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Give Him Back! The Great Mepo Mepo Strategy (取り返せ!メポメポ大作戦 "Torikaese! Mepo Mepo Daisakusen"?), dubbed Get Him Back! Operation Rescue! in the Canadian English dub, is the 9th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 9th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mepple gets taken away from Nagisa after she gets caught talking to him during school. In order to get him back, she and Honoka must find a way into the school after hours, a job easier said than done with the Vice-Principal and Gekidrago lurking.


Nagisa focusing on her looks for a special someone.

Nagisa reflects on how she recently had a fight with Honoka over a misunderstanding where they were trying too hard to be nice to each otherFwPC08. Now that the two made up, Nagisa is glad she can consider Honoka a "real friend," and that she's sure Honoka feels the same way. As this occurs, Nagisa is getting dressed for school, with Mepple noting that she's lately been more self-conscious about her looks. He tricks her into admitting that she's been focusing on her looks for Fuji-P, causing the two to argue loudly, which Ryouta overhears from outside and gets confused over why his sister is "talking to herself."

Annoyed, Nagisa shuts the Card Commune and refuses to give Mepple breakfast, to which he protests, saying that he hasn't been feeling well this morning, but she doesn't listen. At the breakfast table, Nagisa is stared at by her brother and mother, who worry if she's been acting strange lately. Nagisa pays this no mind as she heads off for school, with Mepple again complaining that he's not feeling well, only for her to brush it off saying that she won't be tricked by him again.

As Nagisa arrives at school, Kubota Shiho and Rina tell her about the math pop quiz the class next door had yesterday, leaving the girls to panic given that they have math first today. Shiho sees Honoka arriving and wishes she could be one of the "honor students," to which Nagisa also notices and greets Honoka by her given name. This shocks Shiho and Rina, who pull Nagisa aside to ask about her sudden amiable relationship with Honoka. Nagisa doesn't have time to answer as she heads off to class with Honoka, who isn't worried about the math quiz like the rest. In class, as the test is being administered, Mepple wakes up and calls out to Nagisa, who promises to him that she'll feed him during the break after the test.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, Gekidrago and a bald, cloaked man are seen before the Evil King who tells them that they do not have unlimited time in ensuring his immortality with the seven Prism Stones. The mysterious man tells Gekidrago to bring Mepple and Mipple to the Zone unharmed, as they will know the hidden location of the stones.

The Vice-Principal confiscates Nagisa's Card Commune.

Back at school, it's about 9:30 AM when Nagisa leaves the classroom after the test, reeling over how she doesn't study seriously. She opens the Card Commune to see Mepple feverishly red, realizing he wasn't lying earlier. Just as she's figuring out what to do, the Card Commune gets confiscated by the Vice-Principal, who claims that "cell phones" are not a necessity for school, before walking off. At the same time, Honoka arrives to ask Nagisa what's wrong.

The girls secretly observe the Vice-Principal in his office placing the Card Commune in a box of other confiscated goods. Nagisa notes that Mepple looked really sick, to which Mipple notes that they can use the Palp card to make him feel better, as the two Garden of Light denizens have had trouble adjusting to the stress and environment of the Garden of Rainbows. Mipple urges the girls to heal Mepple as soon as possible before things get worse. Nagisa feels a sense of regret for treating him poorly earlier that day. She enters the Vice-Principal's office, pleading with him to return the confiscated item to her given its importance, to which he replies that she shouldn't have brought an unnecessary item to school given the policies in place. He then tells her to head back to class as the bell rings. Honoka later tries asking Yoshimi but the teacher agreed with the Vice-Principal's actions.

The girls sneak into the Drama Club's storage room to get some disguises, allowing Nagisa to pass herself off as a ramen shop worker collecting the empty bowls left by the teachers. She gets distracted by one of her teachers who mentions that she did poorly on the test, causing her to get caught by the Vice-Principal, who tells her that he did not eat any ramen so there wouldn't be any bowls here, redirecting her to the break room kitchen where they might be. Nagisa tries again with a deliveryman costume only to be rejected the same way.

Later that day, the discouraged girls tell Akane at her takoyaki stand what happened, who notes that the Vice-Principal confiscates all sorts of items to cover up his manga addiction, which he picked up after reading the books he originally confiscated from the students, staying in the office late to read it all. Akane, who knows the Vice-Principal from her time in Verone Academy and had her own stuff confiscated by him, notes that it would be too suspicious if he only collected manga, so he confiscates other items as well, including Nagisa's "cell phone." Akane also notices that Nagisa and Honoka are going by a given name basis now, asking if something happened to cause their sudden closeness before leaving to tend to another customer.

Akane says that Vice-Principal Kometsuki developed a secret love for manga after reading the ones he confiscated from the students.

That afternoon, the girls sneak back to school, and just as Akane said, find the Vice-Principal cooped up in his office to read the confiscated manga. Honoka mentions hiding somewhere to wait for him to go home so they can safely retrieve it. While in hiding, Nagisa notes how despite fighting with Mepple every day, she worries for and misses him now that he's gone, with Honoka adding such is the case of "mysterious encounters." Nagisa wonders if they'll have more, even with those they don't want to encounter such as the Dotsuku Zone. Meanwhile, the sky around Verone Academy suddenly gets shrouded with black clouds.

The Vice-Principal finishes his batch of manga and is about to head off for the day, only to notice that Nagisa's "cell phone" doesn't open up properly. Curious, he takes it with him to inspect at home, noticing its warmth. Meanwhile, a mysterious light emits from the nearby science lab. He notices in the hallway a strange figure in the distance, trying to call out to it, awakening Honoka in their hiding spot. The strange figure turns to the Vice-Principal, revealing itself as one of the anatomy models, scaring him and altering the girls. They notice the model taking Mepple's Card Commune off the unconscious Vice-Principal, but are frightened and run away as it starts chasing after them. The model manages to catch up to the girls, but they run into the shoe rack area, splitting off with a cupboard in between them that the model runs into, falling apart.

Still running outside, the girls realize that they need to retrieve Mepple, only for a voice to catch their attention. They look at the school's "Statue of Tomorrow" only to notice Gekidrago in its place, who jumps down to reveal that he has possession of Mepple. The legs of the anatomy model start running towards them, while the girls note that without Mepple's Card Commune they can't transform together. Mipple senses that Mepple's fever is worsening, which even Gekidrago feels through his hand as "getting hot." Nagisa pleads with Gekidrago, saying that Mepple is sick and if anything happens to him, it would be his responsibility. He remembers being ordered to bring back the fairies unharmed and realizes it's a bad situation, to which Nagisa says that she can heal him if he gives Mepple to her. He does and soon realizes he was tricked as Honoka remarks they can transform now. Gekidrago calls forth his Zakenna, the moving anatomy model from earlier, which has now grown larger in size as it bursts through the school, split between its upper and lower body halves. He orders it to stomp on the girls, but it ends up stomping on him, giving the girls time to transform.

Gekidrago as the "Statue of Tomorrow."

Cure White notices Cure Black is sweating profusely, which is revealed to be caused by her link with the fevered Mepple. Gekidrago pushes the Zakenna's lower body off of him but is met with a Marble Screw attack by the girls, sending him back, which releases the Zakenna from the anatomy model and restores the school to normal. The girls waste no time in using the Palp card on Mepple, summoning a nurse to inject a shot into his behind, instantly making him feel better despite his reluctance.

The girls then run back inside the school to check on the Vice-Principal, who remembers the moving anatomy model, but Nagisa plays it off as him reading too much "confiscated manga" and getting confused, to which he asks how they know that, with Honoka adding that they won't tell anyone. Nagisa holds up her Card Commune to him, which he remembers and confiscates it from her, only to be told that it's an important charm that she and Honoka both have, asking if he could return it to her. He notes that if it's a charm, it probably won't interfere with their studies, but tells her not to bring it out again, or speak about his manga addiction, before handing it back to Nagisa.

The next morning, Mepple is feeling much better but hasn't forgotten Nagisa's refusal to give him breakfast the other day. Nagisa asks how could he still hold that grudge after all she did for him and felt remorse, only for Mepple to claim that he has forgotten about it. As this is going on, both Ryouta and their mom are listening to the conversation from outside Nagisa's bedroom, convinced that she's talking loudly to herself. As Nagisa frustratingly leaves the bedroom, she notices her eavesdroppers and gets embarrassed.

Major Events

  • Nagisa and Honoka's friendship and familiarity start to become noticed by others.
  • The Palp Card makes her first appearance, as the girls learn that Mepple and Mipple can get sick while in the Garden of Rainbows.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Akane provides the revelation of the Vice-Principal's actual name, Kometsuki (米槻?), in this episode.
  • When the girls tell Akane about what had happened, she says "that was some bad luck" (そりゃ運が悪かったね Sorya UN ga warukatta ne?), to which Nagisa replies "it sucks" (うん UN?) in agreement, before noting that her situation wasn't meant to be made into a joke or wordplay.
  • Technically, this is the only Zakenna summoned by Gekidrago that isn't an actual living organism.
    • However since it is based on a model of the human body, it technically could count as one.
  • When Gekidrago makes his presence known to the girls outside the school, Nagisa notes the Zakenna that just chased them out, which he takes credit for, saying "That's right'na" (そうじゃけえな Sou jakee'na?), an attempt at wordplay with "Zakenna" that falls flat with the girls.
  • Several shots are shown in the "Next Episode Preview" after FwPC08 that go unused in the actual episode.
    • The scenes where Nagisa and Honoka are running away from the Zakenna-possessed anatomy model in school have the lights on, whereas, in the actual episode, they are off.
    • A shot of the Vice-Principal's box of confiscated manga depicts more detail over what kinds of books he has. One book is the fourth volume of "Pretty" by Nishiyama Ryouko, another is the second volume of an unidentifiable series by Todo Mizuho (a possible reference to the collective name of Pretty Cure's creators, Todo Izumi), and the last is the fifteenth volume of "[...]Together" by Yuki.
      • In addition, there's a cameo by Majo Rika from Ojamajo Doremi, another of Todo Izumi's works, on one of the unnamed books.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • When she and Shauna confused Natalie and Hannah's sudden friendship, Rina brings up that Natalie barely talked to Hannah before and now she's calling her "Nat."


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