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Let's go to the Garden of Light-popo! Us too!? (いざ光の園へポポ!私たちも!? "Iza Hikari no Sono e-popo! Watashi-tachi mo!?"?), dubbed Journey to the Garden of Light in the Canadian English dub, is the 25th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 25th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall. 


Nagisa and Honoka visit the Garden of Light to restore it, but have they really heard the last of Dotsuku Zone


Pollun, who had just arrivedFwPC24, whines that Pretty Cure must come back with him to the Garden of Light. The girls give in and agree to go, but Nagisa is unsure how they'll get on the rainbow. Pollun leads them into the house, where the base of the rainbow is. Despite all that's transpired, Honoka's grandmother continues to sleep unaffected. Pollun sparkles and floats up the rainbow, followed by Mepple and Mipple, and then the girls.

Honoka thinks that they'll both turn into creatures like Mepple and Mipple while in the Garden of Light.

As the five go up the rainbow, Nagisa wonders what the Garden of Light is like, with Honoka thinking that they'll turn into figures like Mepple and Mipple while there. Nagisa panics as she imagines herself as one, now wanting to go back.

Upon arrival, Nagisa is relieved to see that she didn't change, while Honoka admires the vast garden of flowers. She notices a dark and desolate portion, which Mepple explains was consumed by the Dotsuku Zone. Just then, denizens of the Garden of Light, also small creatures, come to see the rainbow bridge. A few welcome back Mepple and Mepple, who are overjoyed to tears and embrace each other. After the rainbow disappears, Pollun escorts the group to the Palace of Light, where the Elder awaits.

The Elder is forgetful.

Once they enter the palace, Mepple and Mipple greet the Elder, who remarks that it must have been hard for them to live in the Garden of Rainbows. Just as Mepple is about to deny this, he is interrupted by his caretakers who air their grievances about how troublesome he was. The Elder then notices the girls and tries to remember their title, getting stuck at "legendary..." until he is reminded that they're the legendary warriors, only to soon forget again.

Although he's forgetful, the Elder thanks the girls for protecting the Garden of Light, which would have been destroyed by the Dotsuku Zone without them. He explains that the Dotsuku Zone was born from the power of darkness, draining the life out of those consumed in order to grow. The Elder adds that the Garden of Light is protected by the power of light, opposite of darkness, which sprouts life and hope, originating from the Prism Stones. He commends Mepple and Mipple for escaping with two of the stones to ensure that the garden would not be fully devoured.

An attendant informs the Elder that the Queen awaits, as they have an audience with her, so the group follows. Nagisa thinks that she'll reward them, but Honoka doubts it. They approach a large door, leading to a vast room with the Queen inside, but the girls don't see her at first, only to look up and observe her large stature towering over them. The Queen personally thanks the girls for protecting Mepple and Mipple, and remarks that the Garden of Light can be restored at last.

The Queen of the Garden of Light towers over everyone.

Nagisa asks why such an important task was left to normal junior high school students, so the Queen explains that she was inspired by what's deep inside their hearts, but no one knows what she means. The Queen ignores this and goes on to compliment Mepple and Mipple for protecting the stones, which causes them to tear up. She notes that in order to revive the Garden of Light, they must go to the Hill of Light and summon the power of creation from the gathered stones. The Elder and Pollun lead the way.

On the way to the hill, Honoka remarks that she's excited. The group approaches an altar on the hilltop, the only place not consumed by the power of darkness as the Elder explains. He says that the seven of them must gather at the center. However, the girls note that there are only six of them, only for the Elder to state that the seventh is the Queen, who is omnipresent.

Meanwhile, in the Dotsuku Zone, the Evil King states that he won't let them summon the power of all seven Prism Stones.

The completed Prism Hopish is placed in the center, where it sparkles and levitates, as Wisdom is summoned. Mipple again remarks how cool he is, making him haughty. Mepple questions this, only for Wisdom to tell him to be quiet. The Stone Guardian begins to summon the power of creation, but before the Prism Hopish is fit into its placement, a sudden earthquake dislocates it and spills the stones. As the heroes rush to put the Prism Hopish back together, lightning strikes, with the Elder sensing something dreadful approaching.

The Evil King welcomes Pretty Cure to the Dotsuku Zone.

A large purplish bloblike figure wearing tattered robes appears from a hole, who Wisdom believes is Ilkubo. He soon approaches the Hill of Light, leaving the girls no choice but to transform.

Ilkubo states that the power of darkness has increased the anger and hatred that embody him. The girls try to attack, but he easily fends off and captures both of them. Wisdom begins to disappear along with the Prism Hopish. Ilkubo tells the girls that they're coming along too, and they disappear. The Elder and Pollun watch in horror.

The girls and Wisdom are dropped off in a dark and smoky place, where they're greeted by the Evil King, who welcomes them to the Dotsuku Zone.

Major Events

  • The girls visit the Garden of Light for the first time, meeting the Elder and Queen.
  • Ilkubo, strengthened by the power of darkness, is resurrected and forcibly takes Pretty Cure, Wisdom, and the Prism Hopish to the Dotsuku Zone.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • Nagisa imagines herself as a fairy-like creature similar to Mepple and the others. Later on, in an episode of Smile Pretty Cure!, the girls of that season actually do become fairies when visiting Märchenland.
  • A few of the denizens of the Garden of Light look similar or even identical to actual characters printed on the Card Commune cards sold by Bandai.
    • The ice cream one is Sofquup.
    • The mushroom one is vaguely similar to Kinop, only with a circular beard.
    • The apple one is Pomp.
  • Similar to Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun, most of the denizens of the Garden of Light speak with a unique sentence-ender. These include "-dapo," "-pepo," and "-nipo."
  • The animation of Cure White charging towards Ilkubo is reused from episode 18, where she does the same to Poisony.
  • Several unnamed denizens of the Garden of Light are voiced by: Majima Junji, Hanioka Yukiko, Fuzuki Kun, Kawamoto Kunihiro, and Tsuru Hiroyuki

Canadian English Dub Edits


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