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Danger! The Summer Camp Nightmare (危うし!夏合宿の悪夢 "Ayaushi! Natsu Gasshuku no Akumu"?), dubbed Summer Camp Fiasco in the Canadian English dub, is the 23rd episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 23rd episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa and Honoka are delighted to find out their camps are next to each other and plan to make the most of their summer trip away from home, but Ilkubo decides to interrupt.


At a retreat, Verone's lacrosse team practices under the coaching of Akane. Nagisa tries to shoot a goal but misses, so she gets punished by having to run back to the boarding house via a detour, following Akane in a bicycle. 

In the Dotsuku Zone, Ilkubo confidently states that he knows where the Prism Stones are hidden, and as he is about to leave, the Evil King tells him not to underestimate the light. 

An exhausted Nagisa trails behind Akane through a scenic route, who comments on how nice the air feels and pretty the lake is. Nagisa stops to look but Akane yells at her to keep moving.

Akane punishes Nagisa for missing a shot during practice.

At a nearby river, the science club conducts fieldwork. Yuriko is annoyed that the Principal, who wanted to experience nature with the students, is here, thinking that he'll get in their way. Just then, the Principal falls into the river and panics, only to realize that it's shallow water, so he bluffs by saying that he was just demonstrating a "bad example."

After they arrive back at the boarding house, Akane goes off to shower, leaving Nagisa alone. Mepple calls out but is brushed off by Nagisa who's "too tired to move," so he lies that there's a snake, proving that she could still move when frightened. Honoka then appears, surprising Nagisa, who is reminded that both of their camps overlap in time and place. Honoka asks how Akane is as a "temporary coach," causing Nagisa to force herself to say she's "the best."

That evening, as dinner is about to start, the Principal and Vice-Principal go back and forth over who should address the students, with the responsibility ultimately placed on the latter, as he is in charge of the camps. The Vice-Principal says that lights are out at ten tonight and to wake up at six in the morning, along with behavioral expectations even away from school.

Later, Honoka visits Nagisa's room and sees her on the top of a bunk bed, as she likes high places. The girls then find Yuriko stargazing out on the terrace. They all notice a shooting star and begin to make a wish, with Nagisa remembering that this was how she first met MeppleFwPC01. Akane joins and tells them that this place has been "blessed by the guardian deity of the mountains" since long ago. Nagisa makes a wish to that guardian spirit instead, asking to be able to wake up at six tomorrow morning.

The lacrosse team searches for the missing Shiho.

Rina then interrupts, not being able to find Kubota Shiho anywhere. Yuriko worries that she got "spirited away," but Honoka is unconvinced that a god would punish someone unless they deserved it. At that moment, the power goes out. A search party consisting of the lacrosse team goes out to find Shiho, while Honoka and the principals stay behind to inspect the electrical room. Honoka has trouble seeing at first due to the Vice-Principal improperly handling the flashlight, only to have it snatched by his superior who is more successful. Once the lights are back on, the party returns empty-handed, just as Shiho appears. It's revealed that she had stayed in the bath during the blackout but came out and changed clothes while in the dark, having put her sweatshirt on backward. With that solved, the Vice-Principal reminds everyone to get ready for bed. Outside, the river suddenly dries up, and a bolt of lightning flows down a transmission tower.

The next morning, as the lacrosse team jogs behind a cycling Akane, the girls discuss how the power went out again. Nagisa suddenly stops, followed by the others, as they see the lake now dried up. Suddenly, red leaves begin to fall, even though it's summer. Rina wonders if this is all the doing of the "god of the mountains," but Akane says that such a curse shouldn't exist. A tree starts to fall, prompting everyone to run back. At the dried-up river, the science club witnesses the same occurrences. The Vice-Principal tries to fix the breaker when leaves collect on the window, breaking it and knocking him out. Ilkubo stands on the transmission tower, draining the surrounding energy into an orb just like beforeFwPC19.

Leaves begin to fall, despite it being summer.

Back at the boarding house, Akane notes that the fallen trees have blocked the road. The Vice-Principal is told to call for help, but all the phone lines are down, meaning the group is cut off from the outside. Honoka confides to Nagisa that this must be the work of the Dotsuku Zone, which Mepple and Mipple confirm. The girls go out towards the lake and find Ilkubo, who simply asks them to transform, so they comply.

However, because the stones are also protected by Pretty Cure, their transformation incites a reaction from Wisdom, allowing Ilkubo to sense where he's hiding. Cure White says they refuse to let Ilkubo take what he wants, but he tells them that "feelings alone" can't protect anything. Cure Black tries to attack but is thrown by Ilkubo towards her partner, both landing in the empty lake. The girls try to attack at the same time, but Ilkubo still fends them off easily. As they get up, Cure Black remarks that just because Ilkubo is strong, doesn't mean he can do whatever he wants, but he just laughs. Ilkubo asks if the girls believe that all living things are equal, which they confirm, but he retorts that "equality" was a term made for the masses who serve a few elite rulers, and that their life energy will be used for the sake of the Evil King.

Ilkubo finds Wisdom and the Prism Hopish.

The girls try to launch their Marble Screw attack, but Ilkubo takes it into his hand unharmed, saying that his preparations are complete. In addition to the lifeforce from the Garden of Rainbows, the energy released by the legendary warriors is the "key" to where the Stone Guardian is. Ilkubo uses all his might to summon a portal, pulling Wisdom and the Prism Hopish towards him. Ilkubo introduces himself as the "Number 2" in the world of darkness, which is why he knows so much about Wisdom and his powers. As Ilkubo is about to leave with his spoils, he states that he'll return for the last two Prism Stones. The heroes are left in distraught, wondering what to do.

Major Events

  • Ilkubo is able to sense where Wisdom is hiding, abducting him and taking the five Prism Stones in the Prism Hopish.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Danger! A Nightmare at Summer Camp.[1]
  • When Yuriko makes a wish on the shooting star, she mentions wanting "a lot of flasks," most likely for scientific experiments.
  • As Cure Black pulls Cure White out of the dried-up lake, the animation is similar to that of a scene used in the opening theme.

Canadian English Dub Edits


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