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Heart-Throbbing! Midterm Tests are a Love Labyrinth (ドキドキ!中間テストは恋の迷宮 "Doki Doki! Chūkan Tesuto wa Koi no Meikyū"?), dubbed Midterm Mission in the English dub, is the 18th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 18th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Honoka tries to help a girl confess her crush to Kiriya, creating conflict when he is unable to understand the gesture. While this is going on, Poisony traps Nagisa and Honoka in a mirror maze just as their midterm exam is about to start.


In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King mentions that the power of darkness, with the potential to consume everything, has started eating at his own body, prompting him to again demand the Prism Stones at once. The cloaked man reminds his comrades that their own lives are connected with the Evil King's, so they must do as he says. Poisony notes that things happen out of her control which she does not understand, such as with the most recent attackFwPC17; she indirectly refers to Kiriya's lenience allowing Pretty Cure to reunite, but doesn't suspect him of insubordination.

On the way to school, Shiho and Rina run up to Nagisa to ask about her visit to a farm with Kiriya, noting how jealous the many "Kiriya fans" would be. The girls then get depressed thinking about the exams they have starting tomorrow, but Nagisa puts on a stoic face, claiming she doesn't "want to think about it right now." Meanwhile, Kiriya throws stones in a nearby lake, staring at the bandage Honoka helped put on his scrape from doing farm work.

Taniguchi Seiko.

At school, Shiho and Rina are shocked to learn that one of their classmates, Seiko, admits to having her first crush on Kiriya. Rina admits that she's a bit disappointed, as Kiriya was her "type," but is willing to do a "service" in helping Seiko confess. However, Seiko notes that she hasn't even spoken to Kiriya before, but the girls say it's no big deal as she just needs confidence. The girls sing Seiko's praises, with Nagisa even adding that her grades are better than her own. Shiho adds that if Nagisa's grades were better, she'd be more popular with the boys, which motivates her a little to study for the upcoming tests. Just then, Honoka walks by, and the girls ask her to give Seiko advice on how to confess. Honoka agrees that it's important to convey your feelings to the other person and that it's wonderful Seiko has a special someone, though she doesn't know who it is. The girls express their support for Seiko, with Nagisa adding that she'll be there even if things don't work out, but is quickly stopped mid-sentence by Shiho and Rina so as to not inflict bad luck.

During soccer practice, Kiriya is substituted into the game but ignores the wish of luck from the player he replaces. Kiriya chases after one of the players with possession of the ball, stating that he just needs to "take it," going for a slide tackle from behind, which trips the player and gives Kiriya the chance to score a goal. However, his play is called "foul" by Kimata, and the other teammates are irritated with his "rough play." One even angrily approaches Kiriya until stopped by Fuji-P, who says that he's still new and needs to learn. Fuji-P then turns to Kiriya and tells him to be careful, as they're "all friends in the same club," and he'll get along with the others soon.

The words of his captain echo in Kiriya's head as he leaves school later that day, when he is approached by Seiko, who introduces herself and hands him a love letter. Kiriya, not understanding her intentions, brushes it off and walks away without taking the letter.

Honoka and Kiriya on a bench.

Kiriya arrives at the Wakabadai Public Library to find Honoka studying, claiming to often see her here, so he asks if she like studying. Honoka confirms this, as she finds learning new things to be exciting. The two then head outside to a park, where Kiriya admits that he doesn't understand what others are thinking and wonders why that is. Honoka suggests that it's probably because he's not making the effort to associate with his peers, such as by expressing his feelings, almost verbatim what she told Seiko earlier. Honoka adds that once you've truly understood another person, you can be nice to or even get angry with them, as that's how relationships work. She then asks about his scrape from earlier, glad that it's healing.

In her room, Nagisa plans to pull an all-nighter cramming for tomorrow's test. Mepple says that she should just give up and take him to see Mipple, which Nagisa refuses, causing him to throw a fit. She swipes a card on his Card Commune to summon Shiklp, who scolds Mepple for not taking his duties as the Chosen Hero seriously, but he rambles on for so long and loud that Nagisa yells at both to be quiet.

Later that night, Kiriya floats through the sky on his back when his sister appears, asking him if he enjoys hanging out with and plans to befriend "those people," which he denies. Poisony says that it doesn't matter, claiming his school life will end tomorrow. Kiriya asks her to elaborate, and she vaguely tells him to "look forward to it."

Nagisa has a dream where she gets a perfect score on the test, with her friends celebrating her achievement and Fuji-P giving her a bouquet of flowers, only for Mepple to pop out of the bouquet, calling her name. She's half-asleep in the middle of studying, waking up to realize that it's 2:00 AM. Mepple tells her that she still has time to study until the morning, but Nagisa gives up and goes to bed, stating that it's impossible, and she'll instead rely on Honoka's help.

The next day, Shiho and Rina wait outside the school's boys' division gate with Seiko to help her give Kiriya the letter again, as it took her a lot of courage to write out her feelings. Rina mentions in passing to Seiko that Honoka is supporting her, which Kiriya overhears, taking it as Honoka not caring for his own feelings by helping this girl out. He angrily takes the letter from Seiko and tells the girls to go away, ripping the letter up in front of them.

Kiriya screams at Honoka.

Meanwhile, Nagisa hurries to school, having overslept. Honoka is at school changing shoes when she notices Shiho and Rina comforting a crying Seiko. Nagisa is distraught to learn from her friends that Honoka had stormed off into the boys' division, claiming that the test is about to begin. Honoka enters Kiriya's classroom to find him staring out the window, angrily telling him off for "going that far." Nagisa arrives to find Honoka telling Kiriya that he'll "never learn to get along with others at this rate" and to be more thoughtful of "other's hearts." Kiriya retorts by claiming that Honoka wasn't thinking of his feelings by supporting Seiko in confessing to him, with Nagisa chiming in that Honoka didn't specifically know who Seiko was in love with, only to be told that's no excuse. Kiriya continues by saying he was "inconvenienced" by Honoka's encouragement, calling her a hypocrite. He then turns to her and asks if she knows what he's feeling, to explain what his "heart" is like, and screams at her to not act like she knows everything especially when she doesn't know who he is. Honoka is taken aback before profusely apologizing to Kiriya.

Honoka and Nagisa hurry back to their classroom just as Ms. Yoshimi is about to administer the test, opening the door only to end up falling into a spacious void. Poisony's eyes and mouth appear in the void, enlarged, laughing at the girls continue to fall. Honoka asks Nagisa if she has Mepple, which she confirms, so the two girls transform into Pretty Cure midair, safely landing on the ground once finished. As the girls finish their speech, they realize that they're surrounded by mirrors. Poisony appears, and Cure Black attempts to kick her, only to break a mirror instead. Poisony spins to kick Cure Black from behind, sending her flying towards Cure White, only for Poisony to jump in the way to attack Cure White before attacking Cure Black again. Poisony exclaims that she has more powers than just the Zakenna.

Back at school, Kiriya looks down at his desk, thinking about Honoka's apology.

Cure Black launches towards Poisony with a barrage of punches and kicks, only for the latter to dodge them all her attacker runs into a mirror. Cure White tells her partner to watch out as Poisony tries to get Cure Black from behind again, only for Cure Black to backflip over Poisony and grab her arm, prompting Cure White to grab her other arm, allowing the girls to spin and slam Poisony into one of the mirrors. Poisony says she won't forgive the girls, trapping them inside a mirror, claiming that she'll search for the Prism Stones among the shards once she breaks their mirror. The girls are frightened and try to break out, only for a mysterious light to appear behind them, just before Poisony breaks the mirror.

A mysterious light appears behind the girls.

The girls are suddenly transported back outside their classroom in their civilian forms and clothes as if no time had passed since they entered the void of mirrors. The girls enter the classroom, with Ms. Yoshimi telling them to get ready as they're about to take the test. Meanwhile, Poisony realizes the girls had somehow escaped as she searches through the empty shards. As the girls take their test, Kiriya walks by their classroom.

Later that day after school, Honoka learns that Kiriya came to apologize to Seiko, saying that he couldn't accept her letter. While Seiko was sad, she was finally able to put it to rest and even thanked Kiriya, surprising him. Just then, Nagisa arrives, bringing Seiko a flyer for all-you-can-eat chocolate parfaits at "Cafe au motti," claiming that their "youth has only just begun," dragging her along so the two can "drown their sorrows out." Honoka reminds Nagisa of another test tomorrow, but the latter puts on a stoic face again, not wanting to think about it right now.

Major Events

  • The Evil King reveals that the power of darkness is starting to consume him, lending to his impatience in demanding the Prism Stones.
  • Kiriya starts to understand human relationships and communication, further compromising him of his mission.





Secondary Characters


  • When Nagisa says she'll do her best on the upcoming test, she incorrectly recites a Japanese proverb, "If you try, you may succeed. If you do not try, you will not succeed at anyone." (為せば成る 為さねば成らぬ何者も naseba naru nasaneba naranu nanimono mo?). Her friends correct her with "at anything" (何事も nanigoto mo?).[1]
  • The letter that Seiko gives to Kiriya is addressed to "Irizawa Kiriya" (入澤キリヤ?), depicting for the first time onscreen what kanji his human alias' family name is written with.
  • As Nagisa plans to "cram in one night" (一夜漬け ichiyazuke?) for her test, Mepple mistakes the word for its literal meaning as something "pickled overnight" and asks if it's delicious.[2]
  • The Shiklp card is used for the first time, summoning a teacher to scold Mepple.
  • Kiriya begins to call Honoka "Honoka-san" starting with this episode, as opposed to "Sempai."
  • This episode features one of the shortest iterations of Pretty Cure's transformation sequence in the season, at about half the approximate minute it usually takes.
  • It could be implied that the mysterious light that transported the girls out of the mirror was of Kiriya's doing, much like his save in the previous episode.
  • Taniguchi Seiko (谷口聖子?) is voiced by Yoshida Konami.
  • Two unnamed boys in the soccer team are voiced by Iida Toshinobu and Azumi Jun.

Dub Edits

  • The Dark King talks about how the light is gradually strengthening and will soon overtake the darkness.
  • When Natalie first learns about the midterms, she makes a stoic face and says it's "time to start cramming," instead of wanting to forget about it like in the original.
  • As Kirea stands by the riverbank looking at his bandaged finger, audio of Hannah explaining why she helped him, from the previous episode is played.
  • Seiko is named "Sophie" in the localization.


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