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Farewell, Mepple Mipple!? I Can't! (さよならメップルミップル!?やだー "Sayanora Meppuru Mippuru!? Yada"?), dubbed Saying Goodbye is Never Easy in the Canadian English dub, is the 26th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 26th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa and Honoka are taken to the Dotsuku Zone, where they try to defeat the Evil King.


Ilkubo's silhouette.

The girls find themselves face-to-face with the Evil King in the Dotsuku ZoneFwPC25 and turn around to find Ilkubo, who claims that this place will be their grave. Just then, Ilkubo begins to power up even further, becoming a sleek muscular gray figure.  

The girls charge to attack, but Ilkubo easily swats them away as purplish energy wraps around him. Mepple states that the Evil King's power of darkness has "powered up" Ilkubo, with Mipple adding that fighting him here is impossible. The Evil King gloats that they can't win with the power of light in a world ruled by darkness. The vengeful Ilkubo starts to attack, but Cure Black clumsily dodges just in time. Cure White jumps to counterattack, but is smacked to the ground. The girls try to attack together again.  

Back at the Garden of Light, Pollun and the Elder watch as the sky darkens from the palace. The Elder remarks that the power of darkness has gotten stronger, and turns to the Queen, asking what should be done.  

Ilkubo grabs both of the girls and throws them to the ground one after another. Cure White is about to land on her partner, but she spins away in time. Ilkubo tries to step on the girls, but Cure Black grabs her injured partner and moves away. After setting Cure White down, the angered Cure Black tries to attack Ilkubo from behind, but to no avail. He grabs and throws her towards Cure White, sending both into a rock, smashing it. Ilkubo is about to finish them off, sending a tiny sparkle that destroys a stretch of terrain behind them. As he prepares his final blow, the girls stand in fear while Wisdom and the Prism Hopish lay behind them.  

Suddenly, Ilkubo is restrained by electricity, as he calls out to his king, revealed to be the one holding him back. The Evil King then closes his hand which destroys Ilkubo, who he claims was putting the Prism Stones at risk. The girls turn around to notice Wisdom cowering on top of the Prism Hopish, horrified that the Evil King would destroy one of his own just for the stones. He then asks Pretty Cure what darkness is, to which Cure Black responds that she doesn't know, but instead knows that she absolutely won't forgive him.  

Meanwhile, in the Garden of Rainbows, the sky begins to darken in an eclipse-like manner, as people including Ryouta notice.  

The Evil King surrounds Pretty Cure in "absolute silence, nothingness, and darkness," telling them that the Gardens of Light and Rainbows will one day perish, leaving just darkness to return everything to nothing. He says they can't fight it, and that it's better to spend eternity sleeping in darkness.  

Cure Black starts talking to Evil King.

The girls are dropped back into the Dotsuku Zone, as the Evil King pulls Wisdom and the Prism Hopish towards him. Cure Black intercepts by jumping and catching the two, only to start falling, as Cure White runs to catch her. The Evil King asks for what purpose do they fight so hard, and the girls respond with their friends, as Mepple and Mipple would be sad if the Garden of Light was destroyed. He calls them foolish for their reasoning, but Cure Black retorts that it's enough for them. The Evil King repeats that darkness is the fate of everything, but the girls don't care about that, as they want to protect those they cherish, and even if their world will one day be destroyed, that day is not today.  

The girls yell that they won't lose, before launching their Marble Screw attack, but the Evil King easily extinguishes it, reminding them that light is powerless in the face of darkness. Suddenly, the ground begins to shake, and the girls are knocked back.  

The Queen begins to stand up, as light shoots upwards from the palace. She travels to the Dotsuku Zone, illuminating it as she appears behind Pretty Cure. The Evil King asks why she came, so the Queen responds that the power of Pretty Cure brought her here. The Evil King asks if the Queen understands what will happen to her and the light if he is destroyed along with the darkness, so she responds that she and he are "two sides of the same coin," yet there's no other way. He calls her bluff, claiming that she doesn't have the power to destroy the darkness, which she admits, but implies that the girls have that power instead. The Evil King is unconvinced, but the Queen continues that the legendary warriors have the power and heart to bring salvation to the Garden of Light.  

The Queen starts giving power.

The girls promise Mepple and Mipple that they'll revive their homeland soon, as they launch their Marble Screw attack again. The Evil King pushes back on the blast, sending his own spiraling towards the girls, but the Queen shrinks down to the size of Pretty Cure, and puts her hands behind them. The three are bathed in yellow light as their attack is boosted, eventually overcoming the Evil King and causing an explosion. Just as he is defeated, three purple beams shoot off from where he once stood, though this is not brought up by the heroes yet.  

The skies return to normal in the Gardens of Light and Rainbows. At the Hill of Light, Wisdom summons the power of creation without any further disruptions. The fields are bathed in rainbow-colored light, restoring the damage caused by the Dotsuku Zone, as its denizens cheer. The girls watch as petals rain down, with Mepple remarking that this is the "true" Garden of Light. The Elder thanks the girls, but calls them by the wrong names again. Pollun simply says they "did good," causing Mepple to scold him for acting self-important. The girls laugh and then realize that their work is done.  

Mepple and Mipple say that they're going to stay in their home, the girls realizing that this means farewell. However, Nagisa remembers that one day in the Garden of Light equals a century in the Garden of RainbowsFwPC04, so she frets over aging up into old ladies, imaging herself as one. Honoka corrects her that everyone else but them will become old, but this doesn't make her feel better. The Elder tells her not to worry, as Pollun will adjust the time for them. The relieved Nagisa then asks if they'll meet again, but a long silence passes before the Elder tells Pollun to escort the girls back home.  

Just as they're about to ride the rainbow, Honoka runs over to Mipple and Mepple, telling them to come over whenever they like. Mipple thanks Honoka for taking care of her, glad that they met. Mepple calls out to Nagisa, but the girl tries to hide her emotions, claiming that she's relieved to no longer be taking care of him. Mepple retorts that he's relieved to no longer see her "pumpkin face" anymore. Pollun then levitates, followed by the girls. Mipple, and even Mepple, run over to call out to the girls' names, and the girls return the favor, as they float up the rainbow.  

Nagisa and Honoka back on Earth

The girls arrive back at Honoka's house, where the sun is now setting. Chuutaro runs up to greet Honoka. Nagisa remarks how it's really "over," with Honoka stating that it's for the best, as they no longer have to fight anymore, but she tries to hide her tears in Chuutaro's fur. Honoka's grandmother is surprised to see Nagisa, noting that she must have dozed off. She starts to prepare dinner, inviting Nagisa, who accepts, as both girls are starving. Honoka's grandmother remarks that she'll have to make a lot of food, and heads off, but she stops for a moment and turns back, saying "Good job" to the girls, which confuses Nagisa while Honoka doesn't notice.  

One day, after returning to their peaceful lives, Nagisa cools off after lacrosse practice. She imagines hearing Mepple demanding her to take care of him, and wonders if he's been eating properly.  

Later, at home, Nagisa opens the windows in her room. She sits at her desk, looking at the Pretty Cure Notebook that Wisdom gave them earlierFwPC06 while imagining the voices of Mepple and Mipple saying her name. She looks out to see a twinkle in the sky, which soon gets closer and clocks her in the face just like beforeFwPC01. It's revealed to be Mepple's Card Commune, with Mepple asking Nagisa to care of him, as he's going to live with her again. Nagisa begins to cry, and so does Mepple, who jumps into her hands. However, Nagisa forcibly stretches Mepple's cheeks, asking if that's all he has to say, with him retorting that if he didn't mention it, she would have forgotten. Nagisa playfully jabs Mepple and the two laugh together.  

Nagisa then hears Honoka call out to her from outside, so she looks down her balcony to find her holding Mipple, as well as Pollun on her head. She's surprised by this new addition but smiles and says that's just fine.  

Major Events

  • The Evil King destroys Ilkubo to prevent him from damaging the Prism Stones.
  • With the help of the Queen, Pretty Cure seemingly defeats the Evil King.
  • The power of creation is summoned to restore the Garden of Light back to normal, concluding the first half of Futari wa Pretty Cure.
  • The second half of Futari wa Pretty Cure picks up at the end, with Mepple, Mipple, and Pollun returning to the Garden of Rainbows for reasons explained in the next episode.


Pretty Cure



Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Goodbye Mipple and Mepple?! Oh No![1]
  • "☆SHINING STAR☆" is played as an insert song when Pretty Cure and the Queen launch the final blow against the Evil King.
  • Much like in episode 21, a photograph depicting Nagisa along with her parents and brother can be seen in her room.
  • The young boy who notices the darkening sky is voiced by Matsumoto Miwa.
  • This was the last episode of the Latin Spanish dub.

Canadian English Dub Edits


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