A Miracle!? The Living Art Museum (ミラクル!?生きている美術館 "Mirakuru!? Ikiteiru Bijutsukan"?), dubbed Mystery At The Museum in the edited English dub, is the 4th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 4th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


During their class trip to the museum, the girls get to know a shy classmate who admires Nagisa.


Nagisa laments that ever since she met Mepple and Mipple, who escaped with the two remaining Prism Stones from the Garden of Light, they've continuously had to fight Pisard. As she thinks about wanting to enjoy her normal school life again, Yoshimi calls out to her, while Nagisa is still deep in thought.

It is revealed that Nagisa and Honoka's class is taking a bus to the Art Museum. The Principal and Vice-Principal also tag along, as the former is interested in "observing the arts" with the students. On the way there, Nagisa and Honoka are presenting the travel guide they made to the class, detailing that they will be visiting an exhibition of European art. Shiho and Rina chat amongst themselves about the handmade guidebook, noting that Honoka provided the text while Nagisa provided the crude drawings, causing them to giggle. An annoyed Nagisa tells them to be quiet.

FwPC04 Mayu hair looks like Nagisa

Mayu styled her hair similar to Nagisa's.

As the bus pulls in to the destination, a girl raises her hand to recommend a painting in the exhibit by an obscure artist named Mario Piccalini. The girl is revealed to be a member of the school's art club, explaining her artistic knowledge. The girl, whose name is Mayu Kashiwada, is noticed by Rina to have a different hairstyle than usual. Shiho adds that Mayu's hair is very similar to Nagisa's own, to which Mayu responds that she tried to emulate Nagisa as an admirer. She worries if she insulted Nagisa, but to the contrary, as Nagisa mentions her hair looks better on Mayu, and Honoka even calling it cute.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard is threatened with death by the Evil King if he does not bring back the Prism Stones this time. He is then ridiculed by the other enshrouded members of the Zone, who call him weak and say that he should give up.

The tour begins at the museum, and right away, Nagisa struggles to answer the art questions her classmates have about certain paintings. Mepple starts to act up from within her pocket, causing Nagisa to run into another room to get away from the others as Honoka joins her. Once reunited in private, Mepple and Mipple transform into their normal forms to embrace each other as the girls scold them, only to stop when Nagisa accidentally bumps a statue and breaks the arm. She hurriedly tries to attach it but she ends up putting it on the wrong way.

FwPC04 Stardust Banquet

The girls look at Piccalini's "Stardust Banquet," which invokes nostalgia for Mipple.

Meanwhile, Mipple notices a painting that gives her a nostalgic feeling, as she is depicted in it coming down to Earth for the first time. In disbelief, the girls ask how this is possible given that the painting is one hundred years old, to which Mipple explains how one hundred years have passed since she arrived at the Garden of Rainbows. She had been passed from person to person until eventually waking up in the Yukishiro's storage shed. Mepple notes that he had left the Garden of Light one day after Mipple did, and the latter notes that the time flow between the Garden of Light and Garden of Rainbows, being different worlds, is also different. This means that one hundred years on Earth is equivalent to a day passing in their homeworld.

Suddenly, Mayu walks in on the girls, forcing Mepple and Mipple to quickly change back into Card Commune form. She notices the painting the girls were looking at as a piece done by Piccalini, the one she mentioned earlier called "Stardust Banquet," among other works of his. She details how one night, Piccalini was staring at the night sky amidst a meteor shower. He makes a wish on one of the shooting stars, which happens to be Mipple's Card Commune descending onto the Earth, clocking him in the head. As Mayu explains it, upon picking up this "shooting star," he discovered a newfound talent in artistic skills. Mayu notes that looking at Piccalini's paintings gives her a sense of courage.  

Sometime later, the field trip is wrapping up and the class is preparing to depart when Shiho points out that Mayu isn't with them. Nagisa and Honoka rush back inside to find her, thinking that she probably lost track of time. After the girls leave, Pisard appears outside of the bus, petrifying those inside to stone. He notes that "the two" he's looking for are not on the bus. 

FwPC04 Pisard face off with girls

The girls encounter Pisard in the museum.

Mayu stayed behind at the Piccalini exhibit, attempting to sketch out the painting she detailed to the girls earlier. The Vice-Principal and Principal are also still inside when they mention they should be leaving shortly, but Pisard suddenly shows up and begins petrifying more people into stone. He mistakes Mayu from the back for Nagisa, given her hairstyle, and traps her in one of Piccalini's paintings. The girls arrive to find Pisard with Mayu's sketchbook dropped on the floor, asking what he did to her. He summons the power of the Zakenna to bring to life several museum exhibits, including knights and an elephant. The girls dodge the monsters after them before finding space to transform into Pretty Cure. 

Once transformed, the girls are chased by a wave of rushing water released from a nearby painting, before getting swept up in it. The girls try to swim when a giant sea serpent comes after them, only to continue to be swept by the water into a larger room of the museum, where Pisard waits for them. He forms a tornado with the stone people he petrified earlier, telling the girls that if they damage the "statues," it'll also affect the original people inside them. 

FwPC04 - Pretty Cure closes their eyes

Pretty Cure closes their eyes to locate Pisard's "evil heart."

Mepple notes that if they defeat Pisard, the dark power will disappear alongside him. The girls try to fight, but the tornado of stone people gets in their way, causing hesitation. Mipple tells the girls to close their eyes and "feel" out Pisard's "evil heart," which they hone in on with the Marble Screw attack, avoiding all the stone people and targeting Pisard as he tries to escape. The left-behind Zakenna break down, returning the stone people to normal.

The girls wonder where Mayu is, as she hadn't returned alongside the other people. They panic when they see her in the "Stardust Banquet" painting, sitting next to Piccalini while watching the starry sky, only to find her waking up behind them in-person, now noticing that she's no longer inside the painting. Mayu doesn't remember what happened except for the dream she had of stargazing alongside Piccalini. As the girls head back to the bus, it's revealed that the art tool depicted in Piccalini's painting has "Mayu" written on it.

Once the class has left the museum, two men are admiring an "original sculpture" that is revealed to be the very same one that Nagisa attempted to fix earlier.

Major Events

  • Pisard is shown to be with a group of Dotsuku Zone minions called the "Dark Five" in external material.[1]
    • It also implies he is the weakest of them all.
  • Mipple reveals she came to Earth 100 years ago, but the time in the Garden of Light between her departure and Mepple's was one day.
    • Furthermore, Mipple arrived in Italy where she was traded around for a century prior to Honoka discovering her.





Secondary Characters

Dub Edits


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is A Miracle?! A Living Museum.[2]
  • The European art exhibit includes works by famous real-life artists such as Leonardo da Vinci, Édouard Manet, Edgar Degas, and Pierre-Auguste Renoir.
  • When Honoka and Nagisa think about how "old" Mipple actually is, they both imagine a fantasy sequence. While Honoka thinks about a more scientific and mathematical approach, Nagisa imagines herself in traditional Japanese fisherman gear, riding on a turtle down to the bottom of the ocean.
    • This is a reference to the Japanese fairy tale "Urashima Taro," where the titular fisherman is taken to the bottom of the sea, then comes back to land, only to learn that a century has passed since he was underwater for what he thought was a "short time."[3] Both this and the Garden of Light and Rainbow's temporal differences can be considered examples of the scientific concept "time dilation" implied by Honoka.
  • Kiriya is referred to by name in this episode for the first time, though he will not play a major role until laterFwPC13.
  • Two unnamed schoolgirls on the class trip are voiced by Kigawa Eriko and Nishino Yoko.


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  2. Kids Central TV listing for Saturday, April 22, 2006.

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