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Save Ryouta! Gekidrago・Panic (亮太を救え!ゲキドラーゴ・パニック "Ryōta wo Sukue! Gekidorāgo・Panikku"?), dubbed Fish Out of Water in the Canadian English dub, is the 11th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 11th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa is forced to take Ryouta to the Aquarium and Honoka tags along. But with his last chance to defeat Pretty Cure on the line, Gekidrago uses this as a chance to attack. 


Ryouta calls out to Nagisa, offering her a bowl of strawberries for dessert. She assumes that he wants money, but he instead asks to be taken to the aquarium on Sunday for homework. Nagisa refuses given that she made plans with Kubota Shiho and the others, but her mom forces her to go with Ryouta, stating that she should "try acting like a big sister for once," and neither parent is available that weekend as well. With no choice, she agrees. Ryouta eats some of the strawberries that was meant for Nagisa, so she puts him into a cobra twist. The siblings' dad comes out of the bath, and Ryouta asks him for help, only for him to perfect Nagisa's "technique" before walking off.  

Nagisa invites Honoka to come along to the aquarium, given her knowledge. She's excited, and so is Ryouta, grabbing her hand to lead her in, calling her "Honoka-san," to the dismay of Nagisa.  

Gekidrago frustrated over his continuous failures.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, Gekidrago faces his peers, as they make fun of his continuous failures. The mysterious, cloaked man tells him to use his negative emotions towards defeating Pretty Cure. Gekidrago then faces the Evil King, who tells him this is last chance, to use up all the power he has.  

As Nagisa, Ryouta, and Honoka walk through the aquarium, the latter reads through the brochure and impresses Ryouta with her knowledge of aquatic life, who states that he wants to be as smart as her. As he runs off, leaving the two girls alone, Mipple and Mepple pop out to greet each other before being scared back into their Card Communes by a fish with sharp teeth and thick hide coming towards the glass.  

Ryouta calls the girls over, asking about the type of fish he's observing. Nagisa mistakenly says it's a righteye flounder, adding that it's tasty when fried or grilled. Honoka corrects her with lefteye flounder, given how the fish lies on its right side when on the ground. Ryouta wonders if he would study better if Honoka was his sister, prompting Nagisa to harm him for being ungrateful while onlookers watch.

Gekidrago swims among the tuna while spying on the girls.

The group continues to observe fish while standing in an underwater tunnel, unaware that Gekidrago is swimming among the fishes, watching them from nearby. Ryouta continues to make snide remarks comparing Nagisa to some of the animals on exhibit, such as her inability to stand still to the tuna's continuous movement, and her large appetite to the sea cow eating 25 kilograms of food a day.

The group heads outside to watch the bird and mammal show, leaving as Gekidrago swims unnoticed in the arena pool, summoning dark clouds to enshroud the aquarium. The group continues to observe some shark, one of which swims too close to Ryouta, scaring him to fall over. Nagisa notes that the glass will protect them as it's unbreakable, only to be proven wrong as two sharks slam themselves into the glass together, causing it to crack this time. The glass breaks and water flows into the halls, causing the group to run as several sharks break free.

An emergency alert goes off in the aquarium, notifying the visitors to follow employee instructions and leave immediately. Nagisa, Honoka, and Ryouta try to leave but are trapped by poisonous moray eels and a snapping turtle. The girls imply if this could be the work of the Dotsuku Zone, but are interrupted by several marine animals targeting them as they run to safety. They soon find shelter by a nearby reception desk, telling Ryouta to hide behind it while the girls search for an exit, promising to come back for him.

The girls run back out to the outdoor pool where the bird and mammal show was held earlier, spotting Gekidrago's mohawk sticking out from the water as he continues swimming. He jumps out to face the girls, demanding the Prism Stones. Dark power begins to concentrate, as Gekidrago transforms into what he calls his "final form," fusing with a shark, manta ray, and moray eel, creeping the girls out. Gekidrago charges at the girls, who get back, before finally transforming.

Ryouta, still waiting, suddenly decides to get out of his hiding spot to look for the girls. He arrives at the scene of the battle and is noticed by Gekidrago, alerting Cure Black to run after her brother. Gekidrago slams one of his eel arms into the stands as Ryouta runs up the stairs, throwing him backward, as Cure Black catches him in time. A piece of the stand is about to fall on the two before Cure White is able to kick it away.

An enraged Nagisa launches an assault on Gekidrago.

Cure Black apologizes to Ryouta for getting him involved, only to become angered at Gekidrago, leaping towards him as she single-handedly lands multiple kicks on him, even managing to break one of his shark teeth before being pushed back. As Gekidrago aims one of his eel arms towards Cure Black, Cure White saves her, allowing the two to launch their Marble Screw attack at him. A small struggle ensues before Gekidrago is sent back to the darkness, freeing all the marine animals in the process.  

With the battle over, Cure Black goes over to Ryouta's unconscious body, tending to it while Cure White picks up the Aquamarine Prism Stone that Gekidrago had. Ryouta wakes up to see the girls, in their civilian forms, again. Nagisa angrily yells at him for coming out of hiding, but when he starts to cry over how much he worried about them, she feels bad and embraces her younger brother, also sharing the tears. 

The Prism Stone left behind by Gekidrago.

Later, at Honoka's house, the girls summon the Prism Hopish along with the Stone Guardian to return the newly-found Prism Stone. He thanks the girls for their hard work, but when Nagisa asks if he brought another gift this timeFwPC05, he suddenly leaves.  

Ryouta then appears at the door, both him and Nagisa wondering why the other is at Honoka's house. He came in to ask Honoka to check the homework he's behind on, to which Nagisa asks why he didn't ask her instead, only to have Ryouta snidely remark that she would have said it "tastes good when fried," prompting Nagisa to grab and put him in a cobra twist as Honoka laughs.  

Major Events

  • Gekidrago is defeated for the final time and returns to the darkness from where he came, leaving behind the Aquamarine Prism Stone in Pretty Cure's possession.
  • Ryouta starts to become infatuated with Honoka.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Nagisa's father, Misumi Takashi is introduced.
  • Kiriya tells Gekidrago that because of his continued failures he has "no choice but to soon return to the darkness before he is defeated by [Pretty Cure]." His belief in voluntarily giving up may influence a decision he makes in a later episodeFwPC21.
  • Several bits of animation are reused from episode 5.
    • The animation of the girls swiping their cards to transform.
    • The animation of Cure White doing an initial handstand flip off of Gekidrago is reused from when she did the same move off of a moving train.
  • The animation of Cure White cartwheeling after getting whipped by Gekidrago's tail is reused from the first episode, where she did the same movement to escape the Zakenna-possessed roller coaster.

Canadian English Dub Edits


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