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Beware! The Young Transfer Student (ご用心!年下の転校生 "Goyōjin! Toshishita no tenkōsei"?), dubbed Who's the New Student? in the edited English dub, is the 13th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 13th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


A new transfer student appears and gains everyone's attention, but he is only interested in the one who hasn't been: Honoka.


Nagisa takes a short break from lacrosse practice at school, thinking about how the latest lackey of the Dotsuku Zone disguised herself as a human to try and take the Prism Stones from her and HonokaFwPC12. Nagisa then spots Fuji-P playing soccer with his team, watching by the fence, only to notice a large crowd of fangirls swooning over him nearby. As the match continues, the soccer ball strays off towards a non-player, who takes the ball and jumps into the game uninvited, kicking it past several players including Fuji-P, scoring a goal. The fangirls are shocked but admit that the new boy is kind of cool. The boy apologizes to Fuji-P and his team for interrupting their practice, and when asked for his name, introduces himself as a new first-year transfer student, Irizawa Kiriya.

Irizawa Kiriya introduces himself.

In the science lab, Honoka and her classmates are working hard on their projects, when a girl comes in to tell everyone of the news that some transfer student beat Fuji-P at soccer. Everyone wants to go see for themselves, only for their club superior to object, stating that they don't have much time until the upcoming science presentation, and she especially won't let Honoka goof off, as they have a chance to win the "Grand Prix" with her research.

The next day, the girls continue to watch Kiriya play, who has now joined the team. They note that he passed the transfer entrance exam with a perfect score. Shiho and Rina also swoon over their junior, the latter adding that younger men with a "bright future" are the best choices for boyfriends. Nagisa thinks to herself, preferring someone like Fuji-P instead, before getting flustered.

Nagisa and her friends spend their lunch break in the classroom, with the former still hungry after finishing her own boxed lunch. Rina notes that it's Nagisa's turn to present to the math class after lunch is over, which makes her panic as she forgot to prepare, before remembering that she can rely on Honoka for help, only to notice that she isn't in the classroom.

Honoka is instead hard at work with her superior on their project in the science lab. Nagisa walks in, stating that she found her. She is about to ask for a favor when she touches a large dome on Honoka's desk, only to be electrocuted by it. Honoka explains that it's a device that generates static electricity, which will be used as a reference to power their small-scale Earth model for their presentation. Nagisa is more interested in Honoka's untouched lunchbox and asks if she's going to eat that, which she's too busy to and allows her to have it. Honoka's superior also offers Nagisa her own lunch, leaving Honoka to doubt if she can even finish two lunchboxes, only to be proven wrong immediately. Just then, the bell rings, leaving Nagisa to panic as she has math next and still hasn't prepared for her presentation.

Once school is over, Nagisa laments on how because she didn't prepare, she was held late by the teacher for review. Nagisa trips into a pole. Kiriya who's nearby, asks if she's ok, offering a hand to pull her up. He refers to her as "Misumi-senpai," knowing her name as she has a reputation for being the "second-year ace" on the lacrosse team. Kiriya tells Nagisa to be careful as her "body is important," before leaving. Nagisa remarks on his politeness.

Back at school, the science club students are still hard at work on their project, though they still do not have a name for it. Their superior mentions naming it "Honoka #1."

Kiriya tries to talk with Honoka.

Later, Honoka waits for a train at Wakabadai Station, when Kiriya tries to strike a conversation with her. Honoka, who isn't as interested in him as the other girls, coldly asks if there's something he wants, leaving him speechless and embarrassed. Just then, Honoka's club superior arrives, being invited to visit Honoka's house so they can check the manuscript together. The superior, who Honoka calls Yuriko, notices Kiriya and wants to talk to him, but Honoka, still uninterested, tells her that the train is about to leave, so they head in, leaving Kiriya alone.

Kiriya notices a large dog standing on its hind legs call out to him from behind, only to realize it's his older sister Poisony. Kiriya states that he's only interested in the two girls who are Pretty Cure, given how they've defeated their comrades before. He's not simply interested in just beating them, which Poisony sees as an excuse, only for her to be asked by Kiriya if she herself has an excuse to "restore her honor" given her past failure. He then notes that Poisony's Dotsuku Zone appearance stands out to the general public, embarrassing her.

Poisony stands out with her unusual get-up in public.

On the train ride home, Yuriko notes how glad she is to have joined the science club, as she was able to meet Honoka through it.

On the day of the "15th Annual Southwest District Junior High School Scientific Research Presentation," students in teams representing their school arrive at a venue hosting the event. Two girls from Verone discuss how Yuriko is trying hard to win the Grand Prix, and with Honoka on the team, they have a good chance to do so. Behind the stage, as the teams prepare, Yuriko tells Honoka to not be nervous, only to be told herself that she buttoned her school blazer improperly.

Nagisa, at her seat, is asked by Mepple where Mipple is, telling him that they came to cheer on Honoka. Kiriya arrives with Fuji-P, the latter also here to cheer on Honoka. Kiriya tells his captain that he has something to do and excuses himself, leaving Nagisa alone with Fuji-P, greatly flustering her as the two sit together. As she finally figures out a sentence to say, the science presentation begins. Meanwhile, the two girls from earlier have fallen asleep out of boredom.

Honoka's team is the third to go up, as she presents on what they had attempted to replicate. Behind them, Poisony, disguised as one of the staff, snaps her fingers to summon dark clouds to enshroud the venue. Suddenly, an electrical surge forms from the stage lights above, hitting the girls' cloaked project, causing everyone to panic and evacuate. Fuji-P guides everyone out through the exits, impressing Nagisa. Honoka tells Yuriko to leave, but she refuses, worrying about the "Honoka #1," only to almost get hit by a falling stage light, prompting Honoka to shove her into a nearby storage room. As everyone evacuates, the doors to the auditorium close tightly, locking Nagisa, Honoka, the two still-sleeping girls, and Yuriko, inside.

Honoka's science project grows larger in size and monstrous, revealing itself to be possessed by a Zakenna. The Zakenna-possessed machine shoots a burst of electricity, hitting a piece of the auditorium ceiling that falls towards the now-awake girls as they duck under their seats to avoid it. Nagisa gets on stage to join Honoka in transforming.

As the girls transform into Pretty Cure, they are unaware of the two awoken girls observing them from the seats. The girls are put on the defensive by the Zakenna-possessed machine, as it shoots electricity towards them, backing them up towards the seats. Just then, Yuriko breaks free from the storage room and walks on stage, noticing what happened to the "Honoka #1." As Pretty Cure charges towards the machine, Yuriko steps in front of it, telling them to stop, as it is something Honoka and her friends worked hard on to try and win the Grand Prix. The Zakenna-possessed machine targets Yuriko with a blast, throwing her into the air only to be saved by Cure Black as she catches her.

The angered Pretty Cure call out to the one controlling the Zakenna, prompting Poisony to appear. The girls try to attack her, but she teleports and moves swiftly, before disappearing into the walls. With the focus on the Zakenna-possessed machine again, Cure Black is hesitant over what they must do, given Yuriko's feelings, but Cure White understands. Poisony appears in front of her creation, telling it to finish them off. The girls launch a Marble Screw attack, which Poiosny teleports out of the way before it hits her, as it directly hits the Zakenna-possessed machine, expelling it out.

The "Yuriko #1," dedicated to one of the hardest-working members of the science club.

Later, Yuriko regains consciousness to find Nagisa and Honoka looking over her. She first wonders about the "Honoka #1," only to notice that it's still intact and back to normal. With the "accident" dealt with, the science presentation resumes. Honoka's team showcases their miniature Earth model, with Yuriko noting how hard everyone in their team worked, especially one person whom this would not have been possible without. As she is about to dedicate the project to its namesake, she is shocked to see the machine named as the "Yuriko #1" instead. Honoka explains that she and the other team members agreed that Yuriko deserved most of the credit for working as hard and dedicated as she did, causing her to tear up while the audience gives a round of applause.

Major Events

  • Kiriya attends Verone Academy Boys' Junior High School in order to investigate Pretty Cure.
    • Kiriya is also referred to by Poisony as her "little brother."
  • Yuriko, a student in the same science club as Honoka, is formally introduced.
  • Two girls from Verone Academy witness Pretty Cure fight against the Dotsuku Zone, thus being aware of their existence, leading into the next episode.





Secondary Characters

Dub Edits

  • Kiriya is renamed Kirea.


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Beware! The New Younger Boy In School.[1]
  • Several unnamed characters are listed with voice roles in the credits.


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