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A New Darkness! The Bear in the Dangerous Forest (新たな闇!危険な森のクマさん "Aratana Yami! Kiken na Mori no Kuma-san"?), dubbed Mountains, Ogres and Bears in the edited English Dub, is the 6th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 6th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With the first Prism Stone in their possession, the girls go to the forest in search of the Prism Hopish to protect the stones, but will they find it before a new enemy strikes? 


At Honoka's house, the girls wonder what to do with the Emerald Prism Stone they just obtainedFwPC05. Mipple tells them to place it in the Prism Hopish, a device from the Queen of the Garden of Light that contains the Stone Guardian who protects the Prism Stones. Mepple was supposed to have brought the Prism Hopish with him when he left, however, he confesses that he dropped it somewhere in the Garden of Rainbows upon arriving. Mipple is in shock and screams at him.

At the library, the girls try to jog Mepple's memory of where he lost the Prism Hopish through the use of maps. Mipple yells at him to remember, causing a commotion that other people notice. Mepple recalls dropping the item by a pool of water, so both girls pull out books depicting several lakes, but he is unsure if any of those could be the one. An impatient Mipple makes another outburst, causing Nagisa to fall and knock over a pile of books. One book that falls in front of Mepple depicts a body of water he claims is the correct one, known as "Mt. Kappa Calabash Pond" (河童山瓢箪池 Kappa-yama Hyoutan-ike?).

Mt. Kappa Calabash Pond.

As Nagisa gets ready to go out, her mother worries for her safety and wonders why she's is suddenly "going hiking" now. The group set out, with Nagisa and Mipple both complaining about the inconvenience. Mipple doubts if Mipple can actually detect something as small as the Prism Hopish nearby. As they look at the gourd-shaped pond from above, Nagisa missteps and falls off the mountain ledge with Honoka holding onto her. Both girls tumble downwards until Nagisa grabs a branch attached to a cliff that holds them in place, before it snaps off, causing them to land in a tree somehow unscathed.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, the villains discuss the failure of Pisard. Gekidrago volunteers to go next to defeat Pretty Cure with the Evil King's permission, who mentions that the heroes have reclaimed a Prism Stone from them, so they must retrieve it and the others.

As the group continues their search, Nagisa asks Mepple if he feels anything by now, but he has fallen asleep. Mipple wonders if having a boyfriend like him is such a good idea, only to suddenly take it back as Mepple wakes up and claims to feel something nearby. Honoka spots a baby bear on a log that is pushed downstream by the current. Nagisa says they have to help it, but Honoka is unsure how. The former suggests jumping across the rocks on the river, so she hands Mepple over to Honoka to try. Nagisa dangerously makes her way across the rocks, only to slip on the last one and land on the log the bear cub is on. Honoka, running alongside the log as it drifts downstream, asks if Nagisa can't swim, which she confirms. The log then hits a rock in the middle of the river, throwing Nagisa and the bear cub onto it, who are kept safe from the rushing water.

Nagisa with the bear cub she saved.

As Nagisa and the bear cub get back to land, Honoka scolds her for being so reckless but admits that's just like her. They release the baby bear and watch as it runs off to rejoin its mother. Nearby, Gekidrago enters the Garden of Rainbows at the same forest where the girls are, knocking down trees until he comes across the bear family that Nagisa had helped.

Right by the pond, the group searches for the Prism Hopish using a crudely-drawn reference provided by Mepple. The girls hear noise coming from the deep in the forest as something approaches. The bear cub runs out, followed by Gekidrago riding on top of a Zakenna-possessed bear. They chase after the group, prompting Mepple to tell them to transform, but Nagisa says it's impossible while they're on the run. Gekidrago and the Zakenna rush past them and continue through and up several rock formations, giving the girls enough time to transform into Pretty Cure.

Gekidrago and the Zakenna return to and charge at the girls from above, causing them to jump and spin out of the way. In the air, Cure Black tries to kick the Zakenna, who swats her away. Gekidrago tries to punch Cure White, but she manages to flip him away instead. As the Zakenna slowly closes in on Pretty Cure, the bear cub comes out of hiding to confront it, even as the Zakenna gets ready to swipe at it. Cure White notices that the Zakenna has the same forehead marking the mother bear had, meaning they're the same. Cure Black dives in to save the cub from being attacked.

Pretty Cure performs "Rainbow Therapy" for the first time.

The girls are chased with the cub in tow. As they cross a rickety bridge to the other side, the weight of the following Gekidrago causes the bridge to break and have him plummet into the ravine below. The girls continue running, but the Zakenna leaps over the gap where the bridge used to be, cornering them. The girls wonder how to change her back, so Mipple suggests the "Rainbow Therapy" technique, which purifies hearts possessed by evil, leaving the bear unharmed. They say the incantation and perform the move, expelling the Zakenna and turning the bear back to normal.

Gekidrago suddenly appears from the ground, ready to fight with the girls again. Angered with how he used the mother bear, the girls unleash their Marble Screw attack and send him flying into several rocks that trap him inside. As the girls check to make sure he won't cause any more trouble, the Prism Hopish falls and hits Cure Black on the head.

The empty Prism Hopish is set down.

After saying goodbye to the mother bear and her cub, the girls place the Prism Stone they recently acquired into the Prism Hopish, which lights up and summons a small cloaked being who refers to himself as the Stone Guardian who protects the Prism Stones. He thanks the girls for returning one of the stones by giving them a Pretty Cure Notebook, which no one but them can see what they write. He then says to use his card if they need to call upon him again, transforming into it. Mepple swoons over the Stone Guardian, while Mepple is jealous.

Later that night, Gekidrago manages to escape from his stone prison, a bit confused. The next day, Nagisa on the commute to school notes that her muscles are sore from her "hiking trip."

Major Events

  • Gekidrago begins his attack on Pretty Cure.
  • The Prism Hopish is found after being dropped by Mepple upon his arrival in the Garden of Rainbows.
  • The Guardian of the Prism Stones makes his first appearance, and he gives the girls "Pretty Cure Notebooks" that are important in a later episodeFwPC08.
  • Pretty Cure's "Rainbow Therapy" purification technique is used for the first time.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is A New Menace! The Savage Bear in The Woods.[1]
  • Part of the episode's title, "The Bear in the [...] Woods" (森のクマさん Mori no Kuma-san?) is a reference to a children's song by the same name in Japanese. In English, it is more well known as "The Other Day I Met a Bear."[2]
  • The books the group go through are: several world maps, "The Fuji Five Lakes" (富士五湖 Fuji goko?), "The Lakes of Japan" (日本の湖 Nihon no mizu'umi?), and a "Kanto Atlas" (関東地図帳 Kantō chizuchū?).
  • Mepple is shown two incorrect lakes before being shown the correct one. The one Honoka shows him is labeled Motoyama Lake (本山湖 Motoyama-ko?), while the one Nagisa pulls up is labeled Kyouhama Lake (挟浜湖 Kyōhama-ko?).
  • The book with the correct body of water is titled "Yamanashi Atlas" (山梨地図帳 Yamanashi chizuchū?), possibly referring to the real-life Yamanashi Prefecture in Japan, known for its mountainous terrain.[3]
  • As Mepple claims to sense the Prism Hopish nearby, Honoka recalls that the last time he sensed something, it was those boys that flirted with them in the previous episode.
  • As Nagisa and the bear cub are quickly washed down the rushing river, she mentions that she can't swim.
    • More specifically, she says she swims like "tonkachi" (とんかち?), a colloquialism for a hammer. Honoka corrects her with "kanazuchi" (金槌?), meaning a metal hammer, which is used in a figurative manner similar to "sink like a stone."[4]
  • Before handing the Pretty Cure Notebook to the girls, the Stone Guardian mistakenly gives them a manga volume with the title "Futari mo PuriPuri" (ふたりもプリプリ?), a parody of this season's title, "Futari wa PreCure" (ふたりはプリキュア?). The author is even listed as Todo Izumi, the pseudonym of the creator of the Pretty Cure franchise.
  • The bear cub is voiced by Sakamoto Chika.

Dub Edits

  • The lake the girls go to is called "Green Calabash Lake."
  • When Ryan says there's no point getting worried about his sister, he adds that maybe she'll get "lost for good."
  • Natalie and Mipple complain about getting lost in the mountains rather than just being outside.
  • Kirea makes fun of Pijard for getting defeated by "a couple of girls" rather than kids.
  • After the Evil King tells him to smash the girls, but not the stones, Gekidrago replies "Right, boss" instead of making a grunting noise.
  • Hannah asks Natalie if she can't swim, which she confirms. Hannah then says she should have thought of that before jumping in the river rather than correct her phrasing. The cub pushes its foot on Natalie's face, who tells it to "cut [its] nails."
  • When Hannah scolds Natalie for being reckless, she says that Natalie's mom "would have killed [her]" if something happened.
  • When Gekidrago first arrives in the Garden of Rainbows, he doesn't "see what the big deal is" rather than note how hard it is to walk there.
  • When Gekidrago falls into the ravine, he calls for his mommy.
  • The bear cub is voiced by Annika Odegard.


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