Explosive! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm (炸裂!プリキュアレインボーストーム "Sakuretsu! Purikyua Reinbō Sutōmu"?), dubbed Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm in the English dub, is the 30th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 30th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


The girls deal with their first day back at school with the disruptive, troublesome Pollun tagging along. Meanwhile, the Dark Trio decide to use this to target the girls, but will Pollun be more of an asset then they realized? 



Pollun playing with Guardian

The girls call forth the guardian from the Hopish to ask if he knows anything about their new enemies. He tries to explain, but Pollun starts distracting him by playing with his face, then juggling the Prism Stones, claiming that they belong to him now. The guardian snags the stones back, claiming that there's no way he'd hand something containing the 'power of creation' to someone like him.

The guardian finally states that he doesn't know much about these new enemies, but he has a bad feeling about their 'intense darkness,' and says they should act quickly for the sake of the Garden of Rainbows.

It's then Honoka sees Nagisa's summer homework book and notices that it's blank. She then chastises Nagisa by stating that summer vacation ends today, but the procrastinator reassures her that she works best when pushed into a corner.

Meanwhile, back at the isolated mansion in the woods from last episode, more of the building's interior is shown to be barren and dusty with cobwebs. The Dark Seeds are in their civilian form, hanging out inside the mansion. Regine states that they should revive the Evil King soon, but the older-looking one, who first appeared last episode, instead mentions that they should obtain the Prism Stones, which are in the possession of Pretty Cure.

The next morning, as the girls are walking towards school, Nagisa reveals that she hadn't slept much last night, since she was preoccupied with finishing her summer homework, of which she actually hasn't fully completed yet. The girls notice that Nagisa's bag is heavier than usual, which is strange since they weren't supposed to bring much on the first day back. It turns out that Pollun had hidden his commune inside Nagisa's bag. He wanted to come along with the girls and refuses to hear otherwise, with Mipple pointing out that changing his mind is impossible. The girls have no choice but to concede.

After class begins, Nagisa is quick to admit that she forgot to do the homework and willingly punishes herself by standing outside in the hallway. When Pollun, from inside Nagisa's bag, voices his desire to come too, Honoka quickly tries to cover for him by acting like she said it, by implying that she also didn't do her homework as well, and goes out to join Nagisa.

Nagisa scolds Pollun for getting Honoka in trouble, but he is more preoccupied with how boring it is, and refuses to be quiet. Ms. Yoshimi comes outside and tells the two girls to be quiet, thinking it was them who made all that noise. After she reenters the classroom, the girls notice that Pollun has run off somewhere. He is in the principal's office, drawing on a photo of the Principal with a red marker. The girls sneak up and catch him, but they are found out by the Vice Principal, who accuses them of vandalizing the photo, and punishes the two by making them weed the grass on Verone's school-grounds.

Nagisa is too sleepy and hot to continue working, prompting Honoka to claim that she will finish all by herself, but Nagisa insists that they continue working together.

FWPC30 - Regine Belzei Juna

The Dark Seeds walks to the school

They eventually finish, and the Vice Principal states that they did a good job. Just then, the Dark Seeds in their civilian forms walk up to the school. The Vice Principal, now hypnotized, mistakes one of them for the Principal and welcomes 'him.'

While Nagisa is resting, Honoka notices that Pollun has gone missing again. This makes Nagisa ticked-off, stating that he was the reason the two got in so much trouble today. They step out into the hallway where they notice that it has gotten much darker now, but Honoka mentions that it's only 3 o'clock in the afternoon. They find Ms. Yoshimi and the Vice Principal unconscious, leading them to suspect that the Dotsuku Zone is behind all of this. Outside of the school, they find all three Dark Seeds, fully-transformed, standing on the rooftop.

The seeds claim that they've come for the Prism Stones, prompting the girls to try and run away, but they are quickly cut-off by Kakuzawa, who strikes open a portal in-between the girls. Regine opens the portal, revealing the dimension that the guardian is hiding in, along with the Prism Hopish. The shortest one then grabs the guardian. The girls finally transform now.

The girls try to attack, but to no avail. They try a Marble Screw attack, but the three seeds manage to negate it, stating that all they needed to do was split the 'black and white lightning' apart to weaken its power. The seeds then go on the offensive, while the guardian manages to teleport out of 'the shortest one's' grasp. He teleports into the school, prompting the seeds to come after him. Pretty Cure also follows, leaving everyone to search inside the school building for the guardian.

Guardian transfers the stones power to Pollun

The guardian finally hides out on the school's rooftop. He realizes that if he is being currently targeted, he must hand over 'the power of creation' to someone in possession of 'the power of light.' He senses such someone nearby, but it turns out to be Pollun. Unaware of what is currently going on, Pollun asks the guardian to play with him. Leaving him with no choice, the guardian decides to transfer the Prism Stones' power to Pollun. The recipient has no idea what just happened, but before the guardian has a chance to explain, the seeds finally come up to the rooftop. They capture him, and flick Pollun away, not aware that he has 'the power of creation' now.

Pretty Cure finally show up to the rooftop now, and are once again beaten up by the seeds, but this time they struggle to get up. Pollun, watching from afar, crawls over. He screams at the seeds to "stop bullying them-popo!" Just as he says that, his voice and power are amplified. He begins to glow and a strange card appears so that it slashes itself over his commune, sending the 'power of light' to Pretty Cure in the form of Rainbow Bracelets.

The seeds of darkness try to attack again, but they notice the girls are much faster and stronger this time. The girls themselves notice that White's injuries and Black's sleepless fatigue have ceased. Pretty Cure then uses their new attack, Rainbow Storm. Nagisa notices once again that she is saying something strange against her will. But she doesn't think too much of it, as their attack begins to push the Dark Seeds back. The shortest one orders a retreat, and they all leave with the guardian in their grasp.

After the fight, the girls finally leave school. They asks Pollun what just happened, but even he doesn't know. The girls now get worried, realizing that the Dotsuku Zone is in possession of the guardian and the Prism Stones.

Major Events

  • Wisdom sacrifices the power of the Prism Stones to Pollun before he is captured by the Dark Seeds.
  • Pollun releases the power of the Prism Stones within himself, forming the Rainbow Braces and allowing the Cures to perform Rainbow Storm for the first time.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Blast it Away! Pretty Cure Rainbow Storm!
  • This is the first episode where the ending theme, Get You! Love Love?!, uses different visuals for the second-half of the season.
    • The first version of the ending theme, that ended at FwPC29, had visuals of Pisard, Gekidrago, Poisony, Kiriya, and Ilkubo dancing along. The second version replaces them with the Dark Seeds instead.
    • In the second version starting here, the fairies, including Pollun now, are put together with the girls in the final shot of the ending theme.
  • The is also the first episode that uses a new eye-catch for the second-half of the show. This time featuring Pollun.


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