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Beware of the Cute Student Teacher! (イケてる実習生に気をつけろ! "Iketeru Jisshūsei ni ki wo Tsukete!"?), dubbed Who's the New TA? in the Canadian English dub, is the 3rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 3rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


To quickly put an end to Pretty Cure, Pisard infiltrates their school, pretending to be a student teacher.


In the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard tells an impatient Evil King that he is trying to extract energy from the area where Pretty Cure lives, as it is filled with the "power of life." The King, not being presented with this energy, tells Pisard to stop messing around, telling him that he is expendable.

Nagisa flustered.

On the way to school, Nagisa is with Shiho and Rina, thinking to herself about the recent attack by the enemiesFwPC02. She gets distracted thinking about the boy on the soccer team who broke a window at school, only for him to appear behind and run towards her. She gets excited but he runs past her to his friend, who remarks that "Fuji-P" is late. Nagisa gets embarrassed.

The Principal and Vice-Principal look out at the students entering Verone Academy. The Principal remarks that the weather has gotten better this morning, while the Vice-Principal says whatever he thinks will please his superior. The Principal calls him out on this, and he mistakes it for praise. They then remember that the student teachers are to arrive tomorrow.

In the classroom, the 2nd-year Sakura students are given the details for next month's social studies field trip. Their teacher, Ms. Yoshimi, mentions that someone will have to be in charge of planning. Nagisa and her friends discuss the "handsome" student teachers arriving, but Ms. Yoshimi catches her not listening. Nagisa denies this, so Ms. Yoshimi puts her in charge of the trip, only to wonder if the girl can handle it alone, so she asks Honoka to assist in making the trip guides.

After school, Rina brings up her plans to go to the beauty salon. Shiho asks if it's because of the student teachers arriving the next day and considers joining her, while Nagisa says they're getting carried away. Honoka comes by, causing Mepple and Mipple to sense each other and speak. Shiho and Rina hear "strange voices," tracing it to the "matching pouches" Honoka and Nagisa have. The girls brush it off and Honoka uses the field trip as an excuse for them to leave, inviting Nagisa to her house. Shiho and Rina are left noting the two's closeness.

Chuutaro licks Mepple.

On the way home, Nagisa scolds Mepple for being awake, but he denies fault. Nagisa is amazed when they arrive at the Yukishiro residence. Honoka invites her in, as they are greeted by Chuutaro. Nagisa comments on how quiet it is here, with Honoka explaining that her parents work outside of the country, so only she and her grandmother live here at the time. She then excuses herself for a bit, leaving Nagisa and the fairies in her bedroom, allowing them to transform into their normal forms and embrace each other.

When Honoka returns, she brings up the fairies' alternating forms and asks for an explanation. Mepple and Mipple describe their plush-like forms as their "true forms," but in order to conserve energy, they transform into their phone-like forms when outside the Garden of Light. They can stay in their true forms for brief periods. Nagisa comments on their "weird tails," which they explain is where they keep their Prism Stones hidden, the stones of life that hold the power of creation.

The Garden of Light was protected by all seven Prism Stones until the Dotsuku Zone attacked and stole five of them. As a safety measure, the Queen and Elder gave the remaining two stones to Mepple and Mipple, who escaped to the Garden of Rainbows, what they call Earth. If the enemies get their hands on all seven stones, the Garden of Light will be completely destroyed, followed by other worlds. That's why it's the mission of Pretty Cure, the legendary warriors with the power of light, to protect them.

Suddenly, Honoka's grandmother arrives with cookies. She and Nagisa introduce themselves, with Sanae noting that it's been a while since Honoka last brought a friend over. She notices that Honoka and Nagisa have "matching compacts," before leaving.

Pisard overlooks people in the city as he recalls his recent encounters with Pretty Cure.

The next day, a mysterious person enters Verone Academy. One of the teachers recognizes them as a student teacher, surprised as he thought they got sick and couldn't make it. At the introduction ceremony, the mysterious man, revealed to be Pisard in disguise, is called up as Mr. "Kazama Ryuuichi" (風間竜一?). Shiho and even Ms. Yoshimi are infatuated by him. Instead of making a speech, Pisard stays silent, surveying the crowd of girls to locate Pretty Cure, finding Nagisa.

Mr. Kazama and Ms. Yoshimi.

After the ceremony, Mr. Kazama walks with Ms. Yoshimi, who introduces herself as his mentor. Still attracted to him, she asks if he thinks they were destined to meet. He ignores her initially, before hypnotizing her to bring Nagisa to him.

In class, a mind-controlled Ms. Yoshimi asks Nagisa to help her with something outside. The Vice-Principal notices Mr. Kazama outside the classroom and asks what he's doing, only to be frightened away with a glare. After a while, the students notice that their teacher still hasn't returned, prompting Honoka to go check on them.

Ms. Yoshimi leads Nagisa into the gym, only to find Mr. Kazama demanding the Prism Stones from her. She soon realizes who it is, as Pisard changes back to his true form and holds Ms. Yoshimi hostage. Nagisa, not bringing Mepple with her, states that she doesn't have them, but Pisard doesn't believe her. Honoka then shows up, holding both Mepple and Mipple. As Pisard tells Honoka to hand them over, Nagisa tries to run to Ms. Yoshimi, but is stopped and pushed back by Pisard. Mipple tells the two girls to transform, so Honoka throws the half-asleep Mipple over to Nagisa.

Ms. Yoshimi is stopped from being put in danger.

Pisard summons a Zakenna to possess a stack of vaulting boxes, hurling itself at the girls. They then notice the entranced Ms. Yoshimi dangerously walking on the steel frames connected to the ceiling, so they climb after her on a rope. However, several Zakenna-possessed basketballs fly at them. The girls block them until they make it to the top and protect their teacher from harm. Cure White protects them from more flying basketballs while Cure Black safely gets down with Ms. Yoshimi.

Pisard orders another Zakenna to possess the stage curtains, wrapping the three up in fabric before flinging them towards a wall, as Pretty Cure cushion the impact for their teacher. The girls get up and launch their Marble Screw attack at the Zakenna, even catching Pisard in the blast, sending him out of the gym. The remaining Zakenna break down and scatter.

Meanwhile, Shiho wonders what could be keeping their teacher, Nagisa, and Honoka. Rina remarks that they're lucky there's no class.

Back in the gym, the girls wake up Ms. Yoshimi. She is startled and demands to know why they're not in class, but they can't come up with a reasonable excuse. She shoves the two back to the classroom, as they note that she doesn't remember anything.

Major Events

  • Takenouchi Yoshimi, the 2nd-year Sakura class's homeroom and national language teacher, is introduced.
  • Honoka invites Nagisa over to her house for the time, where she meets her dog and grandmother.
  • Mepple and Mipple explain that they take on different forms to conserve energy while in the Garden of Rainbows, what they call Earth. They also explain the Prism Stones to the girls.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Chuutaro is shown to be somewhat aware of Mepple's existence, even licking him.
  • Honoka mentions that a housekeeper used to live with them in the past.
  • Honoka's parents are seen in a photo, but with their faces covered by the light's glare.
  • Dr. Breckston is likely based on the real-life Albert Einstein.
  • Footage of the Garden of Light being invaded is reused from the previous episode.
  • Honoka's grandmother's name is revealed to be Sanae.
  • This is the first of many times in the series where the enemy disguises themselves as someone else.
  • The student teacher that introduces himself before Pisard is named Mr. Yamaguchi Naoto.
  • Ms. Yoshimi is shown to be flirting with Mr. Kazama, stating she finds younger men "adorable." During the next episode preview for this episode, the girls even comment on her attraction to younger men.
    • It should be noted that in episode 39, she gets married to a then-established fiancé.
  • Once Pretty Cure transforms, Pisard says that he will "choke the life out of them" (息の根を止めてある iki no ne wo tomete aru?).

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • Mr. Weaver first remarks that it's a warm day, but later says it's frigid after the Principal sneezes. When asked if it's warm or cold, Mr. Weaver says that it's "whatever [the Principal says] it is."
  • When her friends plan on getting haircuts, Natalie remarks that "trimming off an inch makes all the difference."
  • The nameplate outside Hannah's house is edited to have "Whitehouse" written on it.
  • The dub does not specifically state that Hannah's parents are outside of the country.
  • Dr. Breckston is changed to "Dr. Bromium."
  • For the most part, the dub omits "Mepo" and "Mipo" from Mepple and Mipple's dialogue respectively. However, when Mipple changes forms to conserve energy, she blurts out "Mipo!"
  • The teacher who introduces himself before Pijard is named "Mr. Seymour."
  • Pijard's teacher alias is "Mr. Richard Komodo."
  • After Mr. Komodo leaves, the Principal questions if "that's supposed to be" what Mr. Weaver was like as a young man, with Ms. Woodgrove denying it, rather than be fully distracted.
  • Ms. Yoshimi says that it was fate that brought her and Mr. Kazama to the same school. The dub has Ms. Woodgrove recall when she used to be a trainee, saying it "wasn't that long ago" to imply her youth.
  • As the students note that their teacher is taking a long time to return, someone says that "when the cat's away the mice will play."
  • Pijard says he'll "slip into something more comfortable" when he changes out of his teacher disguise. He holds Ms. Woodgrove hostage, saying that she's "going to learn a very hard lesson."
    • When Pijard points a sharpened fingernail at Ms. Woodgrove, the dub freezes the animation before he pokes at her neck, as a way to tone down the violence.
  • As Pretty Cure and their teacher are wrapped up by the Zakenna, Pijard remarks that it's "curtains for [them]."
  • As the Zakenna break down and scatter, Cure Black says that they're "starting to grow" on her.
  • Shauna jokes if Natalie, Hannah, and their teacher went to Mars, as they haven't returned to the class.


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