Beware of the Cute Student Teacher! (イケてる実習生に気をつけろ! "Iketeru Jisshūsei ni ki wo Tsukete!"?), dubbed Who's the New TA? in the English dub, is the 3rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 3rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.

To quickly put an end to Pretty Cure, Pisard infiltrates their school, pretending to be a substitute teacher.


The episode begins with the impatient Evil King having a discussion with Pisard, who explains that he is trying to extract the energy from the area where Pretty Cure lives in. The Evil King strikes with a flash of lighting, stating that Pisard can easily be replaced and that he better remember this, making Pisard promise that next time he won't fail him.

Meanwhile, at Wakabadai Station, Nagisa is with Shiho and Rina, thinking to herself about how Pisard, a second time, came to try and take Mepple and Mipple. She soon begins to think about the boy on the soccer team who accidentally broke a window at school with a soccer ball kick last time, only for him to suddenly appear behind her. She sees him running towards her, and gets excited, only for him to run past her, as he was actually running towards his friend, who claims that 'Fuji-P' is late. The two boys head off, leaving Nagisa embarrassed.

At Verone Acadamy, the Principal and Vice Principal are discussing how nice the weather is before the Principal asks if the new student teachers will be coming the following day. After this is confirmed, they start chatting about their ages, much to the dismay of the Principal.

In the classroom, the 2nd-year Sakura students are given the itinerary for the field trip coming up next week. Yoshimi mentions that one of the girls will have to be the leader. While thinking this over, Nagisa and her friends are quietly discussing the new student teachers coming, only for Yoshimi to catch Nagisa goofing off. She asks the student if she was fully listening, and the younger girl lies that she did.

Not convinced, Yoshimi decides to put her in charge of the field trip but quickly wonders if she made the right decision, so she chooses Honoka to assist Nagisa with the organization.

Later, having just changed after lacrosse practice, Rina brings up her plans to run home before heading off to her appointment at the hair salon. Shiho asks if it's because of the new student teacher coming the following day and considers joining her, while Nagisa tries to tell them they are getting too excited. Just then, Honoka comes by, causing Mepple and Mipple to wiggle excitedly and try to communicate with each other. Shiho and Rina notice this strange "noise," but Honoka and Nagisa brush it off and quickly run off together, leaving the two non-magical girls confused as to why the duo are "suddenly close" now.

As the two walk home, Nagisa scolds Mepple for waking up and making an outburst in public, to which he replies that he can't "stay asleep that long." They arrive at the Yukishiro household. Honoka invites Nagisa in, and she is greeted by Chuutaro while remarking on how quiet it is inside. Honoka explains that this is because her parents work outside of the country, so it is only her and her grandmother living there at the time. She then excuses herself for a bit, leaving Nagisa and the fairies in her bedroom. Mepple and Mipple transform into their plush-like forms and embrace one another.

When Honoka returns, she brings up the fairies' alternating forms and asks for an explanation. Mepple and Mipple describe their current, plush-like forms as being their true forms and explain that because they must conserve their energy, they often change into cellphone-like compact forms when in the Garden of Rainbows. However, for a small amount of time each day, they can transform back to their true forms. Mepple then goes on to explain the Prism Stones, a set of seven stones with the power of creation, and how their homeland, the Garden of Light was protected by them. But when the Dotsuku Zone attacked, they stole five of them. For safety measures, he and Mipple were given the remaining two and was forced to flee. It is Pretty Cure's mission to protect the holders of the Prism Stones and take back the remaining five.

Suddenly, the story comes to a stop as Honoka's grandmother arrives with cookies. She properly introduces herself to Nagisa and takes a moment to observe the duo, commenting on how nice of a pair they make as she leaves.

Meanwhile, in town, Pisard is observing the townspeople as they unknowingly continue on with their daily lives. Thinking about when he met Nagisa and Honoka a few days earlier, he begins to plot his next move.

The following day, a mysterious stranger wanders the locker area when Mr. Miyashita finds him and ask if he is a student teacher. Surprised, Miyashita tells the stranger that he was told the specific student teacher wouldn't be coming due to a cold, before showing him outside where the introduction ceremony is being held. They introduce the strange man to everyone, but he pays them little to no attention, using the opportunity to scan the crowd in search of the Pretty Cure. While he doesn't notice the attention many of the females including Yoshimi are giving him, he happens to spot Nagisa and recognizes her fairly quickly.

Pisard and Yoshimi

After the assembly, Mr. Kazama, as the man Pisard presented himself as, walks with Yoshimi, who introduces herself to him as his mentor. Her attraction to him soon becomes evident, as she asks if he thinks they were destined to meet. He pays her no mind until realizing he can use her to his advantage, so he hypnotizes her, and asks her to bring Nagisa over to him.

During class, Yoshimi suddenly stops and asks Nagisa to join her. They head towards the gym where Pisard is waiting, only for the Vice Principal to come by and wonder where his students are. He suddenly retreats after the new teacher shoots him a look. When Nagisa arrives at the gym, she sees the teacher from earlier, and he demands the Prism Stones, revealing to have taken Yoshimi captive. He reveals that he cannot guarantee she will be safe if he doesn't get what he wants and Nagisa tries to deny having it, but he doesn't believe her, aiming his sharp nails at Yoshimi.

Suddenly Honoka shows up, holding both Mepple and Mipple. She goes to Yoshimi after Nagisa is knocked down, while Mipple tells her and Nagisa to transform. After doing so, Pisard forms a Zakenna, which proceeds to possess the nearby stack of vaulting horse boxes, and throws itself at them. They barely dodge, but notice Yoshimi is dangerously walking on a high-raised beam connected to the ceiling. They grab onto some nearby ropes and climb up to where Yoshimi is, but a group of Zakenna-possessed basketballs comes flying towards them. Black blocks one out of the way, and the duo makes it to the top and protect Yoshimi from any further harm.

As Black holds Yoshimi, White protects them from more flying basketballs but ends up taking one to the gut, temporarily disabling her. She continues to swat the rest of the way while Black safely gets down with Yoshimi.

While Nagisa climbs down with their teacher, Honoka defends them from the basketballs but ends up taking one to the stomach, temporarily disabling her. As they reach the floor, Pisard orders another Zakenna to possess the nearby stage curtains, wrapping Pretty Cure and Yoshimi in cloth, before throwing them against a wall.

They reach the floor as the Zakenna possesses the stage curtains and they spring to life, wrapping the three in cloth before throwing them at a wall. Now angered, the duo uses Marble Screw on the Zakenna, but the beam also hits Pisard and blows him back. The three Zakenna turn into little black stars and run away.

Nagisa flustered-0

Nagisa flustered

Meanwhile, back in class, Shiho remarks that Honoka, Nagisa, and their teacher have been gone for some time now. But Rina doesn't really care since she's just happy class isn't going on at the time.

Back in the gym, Nagisa and Honoka try to wake up Yoshimi. She is startled and demands to know why they're not in class, but Honoka's dodgy attempts to make an excuse without revealing the truth causes her to believe they were trying to skip class. As she is pushing them back to the room where the class is waiting, Honoka quietly remarks on her sudden amnesia to Nagisa as the episode ends.

Major Events

  • Honoka invites Nagisa over to her house for the time.
  • We learn that Mepple and Mipple have different forms so they can conserve energy while in the Garden of Rainbows.





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first of many times in the series where the enemy disguises themselves as someone else.
  • Chuutarou licks Mepple in his Card Commune, showing that he is somewhat aware of his existence.
  • Honoka mentions that a "housekeeper" used to live with her and Sanae in the past.
  • Pisard's disguise name while in his human form is 'Mr. Kazama Yuuichi'.
    • In the dub, his alias is 'Mr. Richard Komodo'.
  • Honoka's parents are seen in a photo, but with their faces covered.
  • Several Zakenna possesses several items in this episode.
  • Ms. Yoshimi is shown to be hitting on Mr. Yuuichi, stating that it was fate that made them work together, as well as finding younger men 'adorable.' It should be noted that in FwPC39, she eventually gets married to a then-established boyfriend. 
  • Dr. Breckston is likely based off the real Albert Einstein.
    • In the dub, his name is changed to Dr. Bromium.


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