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Too Scary! Dotsuku Zone's Final Trump Card (こわすぎ!ドツクゾーン最後の切り札 "Kowasugi! Dotsuku Zōn Saigo no Kirifuda"?), dubbed The Dark Zone's Secret Weapon in the Canadian English dub, is the 19th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 19th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Mipple worries that Mepple has forgotten his duties as of late and they get into an argument. During this time, the Dotsuku Zone unleashes its second-in-command, IIkubo


At Verone Academy, Honoka helps Nagisa study for math when a hungry Mepple interrupts, forcing them to leave the school library and head outside. Nagisa swipes Omp's card and he requests several frozen desserts. Honoka asks Mepple to share some of his treats with Mipple, only for him to have already eaten it all. He offers Mipple the next serving, but she angrily shuts her Commune, leaving him indifferent as he asks for more. 

In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King groans with impatience as a frustrated cloaked man stands before him. 

Mepple and Mipple argue.

Nagisa walks through a market while thinking about her recent encounter with the enemies as Pretty CureFwPC18, where they were transported out of a mirror by a mysterious light. She questions if someone had helped them, but quickly brushes it aside. Honoka joins Nagisa and Mepple picks up the scent of the bakery they are near, so he demands to be fed bread. The girls run to a secluded area, annoyed that he's still asking for food. Mipple notes that Mepple has been acting strange lately and asks him if he forgot about his mission as the Garden of Light's chosen hero. Mepple claims he is preparing, then accuses her of being unfit for the role of Princess of Hope if she's unable to understand. Mipple only wants to restore their home, which she tells him before leaving again.

At home Nagisa gives Mepple some dinner but he refuses to eat. He accesses that Mipple has every right to be angry since they both miss home, and he describes its beauty to her and how it may disappear if the Dotsuku Zone got their hands on all seven Prism Stones. As Mepple and Mipple had escaped with two of the Prism Stones, the Garden of Light remains safe for now.

At Honoka's house, Mipple has the same conversation with her. Honoka says that she might have gone too far in calling Mepple "unheroic," which Mipple agrees.

Mepple recalls how the Dotsuku Zone attacked the Garden of Light.

Mepple explains to Nagisa that when the power of creation is revealed from all seven Prism Stones together, the Garden of Light can be restored to normal. The power of creation also exists here in the Garden of Rainbows, through the accumulated energy of its living beings. Everything will be fine once the Chosen Hero, the Princess of Hope and the legendary warriors combine their powers. Nagisa says that it's not good if the Chosen Hero and Princess of Hope are currently arguing.  

The next morning, the girls reunite on their way to school and head into an alleyway to give their feuding mascots a chance to make up. They release them but Mepple struggles to find the words to express himself. Nagisa tells him to just apologize but this irritates him, as he believes he is the one owed an apolgy since Mipple started it. This reignites the fight and they return to their pouches, refusing to speak. Just then, the people surrounding them fall unconcious and flowers begin to wilt. Poisony, who just happens to be nearby can feel tension within the air and how the atmosphere has become frozen. She suspects Ilkubo -the cloaked man- to be the cause.

As this is going on, a surprised Kiriya watches as Ilkubo is draining the energy from his surroundings into an orb that he holds, intending to gift it to the Evil King.

People in the city fall unconscious.

The girls see how lifeless the entire city has become, while Mepple senses it's unlike anything he's felt from the Dotsuku Zone before. They spot a cloaked figure in the middle of the street and approach them. It turns out to be Ilkubo, who asks if they're the ones he's looking for. As the girls back away they notice the orb in his hand, which Mepple explains is filled with the lifeforce stolen from the Garden of Rainbows. Ilkubo demands them Prism Stones from them, with Mepple and Mipple telling the girls to retreat but they refuse, instead opting to transform and fight. Ilkubo states that he won't hold back.  

The girls charge at Ilkubo individually, but he is able to push them back with just one hand. They then try charging together, but the result ends up the same. The girls get up, holding hands as if about to launch their attack, but Ilkubo drains the power of light from them into his orb, reverting Pretty Cure back into their civilian forms. Ilkubo is amazed at the power he just amassed.  

The powerless girls struggle to even stand up. Mipple loses hope, noting that they've run out of options. However, Mepple tells her that as the Princess of Hope and for the sake of the Garden of Light, she shouldn't give up. He then asks the girls to take Mipple with them and escape as he tries to fend Ilkubo off by himself, even planning to give up his Prism Stone in a worst-case scenario. Nagisa mentions that without him they can't transform, but Mepple says that the girls being there to support Mipple is enough. Mipple continues to object, but Mepple states that he is the chosen hero and he will protect all three of them. He turns into his true form and charges towards Ilkubo, who notices that he's beginning to lose control of the energy contained in his orb as it gradually cracks open.

The girls regain their powers and jump back into battle.

The released energy begins to rain down, allowing the girls to transform back into Pretty Cure as they regain the power of light. Mipple notes that the power of the Garden of Rainbows is assisting the girls, as they launch their Marble Screw attack against Ilkubo. He holds back the blast at first, but Pretty Cure is able to expel more power and overwhelm him.

As things return to normal, Mipple and Mepple apologize for what they said to each other. They proclaim their love for one-another and embrace.

Meanwhile, Ilkubo stands atop a building, He is in disbelief over the power of lights strength and expresses concern.

Major Events

  • The power of creation is said to also exist in the Garden of Rainbows, comprised of the lifeforce of living beings.
  • Ilkubo arrives in the Garden of Rainbows to fight Pretty Cure.


Pretty Cure




  • This episode marks the debut of the summer variant of school uniforms for Verone Academy.
  • No minor characters with names appear in this episode.
  • The market that Nagisa walks through is called the "Shopping District in front of East Wakaba Station" (東若葉駅前商店街 Higashi-Wakaba ekimae shōtengai?).
  • When Ilkubo drains the city of its energy, a blank electronic display board in a train station for the "Todo Izumi Town line" (東堂泉町線 'Tōdō Izumi machi'-sen?) is shown. This is a reference to "Todo Izumi" (堂いづみ?), the collective name for the creator of the Pretty Cure series.
  • Although he has appeared several times before this episode, Ilkubo's name is mentioned onscreen for the first time, by Poisony.
  • "DANZEN! Futari wa Pretty Cure" has its instrumental played when Pretty Cure launch their Marble Screw attack against Ilkubo.

Canadian English Dub Edits


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