Serious Trouble! A Desperate Pisard (マジヤバ!捨て身のピーサード "Majiyaba! Sutemi no Pīsādo"?), dubbed Is It Over Yet? in the edited English dub, is the 5th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 5th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.

A desparate Pisard is given his final chance to defeat Pretty Cure and he attempts to separate the girls.


Mepple begins to compliment Nagisa on her looks as she gets dressed for the day, in order to goad her into giving him breakfast. She summons Omp on the Card Commune, who gives Mepple his 'Kitsune Udon' after two failed attempts with Natto and Rice Omelette.

Nagisa calls him spoiled, but Mepple prefers to be labeled a 'domineering husband' instead, future husband to Mipple.

In the Dotsuku Zone, Pisard pleads with the Evil King to give him a final chance to defeat Pretty Cure. The Evil King is very upset by all of Pisard's failures but agrees to give him one more chance. He walks past a conference table where the other villains are discussing who will go next. Their lack of respect and condescending tone causes him to grow further angered.

Mepple requests to be taken to Honoka's house so that he can see Mipple, demanding Nagisa to do so. He continues to compliment Nagisa more, trying to get on her good side again, but to little effect this time. When Mepple makes fun of Nagisa for not having a boyfriend, the soccer player from before just happens to pass by. Nagisa says hello, and introduces herself as the girl who brought back the soccer ball the other day at schoolFwPC02. He thanks her, and explains that he's on his way to a practice game, even though it's Sunday. After he goes on, Mepple continues to tease Nagisa, who states that she doesn't even known the boy's name, just that he's an upperclassman.

Nagisa finally enters the Yukishiro household, where Honoka, Mipple, and Chuutaro have come out to greet them. The girls and their respective fairies go to a nearby park, and sit down while Mepple and Mipple play on the playground equipment.

Nagisa and Honoka are hanging out together, talking about boyfriends. Neither girls have one, despite Nagisa receiving love letters from other girls and Honoka being the eye of affection for many boys at school. Suddenly, Mepple and Mipple notice a dangerous presence coming by. The girls think it's Pisard, but it turns out to be two older teens who have taken an affection to them. The two boys try to grab the girls, but Honoka tells them off, scaring them, and prompting Nagisa to pull her away from the park.

The girls start to get hungry, and discuss where they should eat. Honoka makes fun of Nagisa for listing foods that end in '-yaki', giving Nagisa an idea to take her out for some takoyaki. Nagisa introduces Honoka to Fujita Akane for the first time, a former lacrosse player at Verone and now-owner of the Tako Cafe.

Honoka lends Nagisa a handkerchief and after finishing their food, they head off to the mall. Nagisa despite not having any money, tries on some clothes. After that, the two girls part ways. Mipple notices on the way back that Pisard is following Honoka, and she runs to a currently unoccupied construction site where Pisard demands she hands over the Prism Stone that Mipple has. Pisard manages to get Mipple away from Honoka but she refuses to give up.

As this is going on, a worried Nagisa and Mepple grow concerned after they head back to the Yukishiro household to return her handkerchief and find out she's not home. Wondering what happened to her, Nagisa begins to search by first visiting places Honoka likes, such as the library but to no luck.

Eventually she manages to find her just as Pisard prepares to attack Honoka. He hands over Mipple though, deciding to play fairly and allows the girls to transform. They take a moment to wonder what seems different about today but waste no time to transform. A fight soon follows.

After a long battle, Cure Black and Cure White defeat Pisard once and for all with Marble Screw. Pisard returns to the darkness, and leaves behind the Emerald Prism Stone. Unfortunately, Nagisa believes that this is only the beginning of their troubles.

Major Events

  • Pisard is defeated for the final time and returns to the darkness from where he came.
  • Nagisa and Honoka start to bond after spending time together, but there is a rift over their clear differences that will be explored in a later episode.
  • The other villains from the Dotsuku Zone make their first appearance.
  • Fujita Akane makes her first appearance





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Totally Nasty! The Desperate Pisard.
  • The scenes where Nagisa and Honoka swipe their cards to transform and Cure White does a flip are re-used for episode 11.
  • Akane is shown to be conscious about her age, refusing to state or make reference to it.
  • Mepple states that he plans to get married to Mipple.
  • This is the first episode of the season not to have a Zakenna appear.
  • On the way to lunch, Mepple warns of a 'dangerous presence' nearby. It turns out to be two older teens who are trying to hit on Nagisa and Honoka for romantic purposes, only to be scared away by the latter. In the English dub, the context surrounding this altercation was changed so that the two boys claimed the park to be their 'turf' or property, prompting them to try and force the girls out.
  • 'DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure' has its instrumental played during the part where Pretty Cure launches their Marble Screw attack against Pisard.


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