Too Scary! Dotsuku Zone's Final Trump Card (こわすぎ!ドツクゾーン最後の切り札 "Kowasugi! Dotsuku Zōn Saigo no Kirifuda"?), dubbed The Dark Zone's Secret Weapon in the English dub, is the 19th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 19th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mipple worries that Mepple has forgotten his duties as of late and they get into an arguement. During this time, the Dotsuku Zone unleashes it's last villain, IIkubo


In the library, Honoka is helping Nagisa with her homework. But they find themselves distracted with Mepple's yelling, and head outside to find out what he wants. He announces that he is hungry, and Nagisa slashes the card to summon Omp for him. He gives Mepple a lot of ice cream. Mipple mentions being hungry also, so Honoka asks Mepple to share, but as it turns out, he has already finished all of it. He offers to let Mipple have the next serving, but she gets angry and refuses to speak to him. Mepple doesn't seem to care though, and asks for seconds, causing Nagisa to yell at him for eating so much. 

Meanwhile, in Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King is very angry with everyone and reminds them of the importance behind the seven Prism Stones. The mysterious cloaked man appears to be frustrated.

Later, the girls are out walking by a market, when Mepple appears to announce he wants some bread. They quickly head to the park, away from other people. Nagisa yells at him for being careless, but he doesn't really care, stating again that he is hungry. By now, Mipple believes he is behaving weirdly. She tries to tell him that as a legendary hero of the Garden of Light, he seems to be forgetting his noble cause and has become lazy. Annoyed, Mepple claims he has been preparing himself, and instead claims that she isn't worthy of being the Princess of Hope. This causes her to cry and ask if this is how he really feels. He retorts that she insulted him first though, although she claims she wasn't trying to. She just wants to revive the Garden of Light, angrily going back into her bag as Mepple claims not to care and hides.

Garden of Light after Dotsuku Zone attack

At home, Nagisa tries to feed Mepple by giving him dinner, but he refuses to eat. She wonders if he has a fever, only to determine he's probably worried over Mipple. Mepple doesn't blame her for getting angry. He begins to tell Nagisa how wonderful the Garden of Light was before the Dotsuku Zone destroyed it. If the seven stones get into the hands of Dotsuku Zone, the power that is protecting the Garden of Light will be gone. It was only saved because they fled with two of the stones. The Dotsuku Zone annihilates everything in its path, leaving nothing but darkness behind, and no signs of life.  

Meanwhile, Mipple has just finished telling Honoka the same story. No matter what, they must protect the stones. Honoka claims that she understands her feelings, but she also thinks that Mipple may have taken her words a little too far against Mepple. Mipple, having calmed down since earlier agrees with this. 

Mepple tells Nagisa that he wants to live in the Garden of Light with Mipple and everyone else again, and when the seven stones are together, the power of creation will revive it. Everything will be like it was before, and he tells her that the power of creation exists in everything with life, but he wonders if this may be too hard for Nagisa to understand. He changes the subject by describing one of the legends from his home; When the Chosen Hero and the Princess of Hope unite their powers with the legendary warriors, everything will be okay.

The next day, the girls reunite on their way to school and take shelter in a nearby alleyway, telling Mepple to use this time to apologize. Knowing they should reconcile, both fairies exit their bags, but Mepple struggles to find the right words until Nagisa tells him that he only has to say 'sorry.' Suddenly angered, he tells them that he doesn't have anything to apologize for. It's Mipple who owes him an apology. Also angry, Mipple yells in response by saying he did the same thing to her by claiming she was unworthy of her status, causing them to start arguing. They then take refuge back into the Communes, just as the girls notice life draining from the land; People are beginning to faint, and the flowers and plants are wilting.

Poisony is watching this from afar, wonder what is going on. She notices the air is freezing, the high tension, and begins to suspect someone named 'Ilkubo.' That name of course, belongs to the mysterious cloaked man from the Dotsuku Zone.

IIkubo appears, showing his ability to suck the power of creation from every living organism surrounding him. Kiriya is witnessing this carry on from nearby, and even he appears genuinely shocked. The girls walk around to observe the strange new event.

Mepple admits that he has never felt something like this before, and recognizes it as a sign of the Dotsuku Zone. Suddenly, IIkubo appears near them. The fairies sense that he has sucked up all the life from the Garden of Rainbows, and admit that they've never witnessed power like this before. The girls refuse to leave the city like this, and transform into Pretty Cure on the spot. He repels everything they send at him, even when they work together. The fairies state that they should retreat, but the girls refuse to do so. Ilkubo then decides to take away their' power of light,' reverting Pretty Cure back to their civilian forms.


Pretty Cure using Marble Screw

A hopeless Mipple realizes they are in big trouble, but Mepple tells her that as the Princess of Hope, she can't give up. Mepple tells the girls to escape while he defends them. He isn't sure how though. In a worse case scenario, he will be handing over his own Prism Stone, but everyone else can make a quick escape. Nagisa tells Mepple that without him, she can't transform. He states that even just being beside Mipple would be

Mepple transforms back to his real form, and begins to attack. As he charges towards Ilkubo, 'the power of light' gradually cracks open by itself, likely due to the sheer force and determination exerted by Mepple. The power starts to rain down, and the girls transform back into Pretty Cure. They quickly use Marble Screw; However, Ilkubo is able to push back on it, until the girls strengthen their power with encouragement from Mepple and Mipple.

Later, Mipple apologizes to Mepple for what she said, and he apologizes for his own words. Everyone compliments Mepple for what he was able to do today, and compare him to a true, chosen hero, causing him to blush. Then Mipple and Mepple transform to their true forms, and go to 'lovey-dovey' mode again.

Ilkubo managed to survive, and is overlooking the city. He notes that the girls have grown in power, while the Evil King back in the Dotsuku Zone starts to groan.  

Major Events

  • Ilkubo performs his first attack on the Garden of Rainbows.





Secondary Characters


  • This is the first time Ilkubo's name is mentioned in the season, by Poisony.


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