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A Shocking Date! Kiriya's True Identity (衝撃デート!キリヤの真実 "Shougeki Dēto! Kiriya no Shinjitsu"?), dubbed The Truth about Kirea in the Canadian English dub, is the 21st episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 21st episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Feelings of anger and loss cause Kiriya to confess to Honoka that he is from the Dotsuku Zone.


The girls use the Prism Hopish to summon the Stone Guardian, who's half-asleep until Nagisa yells at him. They tell him that they've acquired another Prism Stone, which he congratulates them for, making it five in total for the heroes.

In the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King demands the power of creation, wanting to use the Garden of Light's own power against them. Kiriya remarks that his sister returned to the darknessFwPC20, so it's his mission to defeat Pretty Cure now, but notes that things haven't gone as planned. Ilkubo assumes that the three Prism Stones the heroes have taken from the Dotsuku Zone are gathered in one place, and defeating them should regain all of the stones. He reminds Kiriya that his existence is linked to the Evil King's feelings, and to not underestimate the power of light.

After school ends, Honoka finds Kiriya waiting for her at the gate. He doesn't say a word as he leads her to a nearby riverbank. When asked by Honoka if something's wrong, Kiriya asks if she likes school, which she confirms. Kiriya recalls how when he first transferred to Verone, he had trouble adjusting, but is now glad that he did, as he had a bit of fun and even met her. Honoka is glad he feels that way, remembering how they helped out at a farmFwPC17, wanting to do something like that again. Kiriya also recalls when Honoka apologized to himFwPC18, which embarrasses her, but he notes that no one has ever treated him like that before. Honoka soon realizes that he's acting strange, just as the clouds roll in and rain starts to fall.

Kiriya reveals his true identity to Honoka.

Honoka brings out her umbrella and approaches Kiriya to cover both of them. Kiriya tells her that he won't be attending school anymore, as he quit. He walks away from her and the umbrella, asking if Honoka's "noticed by now," which confuses her. Kiriya then points to the pouch containing Mipple's Card Commune and asks how "that one" is doing, saying that he's "different from everyone," with Mipple able to tell her why that is. Honoka says that she's sleeping, so Kiriya takes off his pendant necklace and shows it to her, which brings back memories of Pisard, Gekidrago, and Poisony all having similar ones that each contained a Prism Stone. Honoka is in disbelief, losing grip of her umbrella as it is blown into the river. Kiriya states that he serves the Evil King, meaning he has no choice but to face her and Nagisa in combat. Honoka takes this as him knowing their identities as Pretty Cure. Kiriya says he can't escape from his fate no matter what, but notes that if he were instead born here in the Garden of Rainbows, his fate would have changed.

Once home, Honoka silently sits in her room with the lights off, as a now-awake Mipple asks what happened. Just then, her grandmother enters, also noticing something wrong. Honoka asks her grandmother if people can change their own fates, and is told that it depends on the person, requiring great effort and perseverance, and most of all, the strong mind to face it.

The next day, Honoka arrives at Nagisa's house, with the latter being free on Sundays. Honoka brings cookies as packed by her grandmother. Suddenly, Ryouta runs up to greet Honoka but is stopped by his older sister. Nagisa says that both of her parents are out at the moment, and asks Honoka to wait in her room. The visitor notes that Nagisa's room is cute, just before Mepple and Mipple pop out to embrace. Nagisa arrives back, carrying a tray of drinks and a bag of chips with her mouth, as she attempts to say something only for her words to come out incoherently. Mepple understands what she's trying to say, that they should be careful as Ryouta could barge in without knocking.

After setting the snacks on a table, Nagisa asks Honoka what's the matter, given that she came to her house to discuss it. Honoka brings up that she met Kiriya yesterday after school, who "confessed" to her. The wording causes Nagisa to do a spit-take and choke, covering Honoka in chips. Honoka implies that she didn't mean a "confession of love," prompting Nagisa and the others to ask what she meant instead.

Nagisa and the others are shocked to learn that Kiriya is from the Dotsuku Zone.

Honoka explains that Kiriya confessed that he was from the Dotsuku Zone, which initially doesn't faze the three, who take a second to process what they just heard and become immediately shocked. Nagisa wonders why Kiriya didn't take the opportunity to attack them during all the times they were close together. Honoka notes that things seemed to have changed now, as Kiriya is determined to fight this time. Later that night, Nagisa is conflicted over having to fight a friend while also protecting Mepple and Mipple. Meanwhile, at Honoka's house, Chuutaro brings her a note with "Tomorrow morning at 4 o'clock" written on it.

The next morning, the girls arrive at the riverbank to find Kiriya waiting. They plead with him to stop, as they're all classmates, but he tells them that he was just impersonating one. He says that if they don't want to fight, they should hand over the Prism Stones, but the girls refuse to comply, noting that what he's fighting for is "wrong." With no choice left, Kiriya charges past the girls, sending a gust to knock them from behind. As the girls continue to be blown back, Mepple and Mipple tell them to transform before they're defeated, so they agree and hold hands.

The fight between Kiriya and Pretty Cure begins.

Pretty Cure reiterate their promise to protect the Garden of Light, while Kiriya tells them to "blame the fates that brought the three of [them] together" in combat. Cure White retorts that he can "change that fate," which initially catches Kiriya off guard before he charges at them again. The girls try to land hits on Kiriya but he dodges and retaliates with his own, knocking both girls back one at a time. Mepple and Mipple tell them to launch their Marble Screw attack, which Kiriya also expects, but the girls refuse, not wanting to hurt a friend. Kiriya denies being their friend, but Cure White notes that he was starting to think he was "just like [them]," and how she and him had fun together because they had "similar minds."

Kiriya wants to hear none of this and launches a kick towards Cure White, who blocks in time, leaving him vulnerable for Cure Black to kick him from behind. The fight continues, with Cure Black telling Kiriya that she'll make him understand even with "brute force," and reminds him of the fun he had playing soccer in school. Cure Black then asks if Kiriya understands how Honoka felt about him, how she earnestly tried to connect with, and accept him for who he is. Kiriya refuses to listen and continues attacking, sending another gust to knock the girls away. Cure White is on the ground defenseless, with Kiriya about to attack her, only for Cure Black to rush him out of the way just before he does. Kiriya asks why the girls, despite not being involved, try so hard for the Garden of Light, but is told that they're the only ones who can protect them. Cure White struggles to stand up, claiming that no matter what happens to her body, she refuses to give up the Prism Stones, before collapsing. Cure Black tends to her partner and asks Kiriya if he would be satisfied taking the stones from them while leaving Honoka hurt like this.

The girls watch as Kiriya willingly returns to the darkness.

The purple clouds begin to clear up, returning the sky to normal. Kiriya approaches the girls and rips off his pendant necklace, handing over his Prism Stone to them. He lacks the power to overturn his own fate but says that the girls seem to, noting the extraordinary power connecting the two. He senses a strong force from the other Prism Stones attracting his own, claiming that it's probably the girls who brought out that power. However, he states that he can no longer escape his fate, and turns back to find Ilkubo waiting for him. Kiriya bids the girls farewell, as Cure White screams at him to not go. Ilkubo asks if he's not going to run away and if he understands what happens to those who disobey the Evil King, which Kiriya is prepared for, as he enters Ilkubo's cloak to return to the darkness, but not before looking back at the girls one last time. Ilkubo questions the power that the girls possess, and if it's above all else, before disappearing.

With the fight over, the girls revert back to their civilian forms. Honoka wonders if Kiriya enjoyed being in school and understood relationships. Nagisa notes that while Kiriya wasn't able to change his fate, he had the courage to confront it by giving them his Prism Stone, adding that they should respond to his courage by continuing to protect Mepple and Mipple.

Major Events

  • Affected by the loss of his sister, Kiriya reveals his true identity to Honoka.
  • Kiriya willingly returns to the darkness after giving up his Citrine Prism Stone.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is A Shocking Date! The Truth About Kiria.[1]
  • A photograph depicting Nagisa along with her parents and brother can be seen in her room.
  • "Heart to Heart" is played as an insert song towards the end of the episode.
  • This is the first and only time that Kiriya fights the girls.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • The instrumental of "Heart to Heart" is played in place of the original song.
  • When Kirea looks back at the girls while walking into Ilkubo's cloak, he thanks them. In the original, he says nothing.


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