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A Really Dangerous Family Vacation (メッチャ危ない家族旅行 "Metcha Abunai Kazoku Ryokō"?), dubbed We Need A Vacation in the edited English dub, is the 15th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 15th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka joins Nagisa and her family on vacation after the girls realize they're going to the same location, but Nagisa finds it hard to enjoy herself while learning more about the location and her family.


During lunchtime at school, Nagisa tells her friends that she's going on a family vacation to some "lakeside hotel" that her dad made reservations for without telling her beforehand. Shiho wonders if it's a luxury hotel, based on its fancy-sounding name. Rina remembers that Honoka also claimed she was going somewhere for the upcoming holiday, which the latter confirms, stating that she and her grandmother have been planning this trip for a while. Honoka says that they're going to an old inn by a lake on which an island where mysterious phenomena occur even to this day, exciting her.

Hibiki Island.

The Misumi family walks to their destination, with Nagisa remarking that it's been a while since she felt this relaxed, thinking to her recent duties as Pretty Cure. While deep in thought, she walks past the location they're checking in at, with her dad calling her back. Nagisa is surprised and disappointed to see that the "lakeside" (レイクサイド reikusaido?) hotel her dad talked about is actually the run-down "Reikusaido Inn" (旅館れゐくさゐど Ryokan Reikusaido?). An old man appears from behind the family to welcome them but scares them instead.

Now inside, Nagisa's dad is amazed by the antiques while his kids are put off by their scariness, only for the old man, the innkeeper, to frighten the kids while wearing a demon mask as a joke. At the same time, Nagisa notices Honoka and her grandmother arriving from the other side of the hallway. The girls are both staying at the inn with Honoka remarking on the coincidence.

The Misumis and Yukishiros gather around the table to have tea, discussing each other's girls. Nagisa's mom says that her daughter always talks about Honoka, how she's in the science club, and a top student. Nagisa's dad notes that he used to be in his high school's science club, stating that he always wanted to win a "Nobel Prize" (ノーベル賞 Nōberu sho?), but nowadays, he'd probably win the "Drinkable Prize" (飲める賞 Nomeru sho?) instead. This pun causes his family to cringe as he continues laughing to himself. Changing the subject, Ryouta comments on how beautiful the nearby lake is to Honoka, who agrees. Nagisa is still unsure, that there's "something fishy" about the situation they're in, only for the innkeeper to sneak up behind her to deny such a claim, frightening her again. Meanwhile, Nagisa's dad invites the Yukishiros for dinner, who graciously accept. Nagisa teases Ryouta for being overjoyed at the prospect, given how he gets to be near "Honoka-san."

The girls unknowingly stumble on Poisony's hiding spot.

The girls explore the inn, as Honoka comments on how Nagisa's dad seems cheerful and fun, while Nagisa is annoyed with his constant "dad jokes" while being unreliable himself. Nagisa then asks Honoka about "today's coincidence," stating that a situation like this is prone to having the Dotsuku Zone attack. Nagisa demonstrates by opening a nearby cupboard, claiming that they could be hiding here, only to actually stumble upon Poisony's hiding spot, but the girls don't notice at first and close the cupboard. It takes a second for them to realize who they just saw and reopen the cupboard, only to find nothing this time. Convinced that they couldn't be here, the girls head to the inn's gift shop. As they leave, Poisony, folded into a cube so that she could fit in the cupboard, comes out of her hiding spot.

As they continue walking, Mepple and Mipple pop out to greet each other. An annoyed Nagisa tells the two to be quiet as they're on vacation with their families, only for Mepple and Mipple to demand the inn's delicious food in return. The girls comply, swiping the Omp card on both Card Communes, as Mepple and Mipple, now wearing traditional yukatas, enjoy a seafood feast together.

Now in the gift shop, the girls look at a book titled "The Legend of the Lake," the innkeeper adding that it specifically refers to the legend of Hibiki Island on the nearby lake. There once was a beautiful maiden who lived on the island with her two childhood friends who, once grown, both fell in love with her, leading the two to kill each other in a duel fighting for her love. The maiden, in deep mourning, turned into a pine tree, while the red and blue armor that the two combatants wore were enshrined next to that tree. It is said that the sound of the maiden's flute can still be heard even today, as the feelings of sorrow and conflict inhabit that pine tree.

The old man adds that if you go to the shrines and pray towards the setting sun, your wish will be granted, which catches the attention of the girls as they discuss leaving now to make it in time for sunset, but are not aware of the last part he mentions about the fog making it difficult for ships to sail in. Ryouta, eavesdropping nearby, overhears the girls' plan to go to the island and wants to join too, but Nagisa strikes a deal by promising Ryouta that Honoka will play with him all day tomorrow if he stays behind, which he accepts. Meanwhile, Poisony, disguised as an attendant of the inn, is shown eavesdropping on the girls as well.

The girls spot a man rowing a boat on the lake.

The girls notice how foggy it is out on the lake, as a man on a boat asks if they're going to the island, stating that even with this much fog they should be alright to set sail. The girls hop in and eventually arrive at Hibiki Island. The boater tells the girls he'll wait for them, and they thank him, heading off deeper into the island. However, once the girls leave, it's revealed that the boater is actually Poisony in disguise, who enshrouds the island with darkened clouds as she summons two Zakenna.

The girls make it to the top of the hill on the island, spotting the pine tree of legend along with the two shrines containing the red and blue armor. As the girls turn away, the armors are revealed to be possessed by Zakenna and jump out of their shrines. The girls, who turn around and notice the giant armored Zakenna behind them, become frightened and start running downhill while being chased. They soon get trapped by armored Zakenna on both sides, with the blue one swinging its katana at the girls, who just barely dodge in time, even as Honoka loses a few strands of hair.

Back at the inn, as dinner is cooking, the adults worry over where the girls are. Ryouta confesses that they went to the island promising to be back before dinner, which causes concern as it's about to get dark soon. Nagisa's dad goes out to find them, but he is unable to rent a boat as there are none available due to the fog, so he instead hijacks one, almost falling into the water. To make matters worse, he loses one of his oars and gets stuck rowing in circles.

The girls continue to be chased by the Zakenna, before running through several large rocks that the pursuers smash, causing dust to fly everywhere and obscure the girls, giving them time to transform into Pretty Cure.

Once transformed, the Zakenna charge and swing at the girls, but Cure Black is able to jump and run on the red armor Zakenna's sword. She tries to launch a kick, but the Zakenna blocks with its arm and grabs her with it. Cure White is sent flying by the blue armor Zakenna's impacts, as Cure Black is thrown by the other Zakenna towards her. The girls link arms and spin back towards where they were thrown from, giving each enough momentum to land a kick on their respective Zakenna. The blue armor Zakenna attempts to swing its sword on Cure White, but she catches the blade with her hands, even as it slices the tree behind her. She flings the Zakenna away through its sword, but the impact causes part of the tree to land on her leg, trapping her in place.

Just then, Nagisa's dad arrives on the island but is caught in an attack by Poisony, who tells him not to interfere. This distracts Cure Black, who is grabbed by the red armor Zakenna and held in place, as the blue armor Zakenna attempts to strike her with its sword. Just before the impact, the armored Zakenna stop, as the sound of a flute plays, just as the legend foretold. The Zakenna drop their weapons along with Cure Black as they wince in pain listening to the maiden's music. Cure Black runs over to assist Cure White in breaking free from the fallen tree, as the two perform Rainbow Therapy to expel the Zakenna from the armors, returning them to their normal placement inside the shrines. A disappointed Poisony disappears.

The sound of a flute mysteriously plays.

Nagisa's dad arrives to find the girls standing by the tree and shrines, angry that Nagisa had left without telling anyone where she went, worrying everyone. As the girls arrive back at the inn, they apologize profusely. Honoka's grandmother approaches the girls to comfort them, telling them that there's another story to the legend of Hibiki Island. The innkeeper confirms this, again scaring the girls from behind. Rather than the two armored warriors fighting over the maiden, the two joined together to protect the maiden during a war, giving up their lives to do so. The maiden was the most precious thing in the world to those two.

Later that night, after everyone bathes in the hot springs, Nagisa waits for her dad. He and Ryouta exit the baths, with the latter splitting off to go to the inn's game corner. Nagisa calls out to her dad, apologizing for her selfish actions earlier, but he's just glad it wasn't anything serious, as he was worried something could have happened to one of his "most precious things in the world." He shifts the mood by making another joke, claiming to see portraits of their ancestors on the walls. He says that the Misumi family is "before their own eyes" (見す見す misumisu?) yet stuck in a "corner" ( sumi?). This time, Nagisa laughs.

The next day, as the families leave the inn, Nagisa holds onto her dad's arm, annoying him a bit as he has trouble holding onto multiple bags with his other arm. Nagisa offers to carry them all, but he says they're too heavy. Ryouta sees this and tries to carry Honoka's bag, but they're also too heavy for him. Their mother watches as her children struggle, wondering what her "most precious things" are doing.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is A Totally Dangerous Family Vacation.[1]
  • This episode shows that Mepple and Mipple can share the same "caretaking bubble" when both of their Card Communes are activated with the same cards at the same time.
    • It also shows that Omp can serve different food depending on the physical location.
      • The food he serves at the inn consists of: a seafood and vegetable platter, cold carpaccio salad, western-style sushi rolls, slightly salted clear broth soup, sautéed venison, and all-you-can-eat spiny lobster and horsehair crab.
  • Nagisa's dad's occupation is vaguely mentioned, as he claims to "research new materials" for his company.
  • The lake featured in this episode is called "Maiden's Pond" (乙女ヶ池 Otome ga ike?).
  • When disguised as an inn attendant, Poisony is referred to by one of the other workers as "Poiko-san."
  • Unusually, the two Zakenna in this episode are credited under two voice actors rather than one. One is voiced by Bifu Hitoshi, the usual voice for them at this time, and the other by Taki Satoshi.
    • Taki Satoshi would become the main voice of the Zakenna, as well as the voice of the taller Butler Zakenna, from the second half of the season onwardsFwPC28.
  • Several unnamed characters are listed with voice roles in the credits.
    • One of the older women, either the inn attendant who yells at "Poiko" or the one who runs the lake's boat rental service, is voiced by Nakazawa Yayoi.
    • The old innkeeper is voiced by Nishikawa Ikuo.

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