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Who is Real? The Two Honokas (どっちが本物?ふたりのほのか "Dotchi ga Honmono? Futari no Honoka"?), dubbed A Double Dose of Smart in the Canadian English dub, is the 20th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 20th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


In her last desperate move, Poisony transforms into Honoka in an attempt to separate Pretty Cure.


At school, Honoka and her science club are in the lab trying to make perfume. While Yuriko and the others struggle, Honoka succeeds and puts her perfume into a bottle, spraying it onto her wrist for the girls to smell the fragrance.

Outside, Nagisa plays lacrosse with her team while thinking about the recent attack by the enemiesFwPC19, involving the strongest guy they've faced so far. Nagisa says it was a miracle they were able to drive him off, wondering if they "powered up."

In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King says that the light is drawing nearer, and they must consume it to achieve his immortality. Poisony tries to speak but is impatiently told by her king to go on her mission. Kiriya and Ilkubo warn her not to underestimate Pretty Cure, especially the latter given his personal experience from the recent fight, noting that they've grown stronger. Poisony frustratingly states that all she needs to do is capture the "two creatures" who should know where the four Prism Stones are, even at the cost of her own life.

The girls decide to go out for takoyaki after school.

After practice, Nagisa meets up with Honoka and senses a "nice smell" nearby, revealed to be Honoka's perfume. Nagisa claims that it has a "European fragrance," prompting Honoka to ask if she's been to Europe, but soon calls her bluff. The girls decide to go get some takoyaki, but Nagisa needs to change out of her sports gear first, so Honoka says she'll wait for her at the school gate. Just then, Poisony, disguised as a female student of Verone, walks past and turns her menacing eyes at Honoka.

Soon after, Nagisa waits by the school gate only to not find Honoka there. An impatient Mepple interrupts by asking to be fed, which annoys Nagisa as she tells him that he just got into a fight with Mipple over his gluttony. Mepple retorts that he can fight with Mipple because she has complete trust in him, which Nagisa doubts. When asked about herself by Mepple, Nagisa says she's "sociable, helpful, and good at lacrosse," but he says that she's probably the only one who thinks that. Nagisa gets irritated, prompting Mepple to compliment her into feeding him, but she uses the Nelp card to put him to sleep instead. Honoka then arrives, apologizing for making Nagisa wait, as she claims to have been stopped by a superior in her club. The two then leave just as another Honoka arrives at the gate.

The second Honoka is greeted by Kiriya, who notices that she put on perfume, even correctly detecting a hint of lily of the valley in the mix. Honoka is impressed, noting that Kiriya was the only one who figured that out. Kiriya then says that "even if [she] wasn't wearing perfume," only to stop mid-sentence as he becomes embarrassed, dropping it and heading off.

Nagisa and the first Honoka are served takoyaki by Akane, who adds an extra helping to each of their orders as a bonus. As the girls sit on a nearby bench, Nagisa notices that Honoka isn't eating her food, and asks what's wrong, only to be told that it's just her feeling lightheaded from the perfume. Nagisa then asks how Mipple is doing, which catches Honoka off guard, who confusedly asks "whatever happened to it." Nagisa notices an oddity in the way Honoka refers to Mipple, and asks if the two had a fight, which Honoka insincerely confirms. Nagisa recalls her fight with Mepple back at school, opening his Card Commune to show him sleeping.

Nagisa realizes that there's something wrong with "Honoka."

Honoka then asks to see Mepple, but as Nagisa is about to hand him over, she is interrupted by Akane, who says that she'll be coming to her upcoming practice game next Saturday, before running off to tend to another customer. Nagisa then asks if Honoka if she'll come as well, who agrees to but is more preoccupied with wanting to "see Mipple." Nagisa finally realizes something is off, as Honoka wouldn't mistake Mepple for Mipple, and asks who she really is. "Honoka" slyly smirks, saying "[she sees] how it is." A terrified Nagisa runs off as the fake Honoka follows her at a walking pace. The real Honoka then arrives at the Tako Café to learn from Akane that "she" and Nagisa had suddenly left just now, which confuses the restauranteur. Honoka runs off to find Nagisa and the other "her."

Nagisa heads to a train station and runs into a train just as it leaves, thinking she's safe. However, Honoka appears and calls out to her from the other side of the passenger car, prompting a frightened Nagisa to turn to the nearest emergency door so that she can enter another car, only to find another Honoka approaching her from that side. Nagisa is soon sandwiched between two Honokas. The Honoka that was initially in the same car as her tries to prove she's the real one by putting out her perfume-scented wrist, but the other Honoka notes that she could have snuck into the lab earlier, and pulls out the spray bottle containing the perfume.

Nagisa asks the two Honokas what Mipple is currently doing, but both pull out the same-looking Card Communes, claiming she's sleeping. The Honokas then undergo a series of questions related to their school life and personal details about Nagisa, but it goes nowhere as both correctly answer each, and continue spouting out facts about their friend unprompted.

The Honoka furthest away from the emergency door states that Nagisa's socks are smelly, which catches her off guard as no one was supposed to know that. However, Nagisa recalls writing that detail in her Pretty Cure Notebook, which only those with the power of light can read. After mixing up her notebook along with Honoka's, the girls were able to read each other's thoughtsFwPC08, meaning only the real Honoka would know that Nagisa's socks are smelly. The two reconvene and turn towards the fake, who remarks that the outcome was "inevitable" while slyly smirking again.

As the train arrives at the next station, the girls run out and head towards a nearby vacant warehouse, shutting themselves inside. The fake Honoka approaches the warehouse, turning back into Poisony. She claims to be serious this time, as she screams to break down the door to the girls' shelter, which wakes up Mepple and Mipple. Poisony tells the girls to "be prepared," leaving them no choice but to transform.

Poisony hits Cure Black.

Poisony immediately sends a forceful gust from her palm, throwing the girls back into a wall. She walks up to them, saying that she "can't return to the darkness today" and won't hold back. The girls initially dodge Poisony's close-range attacks but are soon knocked out of the warehouse, as the fight continues on the rooftops. Poisony says she's jealous of the girls' spirit and acknowledges their luck and bravery, but states that they won't get far in this world just on those qualities. Once the girls are knocked to the ground, Poisony's hair starts to grow as it grabs Cure Black and throws her into a warehouse.

Poisony approaches the girls, telling them that "intelligence, physical strength, and most of all, experience," are of importance in this world. She explains that experience in surviving "the scene of battle" is a first step in becoming an adult, that the girls will never defeat her without it. Cure White retorts that she's just forcing her own selfish reasonings onto others. Poisony finishes off by saying that "justice lacking in power is inferior to evil," and uses her hair to grab both girls and fling them over several rooftops before they rebound.

The girls try to launch their Marble Screw attack, but Poisony teleports out of the way. She appears behind the girls, reminding them that "the ones who survive are those who use their experience to avoid repeating the same mistakes." The girls try to launch another Marble Screw attack, but Poisony's hair grabs and separates the two so that they can't join their hands. As the girls are held in place by their limbs, Poisony says that "fools who know no fear will only end up sacrificing themselves" for the sake of the Dotsuku Zone's benefit. The girls admit that they're fearless and lack experience, but they have something to protect and thus can't lose, as they struggle to join hands again, only to miss as Poisony swings them around with her hair. Poisony frustratingly tells the girls that they won't win by "just being all talk without thinking ahead," as she slams them each through a warehouse wall towards the ground.

The girls about to launch their Marble Screw attack again.

The girls start to stand up, with Cure Black remarking that what matters is the "now," the moment that's "make-or-break." The girls leap into the air and join hands, adding that all they need is determination, and how they've been learning from their mistakes as well. The girls launch their Marble Screw attack again, this time sending the blast up Poisony's hair as it binds them. Poisony teleports, but the blast is already flowing up her hair and hits her mid-teleportation, causing her to scream and drop the Topaz Prism Stone. In the Dotsuku Zone, Kiriya and Ilkubo sense that something went wrong.

Nagisa wonders why she would "go this far" for the Prism Stones, but vows to never hand them over.

Ilkubo reminds Kiriya that "the defeated will disappear into the darkness" as per the fate of those from the Dotsuku Zone, and they either "live in the darkness or die in the light." Kiriya chooses to live and walks away, watching what appears to be the defeated soul of his sister fly towards the Evil King, as he looks up and tearfully screams over his loss.

Major Events

  • Poisony is defeated for the final time and returns to the darkness from whence she came, leaving behind the Topaz Prism Stone in Pretty Cure’s possession.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Which is Real? The Two Honokas.[1]
  • When Nagisa is asked where in Europe she has been, she mentions "Frankfurt (as in the sausage), French bread, and Belgium waffles." Honoka realizes that she's listing food named after places or countries in Europe.
  • When the Honokas compete over their knowledge of Nagisa, they list traits that have been mentioned in previous episodes, such as her dislike of onions and her being a scatterbrain. Several new traits and information are mentioned as well.
    • Nagisa's birthday is said to be on October 10, making her a Libra. It's also stated that her blood type is O.
    • When Nagisa focuses on a task, she "loses sight of her surroundings." She also can't say no when asked a favor.
  • Three girls in the same science club as Honoka are voiced by Kikuchi Kokoro, Hanioka Yukiko, and Sendai Eri.
  • In the Italian adaption, when Cure Black and Cure White use Marble Screw to defeat Poisony is partially edited, the original Japanese version has her screaming while in the Italian dub, she doesn't scream at all.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • When Pandora realizes her cover is blown, she says "So, you finally figured it out."


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