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No Way! Chuutaro Becomes a Mom!? (ウッソー!忠太郎ママになる!? "Ussō! Chūtarou Mama ni Naru!?"?), dubbed Puppy Pandemonium in the Canadian English dub, is the 22nd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 22nd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


After Chuutaro begins to act strangely, the girls discover a puppy and try to return it to its owner. 


On an evening by the riverbank, Chuutaro gets a drink when he overhears whimpering nearby. He runs to the sound and finds a puppy taking shelter in a crate. He's about to approach it when Honoka calls for him, as it's time to go home. Chuutaro is about to leave when he turns back to the whining puppy.

The next day, at her house, Honoka stares at the Citrine Prism Stone that Kiriya gave them before returning to the darknessFwPC21. Her grandmother then calls her outside to show the bamboo branch that she found for this year's Tanabata. Chuutaro appears with a cobweb stuck to his head, as Honoka's grandmother notes that he's been acting strange since yesterday, going in and out of the yard and having a large appetite.

Later, with Nagisa over, the girls use the Prism Hopish to summon the Stone Guardian again. He commends them for getting the fourth Prism Stone from the enemies, leaving just one left, but notices that they look depressed. Mipple and Mipple tell him that something happened this time, but the girls don't want to talk about it right now. Not questioning it, the Stone Guardian leaves. Nagisa then asks what happens with the Prism Stones they've been placing into the Prism Hopish, and Mepple explains that the Guardian takes them to an interspatial crevice between the Garden of Light and Garden of Rainbows for safekeeping. Mipple adds that so long as no one knows where this space is, the stones will be safe.

Chuutaro asks for more food than usual, taking it to somewhere.

Wanting to cheer Honoka up, Nagisa comments on her large Tanabata decoration, noting that because the Misumis live in an apartment, they can only maintain a small one, to the dismay of Ryouta. Chuutaro then interrupts, asking for food once again. The girls decide to follow Chuutaro as he takes the filled bowl away, rather than eat from it. He crawls into a space under the house filled with cobwebs, where the girls see him feeding a puppy. Nagisa mistakenly assumes that Chuutaro gave birth, with Honoka noting that he's a male. Nagisa then crawls under the space to retrieve the puppy. She again assumes that it's Chuutaro's kid, saying that the mother could have left it with him to raise, but Honoka debunks this by pointing out the collar on the puppy, meaning it belongs to someone else. The tag on the collar reveals that the puppy is named "Moko" (モコ?), which Nagisa understands as it being "fluffy" (もこもこ mokomoko?), so she fluffs its head, which upsets Moko, prompting Chuutaro to lean on Nagisa to get her to stop. Nagisa then finds "Sasamori Apartment Complex 5-203" (笹森団地 Sasamori danchi?) written on the back of Moko's collar, giving them a direction of where to return the puppy.

The group consisting of the girls and the dogs head to the address but find no one at the door, with Honoka also noticing the lack of a name on the wall. Chuutaro sniffs the door, while the girls learn from a neighbor hat whoever was living in 5-203 had already moved out. As the girls question more residents outside, the dogs begin to talk like humans, although their speech is only understood by each other. Chuutaro notes that the scent near the swingset is the same as the door, with Moko wondering if it's "Akio-chan," his human owner. Moko recalls being put in a cage at the back of a truck, unaware of where he was actually going. The truck suddenly stopped, causing the cage to fall and accidentally release Moko, who escaped outside to the spot where Chuutaro found him. Just then, a boy notices Moko and tells the girls of his owner Akio, who's family moved to a house with a yard so that they can play together, although he doesn't know where his friend's new location is. The boy mentions that they could probably find Akio at the planetarium, as he loves to visit it. The girls notice that the dogs have escaped, with Honoka wondering if Chuutaro found a clue.

Chuutaro grabs Moko to stop him taking food from humans.

In the city, the dogs are following the scent of Akio and his mom. Moko exclaims that Chuutaro is amazing but is scolded for referring to his senior so casually, so he calls him "Chuutaro-kun" instead. Moko then approaches a meat shop, using his "puppy eyes" to influence the vendor into giving him a skewer of yakitori, but is stopped by Chuutaro who grabs him and runs away. The dogs arrive by a flower shop and notice that they've lost the scent, as a worker washes the surrounding area with water. Despite this, they continue forward.

Meanwhile, the girls arrive at the same meat shop, where the vendor points them in the direction of the dogs, towards the train station. Nagisa is preoccupied with hungrily staring at the yakitori, making a "puppy face" of her own, only to be dragged away by Honoka. Although they don't notice it, the girls are on a street parallel to that of the dogs. The girls are unintentionally led to the planetarium, recalling its significance with Akio. Nagisa worries that even if they find him, they don't have Moko, but Honoka assures her that the dogs will be fine, as Chuutaro will return home if he can't find the owners.

The girls enter the building, feeling nostalgic. They find Tanabata bamboo with wish-written strips attached, looking to see if Akio wrote one. Outside, Moko gets discouraged and asks Chuutaro to be his big brother if they can't find Akio, but he instead reassures the puppy that they'll definitely find his owner. Reading others' wishes, Nagisa recalls how she wanted to be a "Battle Ranger," while Honoka states that she wanted to be a florist. Nagisa then suggests they go inside the actual planetarium, but Honoka reminds her that they're supposed to be looking for Akio, only for Nagisa to retort that they can get inspiration from watching the stars, pulling her along to get tickets. They fail to notice a wish seemingly written by a child who hopes that "Moko comes back."

The girls are the only ones inside the theater as they take their seats, recalling the story of Tanabata they learned in elementary school. Chuutaro picks up on the scent of the girls and follows it to the planetarium, as black clouds enshroud the area. Sensing danger, he rushes in. Mepple and Mipple also sense danger just as the show starts, with the starry sky projected onto the ceiling as constellations appear. Both the Serpens and Scorpius constellations form into a real Zakenna-possessed serpent and scorpion respectively, prompting the frightened girls to transform.

Chuutaro defends Cure White from the Zakenna-possessed serpent.

The girls dodge as Serpens and Scorpius attack. Cure White tries to land a kick on Serpens, but it changes back to its starry form which she is unable to hit, before cornering her into a wall. At that moment, Chuutaro bursts in and barks at Serpens, causing it to back away. Cure White is given a chance to land more hits on Serpens before it reverts to stars again, as Chuutaro grabs Moko and escapes to safety. Cure Black has a similar problem with Scorpius. The girls then locate the Zakenna-possessed projector and get the idea to launch their "Marble Screw" attack towards it, which in turn expels the Zakenna out of the constellations.

However, Mepple and Mipple still sense something dreadful nearby, which turns out to be Ilkubo. He asks them to reveal where the Prism Stones are, and when they refuse, he knocks them into a wall with a gust. As Ilkubo approaches them, the heroes tell him that he won't find the stones, as they're in a place even they can't reach, which makes him curious. Mepple spills that the Prism Stones are being protected by the Stone Guardian, who Ilkubo recognizes by the name of "Wisdom," before suddenly retreating to "prepare." The heroes are shocked that he knew the Stone Guardian's name, as even the girls were unaware. Moko remarks to Chuutaro that his "master" is incredible, only for the latter to say that Honoka is just a "close friend," noting that he knew she was secretly doing something but wasn't expecting this.

The girls retrieve a piece of paper from Chuutaro, which is revealed to be the unnoticed wish strip from earlier. Nagisa mistakenly reads it as hoping "Chiko comes back" due to the handwriting but realizes it's meant for Moko, as there are pictures of him with Akio on the back, along with an updated address. The girls are finally able to return Moko to Akio and his family, much to their delight. As they leave, Moko and Chuutaro say their goodbyes to each other.

As the girls head home, they think about the growing threat of the Dotsuku Zone.

As the girls head home, they sing Chuutaro's praises, before being reminded of the biggest threat from the Dotsuku Zone. Honoka says that they need to keep their guard up, but Nagisa can tell that she's worried about something else, and says that they'll do their best for the sake of the Prism Stone that Kiriya gave them. Later that night, Honoka's Pretty Cure Notebook is left open on her desk, as she sits outside with Chuutaro. Nagisa narrates, saying that Honoka cried until she ran out of tears, telling her to "stay strong."

Major Events

  • The Stone Guardian's name is revealed to be Wisdom, by Ilkubo who learns that he is keeping the Prism Stones in a secure location.
  • Chuutaro learns that the girls are Pretty Cure, having suspicions before.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is No Way! Chutaro Becomes A Mom?![1]
  • The episode originally aired a few days before July 7th, the typical date "Tanabata" (七夕?) is celebrated, which is referenced in the actual episode. A common custom is writing wishes on strips of paper called "tanzaku" (短冊?), and hanging them on decorated bamboo.[2]
  • It's explicitly stated in this episode that Chuutaro is a male. It's implied that Moko is also a male, given that he speaks using "boku" (?) pronouns, typically used by young boys.
  • The meat shop that the dogs and girls visit is named "Koyanagi Meat Shop" (小柳精肉店 Koyanagi seinikuten?).
  • Nagisa says that she wanted to be a "Battle Ranger" as a kid. This is a possible reference to the fictional Super Sentai show of the same name that appears in Ojamajo Doremi, another series created by Todo Izumi.[3]
  • Several Tanabata wishes made by other people can be seen.
    • The one Nagisa reads aloud wishes that their "dad wouldn't pass gas in front of others."
  • Zakenna reappear in this episode after an absence of four episodes.
  • Part of Akio's updated address can be seen, in the fictional "Midorizaka Ward" (緑坂区 Midorizaka-ku?).
  • The end shot of Honoka crying outside at night is similar to a scene from the opening theme for this season.
  • Several characters are listed with voice roles in the credits.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • In the original, the dogs start speaking in human once they arrive at Akio's old residence, and only to each other. In the localization, the audience is able to hear Chuutaro's thoughts translated into human from the start, and this is not the only episode where it occursFwPC40.
  • Tanabata is simply called the "Star Festival," another name for it, and the story is kept the same.
  • Moko and Akio are named "Moka" and "Aidan" in the localization respectively.
  • Rather than Chuutaro demand Moko address him properly, the dub has Moka state that he hopes he "can track as good as [Chuutaro]" at his age, with the older dog annoyed at being seen as "old."
  • As the girls head back home, the flashback to the previous episode retains the dialogue.
  • When Hannah sulks outside her home at the end of the episode, music continues to play. The scene also adds additional dialogue from Natalie, who says that Hannah "never told [her] how much she missed Kiriya until a lot later," hiding her feelings to maintain a façade of strength against the Dark Zone. Natalie also states that Hannah wrote a letter to Kiriya in her Pretty Cure Notebook.


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