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Get his Heart! Heart-Throbbing Farm Work (ハートをゲット!トキメキ農作業 "Hāto wo Getto! Tokimeki Nōsagyō"?), dubbed Cultivating Crushes in the Canadian English dub, is the 17th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 17th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa and Honoka join Kimata at his grandparents' farm to help them with the harvest, and during this time, they bond with Fuji-P and Kiriya.


Nagisa sits down to rest after lacrosse practice, thinking about her recent encounterFwPC16 with one of the "assassins" from the Dotsuku Zone. She then gets distracted by Fuji-P nearby practicing with his soccer ball, quietly wishing him good luck. Honoka suddenly appears next to Nagisa, telling her to cheer louder so that he can hear. Honoka then asks if she's free the next day, as she's going to help out with the harvest at an acquaintance of her's family farm, inviting Nagisa, who accepts. Honoka says that Fuji-P will be glad, as he was the one who asked her to come, specifying Kimata of the soccer team's grandfather as the one who needs help with his vegetables. Nagisa is left in disbelief that she'll be doing farm work with her crush.

Nagisa imagines working in the field with Fuji-P.

Later that night, Nagisa sits in her room with a pile of clothes on the floor, wondering what she should wear tomorrow. Ryouta tries to sneak into her room but is instantly put into a "cobra twist" for not knocking again. He notices the clothes and asks if she's going on a date, which she denies, stating that it's for farm work with Honoka. This confuses Ryouta, who wonders why she's zealously choosing clothes for just the farm, as Nagisa thinks about working with Fuji-P, causing her to blush and roll around on the floor. Ryouta worriedly calls for their mom, stating that there's "something wrong" with his sister. Even Mepple starts to doubt if he can be properly looked after by Nagisa.

The next morning, the group, consisting of Nagisa, Honoka, Fuji-P, Kimata, and Kiriya, ride a train to the farm. Kiriya sits across from the other four, who are seated together. Once at the farm, Kimata's grandmother thanks them for coming, as her husband had injured his shoulder, and she can't do all the work alone. Kimata's grandfather then stubbornly comes out to insist that he's fine, refusing to listen to his doctor's orders, before reluctantly heading back inside to rest. As the kids begin to harvest the crops, they split off into pairs, with Kimata joining his grandmother, Honoka assigning Fuji-P and Nagisa together as both are athletes, and Honoka herself being left with Kiriya. Honoka whispers to a lovestruck Nagisa to "clearly say" what she wants to Fuji-P.

As Nagisa pulls white radishes out of the ground, she's too nervous and unsure of what to say to Fuji-P right beside her. He soon notices the many radishes Nagisa has unknowingly harvested and is amazed, giving her praise as a girl for doing "strenuous dirty work" like this. Nagisa, now red in the face, is given a boost of morale and continues picking up radishes one after the other.

Kiriya asks Honoka why they're doing all this work.

Meanwhile, as Honoka harvests cabbages, she explains the origin of the crop to Kiriya, who idly stands by before lying down on a nearby haystack. Honoka tells him to not slack off when everyone else is doing their best, but he says it's no use, given how much cabbages there are in the field. Honoka retorts that they can do it by working together, but Kiriya instead sees this as a sign of weakness in humans. Honoka claims that cooperation is what makes people strong, but Kiriya is left confused, only to be told that he'll understand once he does work. As Kiriya struggles to harvest cabbage, he asks Honoka what the point is in all of this, to which she tells him that the crops go to the market before eventually ending up on people's plates. Kimata then calls the two over for lunch, and as Kiriya is about to go, he is stopped by Honoka, who tells Kimata that the others can go on ahead without them as they will be working a bit more. Kiriya asks why, and Honoka tells him that it's to make up for his slacking off earlier.

As Nagisa and the others have lunch, Fuji-P notes that Honoka isn't the type of person to do things halfway, with Kimata adding that she can be a bit rough on others such as Kiriya. However, Nagisa disagrees, saying that it's because Honoka cares about Kiriya that she's serious with him, which she finds is one of the good things about her. Fuji-P thanks Nagisa, noting that as a childhood friend of Honoka's, he was worried that her strict nature would push people away, which is why he's glad she has a friend like Nagisa who understands her. Nagisa, complimented by her crush again, flusteredly turns red and excuses herself.

Nagisa finds Mepple and Mipple back at the farmhouse playing with some sort of device. They tell her it's the "Prism Love Checker," which can measure the love of two partners based on how much of the gauge lights up. The two demonstrate by having the entire gauge light up, indicating their "true love," with Mepple adding that they've used this device back in the Garden of Light. Nagisa excitedly asks to borrow it, noting that even if she can't say anything to Fuji-P, she can still use this device to measure what he thinks of her. She attempts to get close to him only to back away once noticed.

Mepple shows Nagisa the Prism Love Checker.

Nagisa groans about her lack of confidence when she spots Kimata's grandmother bringing a jacket to her husband, who she claims can't do anything by himself. Nagisa then gets the idea to test the Prism Love Checker on the elderly couple, with the grandfather reluctant until urged by his wife. Much like with Mepple and Mipple, the entire gauge lights up, indicating "true love," which surprises and confuses Nagisa. The grandmother is enthralled by the illuminating device but the grandfather finds it "worthless," causing them to bicker a bit. Nagisa then returns the device, claiming it might be broken, with Mepple retorting that it's "always correct," but she remains unconvinced that Kimata's grandparents are in "true love."

Kiriya pushes a wheelbarrow filled with boxes of cabbage when he accidentally stumbles over uneven ground and falls, with Honoka rushing over to notice that he cut his finger through the glove. Kiriya sees this as no big deal, but Honoka walks him over to get the wound washed. Kiriya asks why she's doing this for him, and Honoka replies that she can't just leave someone injured, prompting him to ask if "everyone is like that," which she confirms. After putting a bandage on the wound, Honoka gets back to work, while Kiriya just stares at his bandage before putting his glove back on to join her.

Later that afternoon, everyone comes back to the farmhouse to have some tea, although Kiriya is nowhere to be seen. He's left behind at the now-empty fields, amazed that the work is "all done," thinking back to Honoka's words about cooperation. Poisony then appears next to Kiriya, saying that it's not like him to be this vulnerable to the humans, even threatening to "end" him if she felt like it. Kiriya denies this and offers to help Poisony attack Pretty Cure this time. Dark clouds enshroud the farm as she summons a Zakenna from underground, which digs towards the farmhouse.

The humans feel an "earthquake" when a giant Zakenna-possessed earthworm pops out, ramming itself into the house with Kimata's grandparents inside. The impact causes a drawer to fall over, almost on Kimata's grandmother but her husband moves in to protect her. The worm breaks into the house, as Kimata's grandparents slowly back away, only for their grandson and Fuji-P to throw rocks at it, distracting the worm away from the house as it chases after them. The girls use this opportunity to transform.

The girls give their transformation speech only to realize no one is around, so they chase after the Zakenna and land kicks on it, giving Kimata and Fuji-P enough time to escape. Just then, another Zakenna, this time a giant centipede, flicks Cure Black away and grabs Cure White with its tail, dragging her into a nearby cave. Cure Black tries to follow in but Kiriya stops her by closing up the cave opening.

Cure White is greeted by Poisony who asks for the Prism Stones, before commanding her Zakenna-possessed centipede to bind Cure White as she refuses. Kiriya watches from afar without being noticed. Poisony claims that the girls have one flaw: "They can't do anything by themselves." Cure Black continues to try and break into the cave, but it's no use, with Mepple adding that it's not "normal rock" but one enhanced with "strong power." Kiriya watches Cure White continue to not give up, as he starts to weaken his hold on the barrier.

Cure White picks up the earthworm that was just possessed by a Zakenna.

Cure Black is finally able to kick her way into the cave, which distracts the centipede enough that it drops Cure White from its grasp, who runs up to her partner. The girls then launch their Marble Screw attack, directly hitting the Zakenna and Poisony as they're blasted out of the cave. Cure White then picks up the earthworm, back to normal, and shows it to Cure Black, who becomes frightened and moves away. Kiriya, still in the cave, looks at his bandaged finger again.

Kimata and Fuji-P return to the farmhouse to check on the former's grandfather to see if he's hurt, only for him to claim that it was "just a scratch." The grandfather than checks on his wife to see if she's alright, which she confirms, given that he protected her, prompting him to coldly turn away as if to hide his affection. Honoka notes that "you can't always determine the closeness of a relationship just by looking at them," with Mepple adding that the Prism Love Checker's diagnosis turned out correct after all. Honoka then tells Nagisa that to "move forward," she needs to take the first step, referring to her crush on Fuji-P. Nagisa goes up to him but is too flustered to say her true feelings so she instead thanks him for his hard work today. Honoka remarks that "there's a long way to go."

Major Events

  • Under Honoka's guidance, Kiriya learns about cooperation as humans, which begins to interfere with his mission.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Capture His Heart! Getting Heady With Farm Work.[1]
  • During the next episode preview for this episode, Nagisa comments on how she "[doesn't] have the stomach" (意気地が無い ikuji ga nai?) for crucial moments, with Honoka retorting that she's "gluttonous" (食い意地 kuiiji?).
  • When Kiriya rides the train with the group to the farm, he has a box of chocolate snacks, with one described as twigs coated in white chocolate, possibly alluding to his closeness with Honoka (Cure White).
  • When Cure Black comes to the rescue, she says "the hero has arrived," with Cure White asking if she meant "heroine."
  • Kimata's grandfather and grandmother are voiced by Tokumaru Kan and Tomoe Seiko respectively.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • As the group rides the train to the farm, part of their conversation can be heard more clearly. They share snacks and look out the window to see cows.
  • When Natalie tries to deny to Mepple and Mipple that she likes Fergie, she says that he and Hannah have been friends since they were little, and she wouldn't want to jeopardize her friendship with Hannah by going out with him.
  • Kossner's grandmother says that she's bringing her husband a hot cup of tea to warm up, although the scene after does show her bring him the jacket like stated in the original.
  • After the group is done with the work for the day, Kossner's grandmother simply thanks them without offering tea like in the original.
  • Kossner's grandmother and grandfather are voiced by Michelle Warkentin and Jim Elliot respectively.


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