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Fake or Real!? Impostor Pretty Cure on the Loose (ウソホント!?ニセプリキュア大暴れ "Uso Honto!? Nise Purikyua Daiabare"?), titled Spot the Fakes in the Canadian English dub, is the 14th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 14th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Two admirers of Pretty Cure dress up like them, worrying Nagisa and Honoka when they begin to fret that their identities have been revealed. After realizing Poisony may strike, they quickly try to convince the imposters to stop before someone gets hurt.


In the Dotsuku Zone, Poisony promises to the Evil King that she will bring back the two Prism Stones that the Garden of Light's forces has taken from them. The cloaked man asks her if she'll be ok at doing the task, which Poisony takes as him admitting that she will fail, only to deny it before storming off.

The class makes a cake.

At Verone Academy, the girls are making chiffon cakes in class, while Nagisa worries about whether they were spotted transforming into Pretty Cure the last timeFwPC13, given how many people there were.

Suddenly, Shiho and Rina approach to ask if she has heard of "Pretty Cure," causing both Nagisa and Honoka to grow anxious as they listen to the rumors of a "pair of girls" that fight bad guys as told by Kyoko, one of their classmates. This was all the information Shiho and Rina knew about Pretty Cure, but they are eager to see them.

Now left alone, Nagisa and Honoka continue to fret over if their identities will eventually be revealed. They then overhear a girl across their table mention that Cure Black "likes strawberries and not vanilla." The girl, named Natsuko, who is talking to her friend, is asked by Nagisa for further clarification. Natsuko's friend explains that Pretty Cure is comprised of a pair named "Black" and "White" that fight for justice. When asked by Nagisa and Honoka if they know more about the duo, Natsuko and her friend confirm they do and ask them to promise not to tell anyone. Natsuko states that Black is "cool and cute" while White isn't as so, leaving her friend to state that White is the cool one while Black was instead "pushy and selfish." Natsuko claims that she had seen Black's face before transforming, causing Nagisa to panic, fearing that her cover was blown. Natsuko and her friend note that they saw Pretty Cure yesterday, and as Nagisa is about to push them for more information, their teacher arrives, telling the four to stop goofing off.

After school, Honoka and Nagisa stop at the Tako Café to enjoy some takoyaki, while Nagisa still fumes over being called selfish. Mepple states that it's the truth, only to backpedal and compliment Nagisa so that she can feed him with the Omp card. Nagisa and Honoka wonder what Natsuko and her friend meant "seeing Pretty Cure yesterday," as they don't recall transforming that day.

Akane imitating Pretty Cure.

Just then, Akane arrives with a box of groceries, thanking the girls for watching her shop while she was out. As the girls enjoy another helping of takoyaki, Akane mentions the recent trend of Pretty Cure, shocking the girls who ask how she knows about them. Akane says that she saw them in the nearby park as recently as yesterday, performing to children. Akane then imitates one of Cure Black's lines, a bit incorrectly, saying that it was like a "comedy skit."

On the way back, Honoka notes that if there really are imposter Pretty Cure, then it's dangerous, with Mipple adding that the fakes could be targeted by the Dotsuku Zone. Honoka starts to realize who the imposters might be. At that moment, the girls notice Natsuko and her friend, the latter revealed to be Kyoko, dressed up as Pretty Cure, running. This confirms Honoka's suspicions. Nagisa realizes that when Natsuko was singing Cure Black's praises, she was talking about herself, and the same for Kyoko and Cure White. At that moment, a group of kids wave goodbye at "Pretty Cure," who wave back.

As for why they're dressed like that, Natsuko and Kyoko explain that it started about a week ago in the park, with the former claiming that she was "Pretty Cure Black," with Kyoko telling her to prove it by transforming. Natsuko makes an attempt but admits that she can't. Just then, a few kids approach to ask about Pretty Cure, asking if they're real, which Natsuko confirms and claims that she and Kyoko are them, promising to transform in front of them the next day. The next day, an audience of kids arrive at the park to watch Natsuko and Kyoko "transform" into Pretty Cure, as they take off a cloak covering their costumes. The kids are amazed, and ask if they'll come back tomorrow, to which "Pretty Cure" promises only if they're good.

Natsuko and Kyoko perform as Pretty Cure for the kids.

Natsuko and Kyoko also note that they made their costumes themselves, staying up all night to do so. Nagisa and Honoka tell the two that they should stop dressing up and acting as Pretty Cure, but can only vaguely say that they're just looking out for them as they cannot divulge the threat of the Dotsuku Zone. Natsuko and Kyoko ask why should they stop, adding that it's none of their business, before leaving. Nagisa and Honoka follow after the girls, continuing to worry about them. Natsuko and Kyoko run by a demolition site, only for Poisony to appear and greet them.

Nagisa and Honoka arrive at the same demolition site, looking for the girls when they spot them standing on the edge of a partially-demolished building's rooftop. The girls run up the building to confront Natsuko and Kyoko, who suddenly grab the two in a "full nelson" and hold them towards the edge. The girls notice Poisony laughing at them from across another building, as she summons a Zakenna-possessed wrecking ball to come towards them, as the four fall back from the edge. Nagisa and Honoka try to snap their fakes out of it, but Mipple states that they're being controlled, telling the two to transform instead.

Poisony commands her "Pretty Cure" to fight, prompting the controlled Natsuko and Kyoko to get up and rush towards the real ones. Cure Black is held in place by Natsuko as the wrecking ball lands near them, the impact making both fall to the ground. Poisony then commands Natsuko to roll herself off the edge, but Cure Black is able to grab her before she falls off. As Cure Black tries to pull Natsuko up, Poisony commands the latter to try and make them fall together, as she pulls Cure Black towards the edge. Cure White pushes Kyoko aside and rushes to grab Cure Black who is holding onto Natsuko before they both fall off the building. The three, now safely back up on the rooftop, are about to be hit by a steel beam that Kyoko holds up. The girls act quickly and kick the beam away, and again try to snap their fakes out of Poisony's control, but are told by her that it's no use. She then commands Natsuko and Kyoko to walk off the edge of the building, but the fakes are stopped by Cure Black and Cure White respectively.

Poisony tells the girls that they can either save their fakes from danger or save themselves, as trying to do both would put them through an endless loop. Cure Black calls her a coward, but Poisony prefers to be called a "strategist" instead. Cure White demands Poisony fight them "fair and square," prompting her to "act serious" and summon another Zakenna that possesses an excavator on site, that along with the wrecking ball, chips away at the building the girls are on. Cure Black and Cure White shake Natsuko and Kyoko, again attempting to break them free from Poisony's control. This time, it partially works, as the fakes, still under a trance, ask where they are. As the excavator's claw comes towards them, the girls grab their fakes and run down the stairs towards the ground as the building continues to crumble.

The four are protected from the Zakenna's blast by a rainbow-colored barrier.

Now on the ground, the girls are cornered by Poisony and her Zakenna-possessed construction vehicles. At that moment, Natsuko and Kyoko regain their senses to find the real Pretty Cure fighting off the monsters. An irritated Poisony commands the two Zakenna to attack together, charging up a beam. Cure Black and Cure White join hands, forming a rainbow-colored barrier that protects the four girls from the attack. The fakes are frightened by what they witness, but the real Pretty Cure remind them that they're "Pretty Cure too," and that "those kids are waiting" for them to put on a show again. Shortly after, Natsuko and Kyoko faint out of fear, just as Pretty Cure's barrier fades and the two launch their Marble Screw attack, pushing back against the Zakenna's own beam. A disappointed Poisony disappears as the Zakenna are expelled from the machinery. Meanwhile, Kiriya is revealed to have been watching from outside the site.

Natsuko and Kyoko soon wake up to Nagisa and Honoka tending after them. They wonder where Pretty Cure had gone, only to be told by a lying Nagisa that they didn't see anyone else at the site. Natsuko and Kyoko admit that the girls were right, so they vow to stop pretending to be Pretty Cure and spreading rumors about them. However, their promise is instantly broken the next day when Natsuko and Kyoko perform another Pretty Cure show for the kids in the park. Nagisa and Honoka are not only annoyed by their persistence, but also the incorrect phrasing in Pretty Cure's speech.

Major Events

  • Koshino Natsuko and Mori Kyoko are formally introduced, having witnessed Pretty Cure in action during the previous episode and attempting to impersonate them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • Kyoko and Natsuko names are changed into Chrissy and Summer.


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Real? Phony? Pretty Cure Wannabes.[1]
  • During the next episode preview for this episode, Nagisa asks Honoka how she would tell the difference between herself and a lookalike imposter, to which Honoka says the "real" Nagisa would be fighting with Mepple.
    • The idea of a lookalike imposter of one of the girls may foreshadow a later episodeFwPC20.
  • Right after the episode title sequence, a close-up of the kitchen blackboard is shown, detailing a recipe for a chiffon cake with the first three steps unobscured.
    1. Add cake flour, baking powder, and salt altogether, sifting twice. Separate the egg into yolk and egg whites.
    2. Put half the amount of granulated sugar into the yolk and whisk until viscous, then add vegetable oil and whisk further.
    3. Put the remaining granulated sugar into the egg whites and whisk to make meringue. Take a third of that and mix it with the batter made in step 2, mix in the sifted flour, and also gently mix in the remaining meringue.
  • Once the girls have transformed, Cure Black usually says "Return to the darkness from which you came!" (とっととお家に帰りなさい! Tottoto ouchi ni kaerinasai!?). A running gag in this episode is that Natsuko and Kyoko mistakenly say "Hurry back to the darkness from which you came!" (さっさとお家に帰りなさい! Sassato ouchi ni kaerinasai!?).
  • When Shiho and Rina explain Pretty Cure to Nagisa, she breaks the fourth wall by perplexedly staring towards the audience, before being asked by Shiho where she's looking at.
  • The animations of the girls cartwheeling to avoid the slab of concrete thrown by Kyoko are reused from the first episode, where they did the same movement to escape the Zakenna-possessed roller coaster.
  • This is the second episodeFwPC02 where a rainbow-colored barrier forms around Pretty Cure when they join hands, to protect them from attacks by the Zakenna. Unlike the Marble Screw or Rainbow Therapy techniques, this one isn't specifically named.
  • An unnamed boy in the audience of Natsuko and Kyoko's show is voiced by Kikuchi Kokoro.
  • This is the only episode of the entire franchise to be directed by Yoshizawa Takao.



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