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Full-Throttle Stress! Being the Madonna is tough (ストレス全開!マドンナはつらいよ "Sutoresu Zenkai! Madon'na Hatsurai yo?), dubbed Practice Makes Perfect in the Canadian English dub, is the 16th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 16th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa struggles to try to understand the school superstar after she believes the girl doesn't like her. Meanwhile, Poisony decides to use Yuka as part of her plan to defeat Pretty Cure. 


In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King comments on the four Prism Stones the Garden of Light's forces currently have, that they must not allow them to take any more. The cloaked man adds that they're running out of time, but Kiriya asks to be left alone to do things his way, which his sister sees as him being arrogant. 

A limousine stops nearby Verone Academy as a female student exits the car, thanking her driver as she heads to school, unaware that Poisony is watching her from above. 

A rich girl takes a limo to school.

Nagisa is in the middle of lacrosse practice as she thinks back to her recent family vacationFwPC15 with Honoka, before realizing that the majority of her team has left to go see the "Madonna." They all head to the gym where a volleyball match between Verone and Otakagu is taking place, as the rich girl from earlier, called "Yuka-sempai" by her fellow students, dominates the game. The ball then flies towards and hits Nagisa in the face, falling into her lacrosse stick as she dizzily spins and throws it into a basketball hoop. The students clap as Nagisa embarrassingly calls it a "nice shot." The match continues and eventually ends with Verone winning, thanks in large part to Yuka.  

As Nagisa and her friends leave, Shiho notes that Yuka is as athletic as Nagisa, with Rina adding that she's also smart, beautiful, and rich. Nagisa recalls Yuka being apart of the tennis team but is told that she's only assisting them to qualify for the upcoming tournament, while her volleyball stint was to help Verone's team defeat Otakagu. The girls then wonder what club Yuka actually belongs to, before Honoka reveals that she's been apart of the science club since her first year. Just as Honoka and Nagisa are about to leave school, Yuka calls out to the former, apologizing for not being able to attend the science club recently. Yuka then notices Nagisa as the girl who made the accidental "shot" earlier, complimenting her skill but also warning her to be more careful as she could have interfered with the match. As Yuka leaves, Nagisa worries that she dislikes her, but Honoka assures her otherwise. 

Nagisa moves aside as a limo passes through.

The next day, Nagisa rushes to school after oversleeping, taking a shortcut when a limousine appears behind her. She moves out of the way and spots Yuka in the car, who after locking eyes with Nagisa attempts to avert her own gaze. It's revealed that Yuka also overslept and was driven to school two days in a row, being embarrassed about it. Nagisa arrives in the classroom just after the bell rings, so Ms. Yoshimi assigns her to clean the chalkboard during lunch as punishment.

Nagisa is outside pounding the dust out of the chalkboard erasers when Honoka asks if she can help. Nagisa hands her one of the erasers and the two go around humming a tune, clapping their erasers together. Yuka spots them and says that they seem to be having a lot of fun, but when asked by Nagisa if she'd like to join, Yuka brushes it off as being too old for that behavior and leaves. Nagisa continues to think that Yuka hates her, unaware that the latter is listening in on them from close by, stating to herself that they don't know how hard it is to be the Madonna of the school.

Once school ends, Yuka hurries as she has piano and English lessons. She sees Nagisa and her friends walking together, envious of the fun and freedom they have. As Yuka turns into a corner, a "fortune-teller" calls out to her, claiming to know of her problems, that she wants to play around like a normal girl. The fortune-teller hypnotizes Yuka and summons a Zakenna to possess her shadow, which separates from her and flies off, splitting into several Yuka-shaped forms.

A Zakenna possesses Yuka's shadow.

Nagisa and Honoka walk through a park when Mepple and Mipple sense something sinister approaching them. It turns out to be just Yuka walking by, though Honoka notices something strange as she ignores them. Mepple and Mipple again sense another approaching danger, but this time, in two different directions which confuses the girls. After deciding on a direction with a game of rock paper scissors, the girls spot another Yuka walking by, followed by a group of Yukas. The girls are perplexed by all the Yuka clones in the park, as Poisony nearby commands them to "play," bothering the parkgoers in several ways. The girls realize this must be the work of the Dotsuku Zone, as Poisony appears and explains what she did to Yuka. The girls then transform.

The girls chase after Poisony, jumping on rooftops of buildings before arriving in a car junkyard. The Yukas surround them, with Poisony warning that if they attack, they could potentially hurt the real Yuka among the clones. Cure White recalls Poisony mentioning earlier that the Zakenna was cast on Yuka's shadow, which gives her an idea as she escapes by jumping on top of the Yukas. She runs to a nearby garage and flips a switch turning on the lights in the yard, causing all the shadow clones to disappear, leaving only the real Yuka. An angered Poisony snaps her fingers to turn the lights back off, causing the clones to reappear. Cure Black asks Cure White for something to write with, and she grabs a nearby marker to throw at her, which Cure Black uses to mark the face of the real Yuka to tell her apart from the others. Cure White grabs the real Yuka and takes her to safety.

Cure Black doodles on the real Yuka's face to tell her apart from the clones.

Poisony commands all the clones to fuse into one large generic bloblike Zakenna. The girls charge at it, but their attacks don't cause any damage and instead get them stuck on the Zakenna's squishy surface, who swallows them whole. However, from inside the Zakenna, the girls hold hands and unleash their Marble Screw attack, breaking it down, as Poisony retreats in defeat yet again. The girls check on the unconscious Yuka before leaving her to wake up by herself.

The next day on the way to school, Yuka's face is cleaned off, which Nagisa notes to Honoka, before bursting into laughter over the doodles she drew on Yuka's face. Yuka, noticing Nagisa's laughter, thinks that the markings are still on her face, and embarrassingly runs off. Honoka, who at first felt Nagisa was being rude in her laughter, soon joins in.

Major Events

  • Verone Academy's "Madonna," Odajima Yuka, makes her first appearance


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Stressed Out! It's Not Easy Being a Superstar.[1]
  • During the next episode preview for this episode, Honoka says that Yuka really is the "Madonna," to which Nagisa replies "Well, what do you mean?" (まぁ、どんな? mā, donna??).
  • Yuka's chauffeur is named Muromachi.
  • Footage of Nagisa's lacrosse team practicing from the first episode is reused.
  • When Nagisa and her friends discuss what club Yuka might belong to, in addition to the tennis club, they mention the tea ceremony club, the concert band, and the English conversation club.
  • As Nagisa slides into her classroom, she yells "Safe!" under the impression that she barely made it on time, however, Ms. Yoshimi says she's "Out!," akin to a game of baseball.
  • The tune Nagisa and Honoka hum as they square dance while dusting off the erasers is the American folk song "Turkey in the Straw," more commonly known as the "Oklahoma Mixer" in Japan.[2]
  • When the Yuka clones play in the park, several of them line up into two parallel groups to play "Hana Ichi Monme" (花一匁?), a Japanese children's game, even reciting a few lines from it.[3]
  • The car junkyard where the girls fight the Zakenna is labeled "Okamura Automobiles" (岡村自動車 Okamura jidōsha?).
  • Two unnamed schoolgirls are voiced by Kigawa Eriko and Nishino Yoko.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • Emma's chauffeur is named Humphrey.
  • Several scenes have a bit more dialogue added in the dub.
    • Natalie goes over the events of the previous episode in more detail during the recap. She also notes that her vacation was "one of the best trips ever" despite the attack, unlike her simple disgust in the original.
    • As the girls look around the park for the "evil" that Mepple and Mipple sensed, Natalie remarks that she sees nothing strange, while Hannah says they should "still be cautious," as "Mepple and Mipple are never wrong." Hannah then notices Emma walking towards them, noting that "this isn't her usual route home."
    • As the girls chase Pandora across the rooftops, Cure White remarks that she's "a lot faster than [she] expected." When confronting the copies of Emma at the junkyard, she also notes that it's "beyond scientific explanation."
    • After the Zakenna disperse, the girls reflect on a job well done, with Cure White hoping that Emma doesn't remember anything that happened.
  • When Natalie and her friends discuss the clubs Emma belongs to, the context is slightly different.
    • Instead of the tea ceremony club, Emma is said to be the president of the "Japanese Cultural Society."
    • Instead of the English conversation club, Emma is said to have debated at one of the school's "public speaking competitions."
    • Hannah also notes that in addition to those aforementioned clubs, she also belongs to the science club, rather than solely to it. She also claims that Emma is the reason she got involved with the club in the first place.
  • Originally, as Yuka leaves school, she remarks that she her piano tutor is waiting followed by her English tutor. The dub changes the latter to Emma's calculus tutor.
  • As the copies of Emma march back and forth in the park, they chant a variation of an English folk song commonly known as "The Wind Blows High."[4]
    • "The wind, the wind, the wind blows high, tossing Emma through the sky. He is handsome, she is pretty, she's the girl from the golden city."



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