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The evil flower・Poisony appears! Who is she? (悪の華・ポイズニー参上!って誰? "Aku no hana・Poizunī Sanjō! 'Tte dare?"?), dubbed Darkness in Disguise in the Canadian English dub, is the 12th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 12th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Gekidrago gone, life returns to normal until a new foe appears and attempts to manipulate the girls. As this is going on, Honoka learns more about her grandmother.


Nagisa cools off after a session of lacrosse practice at school when Kubota Shiho and Rina ask about her recent visit to the aquarium with HonokaFwPC11, citing rumors of a broken tank the day they visited. Nagisa denies any knowledge or involvement, but her friends are still curious, thinking it would be like a water park and wanting to go see it together.

Nagisa walks back home, thinking about how they've gained another Prism Stone, but that they'll continue to be attacked so long as they have them. She then notices a young woman handing out free samples of chocolate, who allows Nagisa to take as many samples as she wants given her obsession with chocolate.

A Zakenna steals Mepple's Card Commune from Nagisa.

As Nagisa picks them out, she is unaware of the woman forming a Zakenna in her hand, sneaking it by to steal Nagisa's Card Commune and transfer it to her possession. As she leaves with her load of chocolate, the woman recounts Nagisa's personal information, while transforming into her true form. The lady, revealed to be one of the remaining minions of the Dotsuku Zone, opens the Card Commune only to find a sleeping Mepple, who she unsuccessfully tries to wake up in order to divulge the location of the Prism Stones. Frustrated, she promises to "cook him" later. 

Nagisa arrives home, wondering which of her chocolates to try out first. She notes that she should feed Mepple first so that he doesn't annoy her later, so she opens the pouch that normally contains his Card Commune, only for a Zakenna to pop out. Other Zakenna pop out from the numerous boxes of chocolates she took, filling up her room. Nagisa grabs her lacrosse stick and swats them out through her window, where they spell out "fool" (バカ baka?) before leaving. Nagisa then realizes that Mepple was taken away by that "chocolate lady," realizing that she needs to warn Honoka. 

Meanwhile, Honoka is reading a book while sitting on a bench in a nearby park. The Dotsuku Zone woman from before spies on her, also recounting her personal information as she did with Nagisa.  

Nagisa arrives at the Yukishiro household, only to be told by Honoka's grandmother that she had stopped at the library on the way back from school. Nagisa rushes off, leaving the grandmother to note it must be serious. 

Back at the park, Honoka is approached by an old woman making friendly conversation with her, both noting that the other reminds them of their grandmother and grandchild respectively. Nagisa arrives at the Wakabadai Public Library to not find her friend there. Honoka feels Mipple vibrating in her pocket, so she excuses herself. At the same time, Nagisa, still looking, arrives on the opposite side of the same park where Honoka and the old woman are. Mipple tells Honoka that she can feel Mepple nearby, despite Nagisa not being present to their knowledge. Honoka is unsure but asks Mipple to be quiet, as she is in the middle of a conversation with the old woman.

Honoka meets her idol.

As she returns, the old woman asks what kind of flowers Honoka likes, who responds with cosmos. Suddenly, Honoka finds herself within a field of pinkish-purple flowers, with the bench she's sitting on hovering to move across the vast field. Honoka then notices her idol, Dr. Breckston, standing in the field. She's surprised he knows her name and wonders why he's here, given that he died several decades ago. He mentions that he wanted to fulfill one regret he had, and asks to borrow Honoka's Card Commune so that his "research can be complete." Both Dr. Brecktson and the old woman, who appears next to Honoka, goad her to hand the Card Commune over. She hesitates, but is about to comply, only to be snapped out of it by her grandmother, who calls her name after arriving at the park.  

Honoka's grandmother asks who her new friend is and if she's even a "real grandmother," stating that a real one such as herself can spot a fake. The old woman, with her cover now blown, snaps her fingers to grab the attention of the zombified parkgoers, who approach the two Yukishiro women. Honoka screams at them to stop, which grabs the attention of the nearby Nagisa. Honoka and her grandmother are split apart by the zombified parkgoers, with them continuing to mob Honoka, as they try to reach for her Card Commune. She raises her hand with it to try and get it out of reach, but it gets smacked, sending it flying. Nagisa, who climbs on top of the zombified army, misses grabbing it, as it lands near Honoka's grandmother, who picks it up.  

Honoka's grandmother commands the approaching Zakenna-possessed army to stop.

Suddenly, Mipple notes a nostalgic feeling as she is held by Honoka's grandmother. However, the two are now the center of attention for the approaching zombies, but Honoka's grandmother is able to halt them with a command. Nagisa and Honoka arrive to ask if the latter's grandmother is alright, to which she confirms, stating that the "child" inside the Card Commune "shared its power" with her. The old woman, now revealed to be Poisony, the Dotsuku Zone minion from earlier, impatiently demands the Card Commune from the three. Honoka's grandmother refuses, stating that it's something important to her granddaughter.  

Poisony sends a gust to blow both Nagisa and Honoka away, as she tries to forcefully grab the senior Yukishiro, only to be caught off-guard when she throws her off of her. Poisony sends another gust directly towards Honoka's grandmother, who manages to still stand for a bit before falling unconscious. The girls are angered but are reminded that without Mepple, they can't transform. Just then, Mepple wakes up, still unaware of his surroundings at first, only to panic when he realizes who is holding him. Poisony threatens to crush Mepple if the girls don't give Mipple to her. Honoka's grandmother, in her sleep, mentions "believing in yourself and your friends." At that moment, Mepple changes into his normal form, breaking out of Poisony's grasp and running towards Nagisa. Now with both Card Communes, the girls are finally able to transform. 

The girls finish their transformation speech but realize that Poisony has already left, before turning around to be shocked to see the zombified army of parkgoers, no longer having someone to control them, continuously walk and bump into each other. The girls use "Rainbow Therapy" to return them to normal, expelling the Zakenna out.

Honoka's grandmother imitates Cure Black.

Once Honoka's grandmother wakes up, all she can remember is having a dream, before returning home to make dinner. Honoka and Nagisa now left alone in the park, wonder if she had seen everything. They then wonder how things would change if other people knew they were Pretty Cure, with Honoka remarking that she wants things to stay the way they are. Mepple interrupts to blame Nagisa for being blinded by her gluttony, who then blames Mepple for not being fully aware of his surroundings. Mepple describes that he can take care of himself, as Nagisa isn't very reliable and needs to believe in him more. This starts off as one of their normal squabbles but takes a more serious tone when Mepple mentions it's because he believes in Nagisa that he frantically ran towards her after being freed from Poisony's grasp. Nagisa then apologizes to Mepple.

Meanwhile, at the Yukishiro household, Honoka's grandmother promises to give Chuutaro his dinner. As she is about to do that, she points off into the distance, repeating Cure Black's catchphrase "Return to the darkness from which you came!", before playing it off as a joke.

Major Events

  • Poisony begins her attack on the Garden of Rainbows.
  • Honoka's grandmother is implied to have history with Mipple, further explored in a later episodeFwPC28.
    • She is also implied to be aware of Pretty Cure's existence, though keeping it to herself mostly.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • Poisony is renamed Pandora.


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Poisonny the Flower of Evil (Who's That?).[1]
  • Nagisa is stated to love chocolate so much, she hopes to be reincarnated as such in her "next life."
  • When Poisony tells Nagisa that she can take as much chocolate as she likes, the latter remarks on her "broke of back" (棚から尻餅 Tana kara shirimochi?), only for Poisony to correct her with "stroke of luck" (棚から牡丹餅 Tana kara botamochi?).[2]
  • As Poisony lists off Nagisa's traits, she notes that her favorite food is chocolate and a weak point of hers is that she's a "scatterbrain" (おっちょこちょい Occhokochoi?).
  • Of the entire season, this episode has the shortest amount of time that the girls spent transformed as Pretty Cure, only a few minutes near the end to use the Rainbow Therapy technique.


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