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Decisive Battle! Pretty Cure vs. Ilkuubo (決戦!プリキュア対イルクーボ "Kessen! Purikyua tai Irukūbo"?), dubbed Match Point! Pretty Cure Vs. Ilkubo in the Canadian English dub is the 24th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 24th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


With Wisdom captured by the Dotsuku Zone, the girls try to think of a plan for getting him back, but Ilkubo returns sooner than expected for the two Prism Stones they still have. 


The students and faculty of Verone participating in the summer camps are still trapped at their mountain retreatFwPC23. The Vice-Principal tells everyone to go to bed early so that they can leave the next morning. He begins to cry, asking them to pray to the "god of the mountains" that they make it back alive, but the Principal simply says to stay calm and work together. Nagisa and Honoka are deep in thought over losing the Stone Guardian and the Prism Hopish to Ilkubo, not initially noticing Kubota Shiho and Rina trying to talk to them.

Later that night, the girls try to summon Wisdom using his card on the Card Commune, but to no avail. Mipple wants to search for him and the five Prism Stones, but Mepple warns her not to be hasty, as they could put their own two stones in danger. Mipple doesn't care and tries to go look by herself, only to fall over, as Mepple tries to calm her down. The girls wonder if they can protect everyone with their power, as they wait for Ilkubo to come back for their stones. Outside, clouds begin to enshroud the campsite. The Vice-Principal patrols the halls before he suddenly drops to the ground.

A strong gust from outside blows the doors open.

The next morning, Nagisa awakes before any of her classmates, only to find Shiho on the floor unresponsive. Honoka comes in and is glad that Nagisa is ok, saying that everyone is acting strangely. They find the adults also unconscious. Mepple and Mipple sense something approach them, just as a strong gust blows open the doors to the boarding house. The girls make their way outside to find Ilkubo standing inside a tornado, who has taken the lifeforce of those asleep into an orb he holds, intending to give it to the Evil King. He then approaches the girls and demands the last two Prism Stones, prompting them to transform.

Ilkubo remarks that no matter what Pretty Cure will try, the result will still be the same. The girls charge at him, but he easily blocks their punches and kicks with his hands, before powering up, sending them back into the building. Ilkubo tells the girls that their fate is in his hand, which he will use to defeat those who disobey the Evil King. He then shows them what "their future" will look like, raising damaged buildings from the ground to depict a ruined city, which he says is a suitable scene for their graves.

Cure Black suggests that they launch their Marble Screw attack on Ilkubo.

An angered Cure Black tries to attack but is knocked back into her partner, and the two try again together, only to be flung towards a crumbling building. The impact causes debris to collapse, but before the girls are crushed, Ilkubo saves them, claiming that it would be a bother to look for the stones beneath all that, so he again asks them to hand them over. Cure Black tells her partner that they should use the Marble Screw attack, even though it was unsuccessful the other day, as they won't know until they try. The girls launch their blast but Ilkubo negates it as before.

Cure White loses hope, saying that without a miracle they can't defeat him, but Cure Black says that they'll just have to "make a miracle happen." Mepple says that's just like the legendary warriors, with Mipple telling Cure White that she'll stay by her no matter what. Cure Black then strategizes that they should aim for Ilkubo's pendant, as the two charge towards him again. Cure White leaps into the air to aim a spinning kick at Ilkubo, which he tries to block, exposing his pendant for Cure Black to kick right after. The scenery reverts back to normal, as Ilkubo is knocked back.

Ilkubo is overwhelmed by the power of all seven Prism Stones.

Ilkubo, angered, states that he won't hold back anymore, and chases after the girls through the trees, where they arrive by the transmission tower. Mepple and Mipple soon feel something tugging at them, as Ilkubo uses his powers to pull their Prism Stones towards him. He states that he has all seven Prism Stones and laughs, while Wisdom, from within a void, wonders if all the stones have been gathered. The power of the seven stones, the four from the Prism Hopish, the one in Ilkubo's pendant, and the two he just stole, begin to react together, but it becomes too much for him and backfires, sending the Ruby and Sapphire Prism Stones back to Mepple and Mipple respectively. The girls use this chance with Ilkubo weakened to launch their Marble Screw attack again, Mepple noting that all the Prism Stones are boosting the blast. Ilkubo is finally overcome, leaving behind his pendant, which turns into the Amethyst Prism Stone.

Now reverted to their civilian forms, the girls try to summon Wisdom again and are successful, but he chews them out for "dawdling" in saving him. Nagisa gets annoyed, while Honoka places Ilkubo's Prism Stone in the Prism Hopish. All five stones have been retrieved from the Dotsuku Zone.

As things have gone back to normal, everyone is able to leave the mountains now. Akane remarks that "strange things" have occurred at this camp, with Shiho wondering if it was the doing of the "god of the mountains." The Vice-Principal pops up and impatiently tells the students to get on the buses, but this scares them, as they think he's the god.

Later, the girls are at Honoka's house, while her grandmother dozes off. Mepple and Mipple remove their Prism Stones from their tails, and the girls place the stones into the Prism Hopish, although Nagisa is reluctant. Nothing appears to be happening until the whole house is illuminated by rays of rainbow light coming out of the Prism Hopish. The girls go outside to see a rainbow coming out of Honoka's house, which Mepple thinks is connected to the Garden of Light. Just then, something descends down the rainbow towards them, hitting Nagisa in the face.

The Prince of Light, Pollun, appears.

It's revealed to be another Commune-like device, revealing a creature that says "Popo!" Mepple recognizes the green creature as Pollun, who introduces himself as the "Prince of Light that guides the way to the future." Pollun is to take them to the Garden of Light. Nagisa is unimpressed, comparing his title to Mepple's "Chosen Hero," stating that there's a "gap" between their titles and how they look. The girls become shocked when they realize Pollun wants Pretty Cure to come along too, as per the Queen's orders. The girls are hesitant, but Pollun throws a fit, insisting that they come, also mentioning that the Elder is waiting. Mepple notes that once Pollun wants something, he won't listen. Honoka gives in, but Nagisa is still reluctant, believing that the garden is far away and possibly dangerous, and worries that they won't be able to return.

Major Events

  • Ilkubo is seemingly sent back to the darkness, leaving behind the Amethyst Prism Stone.
  • The heroes save Wisdom and the Prism Hopish, filling the latter with all seven Prism Stones.
  • Upon completion of the Prism Hopish, a rainbow leading to the Garden of Light appears. Pollun, the Prince of Light, arrives to guide them.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The animation of Cure White raising her arm while running towards Ilkubo is reused from episode 11, where she did the same charging motion to block Gekidrago from attacking a defenseless Cure Black.
  • It's shown that Mepple and Mipple have the Ruby and Sapphire Prism Stones respectively.

Canadian English Dub Edits

  • Pollun's name is changed into "Porun".


  • When Ilkubo forcibly takes the last two Prism Stones, he initially has the Sapphire and Ruby Prism Stones in his left and right hands respectively. However, in the next shot of his hands from his point of view, the stones are swapped.


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