother."


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