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Honoka Explodes! A Wonderful Birthday (ほのか炸裂!素敵な誕生日 "Honoka no Sakuretsu! Sutekina Tanjōbi"?), dubbed Birthday Heist in the Canadian English dub, is the 10th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 10th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka is taken captive during the trip to the Jewelry Store on her Birthday. 


Nagisa brings Mepple to see Mipple, as a way to make up for neglecting his health.

To make up for neglecting his health in the previous episode, Nagisa takes Mepple to Honoka's house so he can hang out with Mipple. Soon enough, Nagisa and Mepple start arguing again, with the latter insulting her for not having a boyfriend and then returning to his Card Commune.

Honoka picks up a phone call from her dad, who's arriving the next day at the airport in Narita. She tells Nagisa that her mom and dad are arriving back to Japan, not having seen them for about a year. Honoka explains that her parents are art dealers, traveling the world to buy and sell works of art as well as jewelry, which is why they're always busy. She notes that every year on her birthday they take the time to come back. Nagisa leaves, thinking about a present to give to Honoka the next day.

The next morning, Honoka and her grandmother arrive at the airport, where Honoka spots her parents arriving with a baggage trolley full of presents. They run over to squish and fawn over how much she's grown since the last time. The parents show all the gifts they brought back for Honoka, only to panic when she asks how it'll all fit in a taxi. Honoka's grandmother suggests a home delivery service and insists the three go out to have fun while she heads back to prepare dinner.

Meanwhile, Nagisa realizes she only has 18 yen in her savings, which is not enough to buy anything. She asks her mother for an advance on her allowance, only to be reminded that she's already advanced half a year. Nagisa turns to Ryouta, who also refuses, and gets attacked by her.

Honoka's parents ask her where she would like to go, only to suddenly get a call from an insistent jeweler who requests a meeting with the two. Despite her parents' objections, Honoka insists that they should attend this important meeting first and have fun afterward. She is brought along to wait in the jewelry store's showroom while her parents make the deal in the back. Mipple states that she's hungry, and Honoka leaves to find a secluded area to feed her.

Honoka allows her parents to go to the meeting at the jewelry store.

Outside, Nagisa passes by the same jewelry store, noticing a beautiful piece of jewelry in the window that she claims would suit Honoka, only to be discouraged by its high price tag. Mepple states that gifts come from the heart rather than money, which inspires Nagisa and she rushes off, unaware of three masked men entering the jewelry store.  

The men approach the woman at the door, the leader threatening her with what appears to be a firearm sticking out from under his clothes. The emergency lock system initiates and traps everyone inside as the robbers finish tying up everyone and stuffing them into the backroom alongside Honoka's parents.  

The robbers reenter the front showroom and take off their masks, gloating about how easy the heist was, revealing that they used a pointed finger to act as a real weapon. Honoka walks back into the showroom at that moment. Confused, she asks the men who they are, not believing at first that they're actual robbers. She then asks why they're robbing the store, to which they simply explain their need for money though a quick method such as obtaining expensive items, which infuriates Honoka as she barks at the men to sit down, and they comply out of instinct. She says it's selfish of them to steal for quick wealth when there are those such as her parents who work hard while not getting as rich. The men feel some remorse, but the leader notes that they also used to be hard-working people as she described. Before anything else could be said, Gekidrago breaks into the store by pulling up one of the emergency barriers. 

Back at the Misumi apartment, Nagisa notes that Kubota Shiho lent her one of her silver accessory kits, planning on making one for Honoka.  

Gekidrago puts the barrier back down once he enters the store, and confronts Honoka over the Prism Stones, which she claims is hidden among the many gemstones in the showroom, challenging him to find them. This buys her some time to try and find a way to contact Nagisa. 

Nagisa finishes her first attempt at accessory-making, molding hers after Mepple and Mipple, but the former states that it looks nothing like them at all, causing Nagisa to try and remake it.  

Honoka's dad, still tied up, stands on top of a box to try and put his face through a crossed window, asking the bystanders outside to call the police.

Gekidrago demands the Prism Stones.

As Gekidrago continues looking through each individual piece of jewelry, Honoka notes that the store's phone doesn't work, which one of the robbers takes credit for, as they had cut the line beforehand. The regretful leader reflects on the hardships they've been through, such as the president of the company they used to work for abandoning them with the debt once it went bankrupt, and how only bad things have happened to them despite everything. Honoka tells them to not give up hope, that her parents told her "life is made up of half-good and half-bad times," and if they've only been having bad times so far, then that just leaves the good times ahead. Just then, the police and news crew arrive on the scene, which gives Honoka an idea, but she distracts the men by asking them to search for ways to escape.

Nagisa's second attempt goes much better, as she finishes polishing and painting Honoka's present, and heads out to give it to her, only to hesitate after realizing she's spending the day with her parents. She instead goes to the living room and turns on the TV to suddenly see a news broadcast of a jewelry store robbery in the area, which she recognizes as the store she visited earlier that day. Nagisa notices in the display behind one of the mannequins what appears to be Mipple, which Mepple confirms. Nagisa realizes Honoka must be in trouble, just as Gekidrago realizes he was tricked.

Nagisa arrives at the exterior of the crime scene but is refused entry by the police. She overhears them talking about the ventilation system providing a way into the locked store, which is only big enough for a child such as herself to go through.

Gekidrago confronts Honoka, but the robbers stand in front of her, only to be easily flicked away by the brute. Just as he corners Honoka, Nagisa arrives in time, kicking the vent grille into Gekidrago's face, sending him back. The girls waste no time transforming.

Pretty Cure and Gekidrago fight for a bit, only to be interrupted by a piece of the building falling on the latter's head, giving the girls time to initiate their Marble Screw attack. However, Gekidrago is able to hold it in place, not budging, until the gemstones littered on the floor glisten brightly and amplify the Marble Screw's light beam, creating a stronger blast to send him flying.

Once that's over, Mipple explains how the gemstones reacted with the power of light, Honoka adding that jewels were thought to hold a mysterious power. Just as the police use a front loader to open the emergency barriers, Nagisa hands Honoka her birthday present before leaving through the same vent she entered in.

Honoka looks at the present Nagisa made for her.

The police are about to arrest the three men, while Honoka tries to object, only for them to willingly give themselves up, as "robbery is still robbery" and that they must accept their responsibility. The leader adds that listening to Honoka has given him a much better outlook on life, that he will reform once he is released. He repeats the quote about life being made of half-good and half-bad times to her, telling her to take care of her parents as the three head off with the police.

Honoka's parents, now freed, run towards their daughter and are glad she's safe, apologizing not only over how the day turned out but that they weren't able to protect her when she was in danger. She assures them that she knows they love her and that even when separated their hearts will always still be together. Honoka feels grateful to have family and friends that love her, staring at the present Nagisa made for her, claiming that it's been the most wonderful birthday ever.

Major Events

  • Honoka's parents are first seen in this episode.
  • The power of light that Pretty Cure holds is said to be powered up by gemstones in its presence.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Honoka Gets Psyched Up! A Lovely Birthday.[1]
  • This episode initially aired on April 4th, later revealed to be Honoka's birthday.[2]
  • The airport Honoka's parents arrive at is the real-life "New Tokyo International Airport," the previous name of what is now known as "Narita International Airport." The name change occurred around the same time as this episode's initial airing in April 2004.[3]
  • As she tries to beg her family for money, Nagisa has a 10 yen coin stuck to her forehead.
  • Nagisa is shown to be capable of making small handicrafts.
    • The present she made for Honoka is symbolic of their relationship, as they first met through Mepple and Mipple.
    • Though not specifically mentioned in the episode, Nagisa works with metal clay to make Honoka's present. It was a material first made in Japan during the 90s commonly used to mold jewelry as she does.[4]
  • Several unnamed characters are listed with voice roles in the credits.
  • This is the first episode of the franchise to be written by Narita Yoshimi, who would go on to write many episodes for this season and most subsequent seasons, as well as the series composition for several of them.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • When Mipple feels embarrassed about cuddling Mepple in front of Nagisa, Mepple insults Nagisa by comparing her to a pumpkin. In the English dub, he tells Mipple to pretend that Natalie is just a pumpkin.
  • When Nagisa is yelling at Mepple for calling her a pumpkin-head, he tells her to get a boyfriend if she's upset about it. In the English dub, he tells Natalie to "plug [her] ears and hum a song to [herself]."
  • After Honoka scolds the robbers for stealing rather than working hard, the lead robber tells her that they have been working hard for several years. In the English dub, the lead robber tells Hannah that somebody forced them to rob the jewelry store.
  • When Nagisa shows Mepple her first attempt at making a charm for Honoka, he says she won't like something that's poorly made. In the English dub he asks, "Does it come with a barf bag, or is it sold separately?"


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