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The end of Pretty Cure! Isn't it too soon!? (プリキュア解散!ぶっちゃけ早すぎ!? "Purikyua Kaisan! Bucchake Hayasugi!?"?), dubbed The Pretty Cure Breakup in the edited English dub, is the 8th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 8th episode of the Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka's well-meaning gesture to help Nagisa get to know Fuji-P goes wrong and causes the girls to get into a fight, possibly ending their relationship as Pretty Cure.


Nagisa and her friends stand by a window at Verone Academy during their lunch break. Shiho and Rina talk about cakes and dieting, while Nagisa reflects on her duties as Pretty Cure. She then observes Fuji-P and Honoka walking together on the other side of the school, recalling that she just learned the two were childhood friendsFwPC07. Shiho yells at her for not paying attention, catching her off-guard.

Nagisa falls in Rina's hands.

In class, Honoka reads from a book. Nagisa stares at her, growing more worried about her relationship with Fuji-P, feeling inferior in comparison. Nagisa notes that if she were a boy, Honoka would be the type of girl she'd be attracted to. Ms. Yoshimi catches Nagisa not paying attention, as her friends note that she's been acting strangely.

Nagisa is about to talk to Honoka in the restroom when Mepple and Mipple pop out to greet each other. Nagisa scolds Mepple, but he notes that she's in love too, and whispers who her crush is to Mipple. Honoka asks if there was something she wanted to talk about, but Nagisa brushes it off and grabs Mepple to leave.

Later, at the Yukishiro residence, Mipple enjoys a meal prepared by Omp while she thinks of Mepple. She asks Honoka if she has someone she likes, but she denies this. Mipple says she must be lonely, which Honoka also denies, given she enjoys studying and the science club. Mipple notes that Nagisa is different, as Mepple told her she has a crush on Fuji-P. Just then, Honoka's grandmother brings some tea, and asks about Nagisa, commenting on how such a good friend she is to Honoka, before leaving.

Nagisa rolls around in her room, worrying about the two childhood friends. Ryouta barges in to borrow her CD, only to get a pillow thrown at his face for not bothering to knock first. He makes a snide remark about how she won't get a boyfriend acting like that, angering her to put him in a cobra twist.

The next morning, a tired Nagisa waits at a crosswalk outside Wakabadai Station. She is surprised to see Honoka call out to her, alongside Fuji-P. He says that the light has turned green, so Nagisa joins the two as they walk to school. Fuji-P and Honoka discuss matters regarding the student council, with the boy complaining that it digs into his soccer practice, with Honoka teasing him for focusing on soccer before anything else, as always. An envious Nagisa glances at Fuji-P, only for Honoka to notice, reminded that she hasn't properly introduced the two to each other yet. Fuji-P introduces himself as Fujimura Shougo, a third-year boys' student at Verone. Honoka adds that everyone calls him "Fuji-P," much to his dismay over such a childish nickname. At that moment, Kimata, a friend and teammate of his, runs up to and calls him "Fuji-P."

Fuji-P, Honoka, and Nagisa.

Honoka is glad to have introduced Nagisa to Fuji-P, knowing how she wanted to talk to him for a while. Nagisa is embarrassed and runs off from the group with Honoka chasing after her. The girls arrive in an open grassy field, where Honoka asks if she did anything wrong. Nagisa accuses Honoka of doing things in a way that seems "right" to only herself, calling her insensitive and meddlesome without understanding her own feelings. Nagisa exclaims that she and Honoka are only just Pretty Cure, rather than friends. This deeply hurts Honoka, who agrees that she might have gone too far, before heading off by herself. Nagisa instantly regrets her behavior.

Later that day in school, the mood is somber. Nagisa, Shiho, and Rina sit on the rooftop during their lunch break. Shiho again notices that Nagisa is spacing out, so he presses her on what's wrong. Honoka arrives on the roof to find Nagisa and the others already there, so she quickly turns away. Rina wonders if the two had a fight, which Nagisa confirms.

At the end of school, Nagisa is at her shoe locker when Honoka calls out to her. Rina and Shiho leave to give them space, but let Nagisa know that she can always talk to them. Honoka apologizes for what happened earlier that morning. She hands over Mipple's Card Commune and claims that she doesn't deserve it if she continues to hurt Nagisa's feelings, adding that the duty of Pretty Cure is suited for people who can trust each other, before running off.

In Nagisa's room, Mepple yells at her over what had happened while they were asleep, with Mipple adding that she should make up with Honoka. Unsure of what to do, Nagisa tries to do her homework. Mipple suggests she use her Pretty Cure Notebook that the Stone Guardian gave them earlierFwPC06 to write out what she truly feels, given that only those with the power of the Garden of Light are able to read it. Nagisa writes "I can't believe this" (ありえない Arienai?) multiple times in the notebook, to the frustration of Mipple. Meanwhile, Honoka realizes she forgot to return her own Pretty Cure Notebook to Mipple.

Honoka gives up on the duty of Pretty Cure, saying that Nagisa deserves better.

The next day, Nagisa says good morning to Honoka at school, who responds before quickly heading off. Nagisa tries a few times to initiate a conversation with Honoka during the school day but gets similarly turned down each attempt.

Out of options, Nagisa on the way back from school throws a five-yen coin into a nearby shrine, praying that she'll be able to make up with Honoka the next day. She's soon attacked by a set of large vines. Honoka, walking by the same shrine, overhears a scream from Nagisa, and rushes in.

Nagisa is left dangling upside-down by the vines, dropping all her belongings including Mepple and Mipple onto the ground. Honoka arrives, only for a vine to hit her from behind. She tries to block with her bag, but it rips open and spills its contents as she is knocked back. The vines are revealed to belong to a Zakenna-possessed tree that Gekidrago has merged with, who grab ahold of Mepple and Mipple, but Nagisa strikes with her lacrosse stick, causing them to let go and have the Card Communes fall towards Honoka. The immobile Nagisa tells her to throw Mepple towards her but becomes impatient when Honoka has to focus on the enemies' attacks, telling her to not dawdle. A frustrated Honoka leaps into the air to pass Mepple into Nagisa's hand. The girls are able to transform with Nagisa freed from the enemies' grasp.

With the girls transformed into Pretty Cure, Cure White takes offense to Cure Black saying that she was "dawdling" earlier, but Cure Black tries to brush it off. Cure White continues that she doesn't think everything she does is correct, an accusation made by Nagisa yesterday. Cure Black initially says that this isn't the time to argue, but Cure White insists they talk, so Cure Black says it's just like an "honor student" to think that way. Gekidrago gets angry over being ignored and attacks, but the girls effortlessly dodge, as they concede that they're totally different from each other. The girls then take their anger out on the interrupting Gekidrago with a Marble Screw attack. The girls are relieved, only to turn away from each other, pick up their belongings and go home.

That evening, Honoka's grandmother asks what's wrong, so she talks about the fight with Nagisa over their differences. Sanae notes that whether they "match" is not as important so long as Honoka remains true to herself in what she thinks is right for a person she cares about. Meanwhile, at Nagisa's house, her mother asks what's wrong as the two wash dishes. Nagisa laments how she tried to apologize but got angry again. Her mother states that people usually only fight with those they care about, and just then, to prove her point, both Nagisa and her mother tell a nearby Ryouta to be quiet, as he loudly laughs at a gag manga.

Honoka returns Nagisa's notebook to her, wanting to make up for their fight.

Honoka realizes that the Pretty Cure Notebook she took home belongs to Nagisa, meaning she had accidentally taken Honoka's as well. Both girls open each other's notebooks to read their thoughts and realize how sorry they are for treating each other poorly, that despite their differences, they still want to get to know each other more and become friends. They can't stand the thought of being distant like this forever.

The next day, at the same open field where they'd originally fought, the girls find each other. Honoka returns the notebook she mistook, calling Nagisa by her given name. This makes Nagisa smile, who grabs Honoka's hand and returns the favor, as the two happily run off to school together.

Major Events

  • Nagisa is formally introduced to Fujimura Shougo.
  • The Pretty Cure Notebooks given to the girls by the Stone Guardian are used for the first time.
  • Nagisa and Honoka start going by a given name basis instead of by surname, officially starting their friendship.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Pretty Cure Splits Up?! Already?![1]
  • When Honoka reads from the book to the class, she recites an opening excerpt from The Pillow Book by Sei Shonagon, a classic piece of literature from the Heian era of Japan.[2]
  • After Honoka arrives home from school for the first time in this episode, Mepple eats several meals prepared by Omp. The first is okonomiyaki, a type of Japanese pancake with a traditional mobile food stand set up, followed by a fruit parfait alongside a bowl of fruit on a table.
  • Kimata, a friend and soccer teammate of Fuji-P's who has shown up several times in the season so far, finally has his name revealed in this episode.
  • When Fuji-P gets annoyed at Kimata for calling him "Fuji-P," the latter wonders why he's so angry in the morning, attributing it to a calcium deficiency. He tells him to eat more "dried baby sardines" (煮干し Niboshi?), a Japanese delicacy rich in calcium. He then mentions milk.
  • Gekidrago is shown to be able to fuse with his own Zakenna for the first time.
  • As the girls transform into Pretty Cure, Nagisa is somehow freed from Gekidrago and the Zakenna's grasp, standing right-side up next to Honoka.
  • The instrumental of "DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure" plays when Pretty Cure dodges Gekidrago and his Zakenna's attacks.
  • The shrine where Nagisa prays is named after the "Three Jewels" (三宝 Sanbō?), a Buddhist concept referring to the Buddha, dharma, and sangha.[3]
  • Honoka is said to write mostly in kanji, which is why Nagisa has trouble reading her writing.
  • Honoka learns from Nagisa's notebook several of her traits.
    • Nagisa likes chocolate cake, moving her body, the smell of grass, sunny days, and friends.
    • Nagisa dislikes onions, rainy days, fighting, and finds studying to be boring.
    • Nagisa also jokes that her socks are smelly, which becomes an important point in a later episodeFwPC20.
  • In the foreground, when Nagisa and her mother are talking about Honoka, Ryouta is reading several types of manga.
    • First, Ryouta is reading a scary manga titled "The Curse of the Ghost from the Water Well" (井戸幽霊の呪い Ido yūrei no noroi?), shaking in fear.
    • Second, Ryouta is reading a "tear-jerker" manga titled "Ah! Cat" (あ〜ネコ A~Neko?) about a cat named "Mikan."
    • Lastly, Ryouta is reading a gag manga titled "Uproar, Clam-kun" (爆笑はまぐり君 Bakushō Hamaguri-kun?), causing him to laugh loudly much to his family's dismay.
  • This is the only episode of the entire franchise to be directed by Igarashi Takuya, who is known for his work on Sailor Moon and Ojamajo Doremi.
  • During the duo's crossover appearance in episode 22 of HUGtto! Pretty Cure, several shots from Nagisa and Honoka's fight in this episode reappear as a flashback after they saw Emiru having a fight with Ruru, reminiscing on the similar situations.

Dub Edits

  • Shauna and Rina's beginning conversation is about finding a recipe for Tex-Mex popcorn, having a sleepover that weekend, renting a movie, making friendship bracelets, Rina's sister getting "new threads," and something about a dance class.
  • Hannah recites William Shakespeare's Sonnet 18 to the class.[4]
  • When discussing how Natalie seems out of it, Shauna calls her "Pod Person Nat."
  • After Natalie puts Ryan in a cobra twist, instead of calling for his mom, he tries to appease his sister by saying she's a "great girl and any guy would be lucky to date [her]."
  • Fergie finds his nickname to be "dorky."
  • Kossner asks a grouchy Fergie if he woke up on the wrong side of the bed, and tells him to eat breakfast to keep up his strength.
  • At the shrine, Mepple originally mocks Nagisa for relying on a "request to God," which the dub secularized to "relying on wishes." The five-yen coin is changed to a nickel.
  • Natalie calls Hannah a "slowpoke" for not quickly throwing Mepple to her, which Hannah takes offense to, only to be told it's just a saying.
  • When Cure Black brings up that the other had been avoiding her all day at school, Cure White retorts that she wasn't ready to communicate until now.
  • In her writing, instead of sharing how she feels about chocolate cake and onions, Natalie introduces herself, saying that her friends call her "Nat."
    • She also writes that she "loves playing on freshly-cut grass," instead of separately listing her love of moving her body and the smell of grass.
  • Natalie remarks that Hannah writes using "ten-dollar words."
  • At the end of this episode, Natalie tells Hannah to call her "Nat," signifying their friendship similar to the original's given name basis.


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