A Bitter Lacrosse Battle! A Young Girl's Heart is Super Delicate! (熱闘ラクロス!乙女心は超ビミョー! "Nettō Rakurosu! Otomegokoro wa Chō Bimiyō!"?), dubbed Lacrossed Wires in the edited English Dub, is the 7th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 7th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With her duties as Cure Black and being apart of the school lacrosse team, Nagisa has a lot on her mind. However, when she sees her crush alongside Honoka, she loses focus.


A distracted Nagisa deflects the lacrosse ball in time.

During an afternoon practice of lacrosse with her team, Nagisa thinks about the recent events regarding her duties as Pretty CureFwPC06. She brushes it off, focusing on the league matches that start tomorrow. Shiho warns Nagisa as the ball flies towards her, which she deflects in time. As she goes to retrieve it, Honoka picks up the ball, wishing Nagisa good luck as she'll be attending tomorrow's game. Nagisa promises to show Honoka her best.

The next day, Verone Academy's lacrosse team is pitted against their longtime rivals at Otakagu Girls' Junior High. The Vice-Principal expects Verone's team to win against their opponents. Shiho and Rina are a bit annoyed at how he talks to them, but Nagisa tells them to instead focus on the match like normal.

Nagisa notices Honoka sitting in the stands, but as she calls out to her, she notices her soccer player crush taking a seat next to Honoka, displaying some sort of familiarity as the two greet each other. This shocks Nagisa, who wonders what they're doing together, but tries to focus on the game. In the stands, Fuji-P is impressed by how Nagisa is the lacrosse team's ace despite being a second-year junior high student. He comments on how Nagisa's athleticism makes her an "unusual type of friend" for Honoka, who is slightly surprised at the prospect of her and Nagisa being friends, insisting it's more like a "mysterious relationship" instead.

As the game starts, Nagisa tries to concentrate but misses the ball when it's passed to her from Yumiko, an upperclassman who's the team captain. The ball then falls into the net of one of the opposing team's players, before being passed around to finally score a point against Verone's own goal.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King expresses his disappointment in Gekidrago, noting that the Prism Stone once held by Pisard has now disappeared. He tells Gekidrago to think of ways to use the Zakenna.

Back at the game, things continue to get worse for Verone, as Nagisa leaps into the air to attempt a shot at the goal, but instead hits the rim. More mistakes happen until the match ends with Verone losing, much to the disappointment of everyone. Nagisa apologizes to Yumiko, who knows that she'll do better tomorrow. Nagisa then notices that Honoka and her crush have already left.

Nagisa upset after her team's loss.

As Nagisa exits the stadium, Honoka runs up to her, expressing her condolences as well as bringing Mipple to meet Mepple. Honoka asks if Nagisa is alright, but she assures her it's nothing, so Honoka promises to attend tomorrow's game. Nagisa starts to ask about the person that was with her in the stands, before taking it back.

Later that night, at home, Ryouta tries to sneak up on Nagisa with her lacrosse stick, but she catches him. He comments on her loss, saying that there's more to youth than just lacrosse, such as studying or falling in love, before mocking her for not being good at either. An angered Nagisa grabs him.

The next day, Nagisa arrives at the stadium late. She finds her friends worriedly staring at their opponents, Kakutokandai Junior High School, a team of toughly-built girls who look much older than they are. The Vice-Principal tells the girls that if Verone loses this match, they will be eliminated in preliminaries, and singles out Nagisa for her poor performance the other day. As Nagisa starts to warm up, she notices that Honoka is in the stands by herself this time.

In the stands, Mipple tells Honoka that she senses a disturbance closing in, which they see out towards the street as Gekidrago approaches. They leave the stadium grounds to prevent him from harming others and interfering with the match. Honoka diverts Gekidrago away to another stadium, this one unoccupied. At the same time, Mepple shakes vigorously from within Nagisa's sports bag, telling her that he doesn't sense Mipple nearby. Nagisa also notices that Honoka has disappeared from the stands, so she tries to sneak off, but the Vice-Prinicpal follows after her. As the game is about to start, Shiho and Rina can't find Nagisa anywhere, with Yumiko saying that they'll have to play without her.

The Vice-Principal notices Nagisa sneaking off from the game.

Gekidrago corners Honoka until Nagisa arrives for both of them to transform into Pretty Cure. The fight begins but is quickly cut off by the Vice-Principal's intrusion, who asks what the two are doing in a restricted area. Gekidrago remembers his king's words and uses the Zakenna to possess the Vice-Principal. Although the Zakenna-possessed Vice-Principal begins to attack the girls, he stops to scold them as if he still were a human. He goes on about being underappreciated by everyone, which Gekidrago finds amusing enough to leisurely sit down and watch from the back. The Zakenna then singles out Cure Black (Nagisa) for not taking off her dirty shoes while in the school, which even disgusts Cure White.

Back at the game, Kakutokandai is leading Verone, but Yumiko assures everyone that she believes Nagisa will come back soon.

The Zakenna-possessed Vice-Principal continues to air his grievances at the girls while crying, stating that he wants to become Principal someday. He then changes his attention to Gekidrago, chewing him out for his posture, before the brute punches his own creation away. This gives Pretty Cure an opportunity to aim a Marble Screw attack at Gekidrago, pushing him all the way back into the ocean. The Zakenna follow suit by breaking down and giving up control of the Vice-Principal.  

The girls change back to their civilian clothes and run back towards the stadium where the match is currently being held. On the way there, Nagisa asks more about the guy Honoka sat with yesterday, to which the latter asks if she meant "Fujimura-kun." Honoka describes him as a childhood friend and sort of like an older brother, which relieves Nagisa for the time being, as she heads back to the game.  

About thirteen minutes remain in the game as Nagisa arrives back, much to the annoyance but also relief of her teammates. Verone is down one point compared to Kakutokandai, so they can still win this. Nagisa subs in and enters the game.  

Nagisa's team wins the game.

Unlike the previous day, Verone is able to play much more strategically this time around, with Nagisa running ahead enough to avoid being blocked off by the opposing team's players, as her own teammates pass the ball around before it eventually ends up in Nagisa's stick, which allows her to score a goal that ties Verone and Kakutokandai at 5:5. With about 30 seconds left on the clock, Rina passes the ball to Yumiko, who then passes it to Nagisa, who catches it but is soon surrounded by the opposing team. She makes another aerial goal shot, this time succeeding to win the match for Verone.  

Meanwhile, back at the unoccupied stadium, the Vice-Principal who was left behind had slept through the entire match.  

Later that evening, Gekidrago remains in the ocean floating on his back as a seagull is perched on his chest before flying away.  

Major Events

  • It's implied by the Evil King that when the Prism Stone is placed in the Prism Hopish, its trace "disappears."
  • Nagisa learns that her crush "Fujimura" is Honoka's childhood friend.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Get Fired Up For Lacrosse! The Delicate Heart of a Girl.[1]
  • This is the first episode in which a human is transformed into a Zakenna.
    • This is also one of the few times in which a Zakenna is able to speak multiple words of dialogue besides its own name.
  • When possessed by a Zakenna, the Vice-Principal claims that he's been disparaged even by his own wife.
  • Fuji-P's family name is first revealed.
  • Footage from the first episode is reused when Nagisa leaps into the air to score the winning shot against Kakutokandai.
  • Several unnamed characters are listed with voice roles in the credits.
    • A player on Verone's team is voiced by Nakayama Rieko.
    • A player on Otakagu's team is voiced by Yoshimoto Rieko.
    • A random schoolgirl is voiced by Katsura Yurika.

Dub Edits

  • Otakagu Girls' Junior High is renamed "Otag Junior High."
  • Nickie states that the tournament is a "round-robin" structure and if they win one match, they'll advance to the quarterfinals.
  • As Rina and the others discuss the pressure put on them by Mr. Weaver, she says that he'll "probably give [them] detention" if they lose.
  • Hannah says Natalie is "scholarship material" when it comes to sports. Fergie comments on how unusual their friendship seems, with Hannah noting that their different personalities provide a "unique friendship."
  • Kakutokandai Junior High is renamed "Killarney Junior High." Natalie remarks that the girls look like they can eat them, with Rina comparing them to football players.
  • Originally the Zakenna chews out Nagisa for not taking off and putting away her outside shoes, creating a mess. The dub changes the context slightly, as shoe etiquette is different in the west, to Natalie forgetting to wipe her feet and tracking mud. The Zakenna also remarks that "school would be better without any students."
  • As the Zakenna turns to Gekidrago, rather than focus on his posture, he asks if he has a hall pass.


  • Just before the girls on the lacrosse team do a pre-game cheer before the match against Otakagu, several of their sticks lack the netting.


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