The end of Pretty Cure! Isn't it too soon!? (プリキュア解散!ぶっちゃけ早すぎ!? "Purikyua Kaisan! Bucchake Hayasugi!?"?), dubbed The Pretty Cure Breakup in the edited English dub, is the 8th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 8th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka's well-meaning gesture to help Nagisa get to know Fujimura goes terribly wrong and the girls get into a fight- effectively ending both their friendship and Pretty Cure.



Nagisa falls in Rina's hands

Nagisa is with Shiho and Rina, discussing where to get the best cakes from in town. They discuss a cafe with good strawberry cake, or a hotel Shiho visited with really good chocolate cake that has caramel mousse inside. But Nagisa has her mind on other things and thinks about the trouble Gekidrago caused the other day.

She spots Fujimura Shougo, and Honoka together across the street walking together she is quick to snap out of it while observing them, wondering if she has anything to worry about. She recalls how Honoka claimed they were just friends, but they appear to be really close. In this moment Nagisa gets distracted, causing Rina and Shiho to realize she isn't listening after she falls.

During a reading session in class, Nagisa continues to think about Fujimura and Honoka. She ends up concluding that if she were a boy, she would probably be into girls like Honoka. She accidentally says that out loud, and gets caught by the teacher, who asks her to read the next part. Rina mentions that she hasn't been acting normal lately, to which Shiho agrees.

Later, Nagisa and Honoka are both in the bathroom. The former wants to talk to the latter about Fujimura, but they are interupted by Mepple and Mipple, who come out and receive scoldings for not bothering to check before transforming. Mepple claims that Nagisa doesn't understand the feelings of being in love, and whispers what he meant to Mipple, only for Nagisa to yell at him. Honoka interrupts them, asking what Nagisa wanted to talk to her about in the first place. Nagisa who is focusing on grabbing Mepple, states that it wasn't really anything important to begin with.

Later that evening, Mipple is in the middle of eating dinner when Honoka begins to ask her about her relationship with Mepple. Mipple explains how she waited a very long time for him, so now she's only faithful to him. Then, she asks Honoka if she likes anyone. Honoka claims she isn't really into dating at the time, then Mipple brings up how Nagisa has been highly concerned about someone named "Fuji-P-mipo", but before Honoka can continue, her grandmother arrives with some tea. As Sanae goes to leave, she asks about Nagisa before voicing that she is happy that Honoka has a friend like her. 

Meanwhile, at Nagisa's, she is trying to convince herself not to worry but she can't help it. As she rolls back and forth on the floor, her brother comes in to ask if he can borrow her CD when he sees her rolling around. She throws her pillow at him and scolds him for not bothering to knock, so in response he claims this is why she doesn't have a boyfriend yet. Angered, Nagisa gets up and attacks her brother until he calls for their mom.

Nagisa, Honoka and Fujimura

That following morning, Nagisa, who is half asleep, stands by the streetlight waiting for the signal to change. She hears someone call for her, and looks to find Honoka and Fujimura walking towards her. This prompts Nagisa to wonder if they really are just friends, while they cross the street. Suddenly shy, Nagisa goes silent while Fujimura discusses his inability to focus on anything else except for soccer. Honoka happens to spot Nagisa looking at him, but upon doing so Nagisa is quick to look away, and Honoka realizes she never introduced them yet and attempts to do so. Fujimura states that he is a third-year in the boys division of Verone.

Honoka is scolded by Fujimura for calling him 'Fuji-P', but just then Kimata interrupts and calls Fujimura the same nickname also. Happy to finally have introduced her friends, Honoka admits to Fujimura that Nagisa has been wanting to speak to him, hoping it would help her out. This accidentally flusters Nagisa instead, and she storms off in a huff. Curiously, Honoka separates from Fujimura and trails behind Nagisa wondering what she did wrong. Instead of answering directly, Nagisa accuses her of being insensitive and meddlesome, but Honoka tries to explain she was only trying to help her. Nagisa responds by yelling at Honoka and claiming they aren't even friends, shocking both girls and causing them to go silent. As Nagisa immediately feels regret for her cruel behavior she can only stand and watch as Honoka leaves.

That following afternoon in class, both girls are unable to focus and feel sad after what happened. This continues during lunch, with Nagisa's friends noticing that she isn't even eating and start to demand what the problem is. Suddenly Honoka appears, but when she spots Nagisa she quickly turns away to leave, and witnessing this, Shiho wonders if something happened. Rina is able to deduce they got into a fight, to which Nagisa confirms her suspicion.

As school ends, Shiho and Rina try to speak to Nagisa while she changes shoes. Suddenly Honoka shows up and asks to speak to Nagisa privately. Before they take off, Shiho and Rina assure Nagisa that she can confide in them if she feels the need. After they take off, Honoka starts by apologizing for what happened that morning before taking out her Card Commune and handing it over. She has decided that someone like her isn't meant to be a Pretty Cure, and she doesn't want to hurt Nagisa again. She also points out that people who can trust each other are better suited for it and runs off after handing over Mipple.

Sadly Nagisa heads home as Mepple yells at her, demanding to know what caused the rift between the two girls. As Nagisa ignores him and looks through her items, she pulls out the notebook Wisdom had given to the two of them recently. Mipple wants Nagisa to make up with Honoka, and Mepple continues to scold her before Mipple suggests that Nagisa should write her true feelings in the notebook. Only those with the power from the Garden of Light can read it, so it will be private. Nagisa decides to try it, but finds herself only writing "I can't believe this. [TL note: 'Arienai,' her catchphrase]" almost ten times before Mipple finally scolds her.

Meanwhile, Honoka also finds the notebook and sits down, stating that she will have to return it to Mipple then following day.

The next morning at school, Nagisa approaches Honoka and greets her in hopes of making amends. Honoka responds, but quickly runs away from her. Nagisa tries again and asks to eat lunch together, but Honoka claims to have a meeting with the student body at that moment. During cleaning duty at the end of the school day, Nagisa offers to help Honoka with the trash, but the latter insists she can carry it on her own. With no other options, Nagisa attempts to pray to God at a shrine in town, with Mepple telling her it isn't enough. But suddenly, Gekidrago appears.

Hearing Nagisa nearby, Honoka runs to the sight to find her tangled up by the villain. She is suddenly hit and sent flying back, with the impact tearing a large hole in her backpack and causing several books and items to fly out of it. With quick thinking, Nagisa uses her Lacrosse stick to make the tree Zakenna release the Card Communes and Honoka catches them. Nagisa asks Honoka to throw Mepple over to her, but the former is currently entangled upside-down by the tree Zakenna's roots. Nagisa tells her off for being slow, only for Honoka to aggressively state that she is doing her best, and manages to pass Mepple over to Nagisa.

They transform, but to Black's surprise, White takes a moment to tell her off instead, about being called 'slow.' Black attempts to explain it was only a figure of speech, telling White not to nitpick. White then states that she doesn't 'always think she's right,' prompting Black to state that now is not the time to be arguing about such things. White insists that they talk it over, with Black rubbing salt in the wound by claiming that it's just like a model student to think that their situation can be resolved by just 'talking it over.' Just then, Gekidrago/Zakenna interrupts claiming that he is being ignored. Black and White dodge, but they are still arguing. Black claims that they are complete opposites after all, with White in agreement.

Gekidrago/Zakenna tries to attack, but the already-peeved Pretty Cure tell him not to interrupt, which actually catches him off-guard. The girls use Marble Screw to blast him away, basking in victory, only to coldly push away each other. Both girls grab their stuff, and leave the shrine.

That evening, Honoka is talking with her grandmother about their fight. While her Grandmother can understand their sadness and frustrations, she claims they don't have to match each other to be friends, as long as they do what is right.

The same thing occurs at Nagisa's as she brings up what happened to her mother while they work on dinner. She feels badly for what she did, and her mother points out that people usually only fight with those they care about. Then, both Nagisa and her mother scold Ryouta for laughing really loud at a gag manga during their conversation.

Honoka goes over the diary entry she wrote earlier but realizes that she picked up the wrong one. She hurriedly shuts it to avoid invading Nagisa's privacy, but out of curiosity slowly opens it to take a peak and see how much she agonized over what happened. Nagisa is also shown doing the same, and in this time the girls realize they both messed up and start understanding each other better.

The following morning, both girls end up at the same crossing where they first started fighting. They agree to swap the diaries, but before either one of them can make an excuse to leave, Nagisa quickly grabs Honoka's hand. They call each other by their given-name, and run off towards school together.

Major Events

  • Nagisa is formally introduced to Fujimura Shougo.
  • The notebooks given to them by Wisdom is used for the first time.
  • Nagisa and Honoka start going by a given-name basis, rather than calling each other by their surnames. Thus, their friendship officially starts.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Pretty Cure Splits Up?! Already?!
  • A fight much like this one appears in Suite Pretty Cure.
    • Also to note, a fight like this also occurs in Ojamajo Doremi and is solved the same way, having the girls share their feelings through a notebook and the other girl finding it.
  • Mipple knew Fujimura's nickname before Nagisa did.
  • This is the first time a Dotsuku Zone villain fuses with a Zakenna.
  • Honoka is said to write mostly in Kanji, which is why Nagisa has trouble reading her handwriting.
  • Nagisa is said to love the smell of grass and sunny days, but hates onions and fighting.
    • She also notes that her socks are smelly, this will become an important point in FwPC20.
  • In the foreground, when Nagisa and her mother are talking about Honoka, Ryouta is reading several types of manga.
    • First, Ryouta is reading a scary manga, shaking in fear as he reads.
    • Second, Ryouta is reading a 'tear-jerker' manga about a cat, crying as he reads.
    • Lastly, Ryouta is reading a gag manga, laughing out loud as he reads, and also causing his family members to scold him for such.
  • During the duo's crossover appearance in HuPC22, several shots from Nagisa and Honoka's fight in this episode reappear as a flashback after they saw Emiru having a fight with Ruru, which was then followed by Nagisa telling Honoka that they went through something pretty similar before.


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