Nagisa Breaks Away! The Blazing All-Out Relay (なぎさぶっちぎり!炎のガチンコリレー "Nagisa Bucchigiri! Honō no Gachinko Relay"?), dubbed Running On Empty in the English dub, is the 34th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 34th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


An upcoming rely race is approaching and Nagisa is put against Yuka. With both girls expected to win, which side will be victorious?


Honoka is busy doing an experiment, when she notices outside her lab-room that the students are practicing for the upcoming relay. Shiho comments on how the class has been split into two teams, one white, and one pink. The pink team is stacked with Nagisa, Yumiko, and Rina, to the dismay of white team member Shiho. Yuka Odajima watches Nagisa speed through the practice from afar, subtly praising her.

FWPC34 - Yuka Watches Nagisa

Yuka watches on Nagisa

Inside the mansion of darkness, the 'leader seed' is drinking tea. Regine says and then later shouts that she will be putting an end to the legendary warriors once and for all.

On the day of the 'Verone Girls' Junior High Athletic Festival,' Honoka is maintaining the broadcast booth with another student, but she is also competing in the upcoming 'hoop dance' event, along with the other second year students.

Mepple and Mipple are watching the festival from a classroom, but Pollun interrupts by asking to play with someone.

The hoop dance event is underway, with Nagisa and Honoka together. Nagisa notices Fuji-P in the audience, and this causes her slip up a bit. Yuka overhears some students talk about Nagisa's tendency to 'space out,' which makes her 'interesting.' They then talk about how their team, the pink team, will easily win the relay with Nagisa and Yumiko, prompting Yuka to 'internally state' that she will not let Nagisa win.

Pollun runs out of the classroom, as he wants to be in the athletic festival too.

FWPC34 - Regine in Audience

Regine in the audience

Nagisa's family is watching the competition, with Regine standing far behind them, before walking away.

Pollun finally makes it to the ground, before he stops and makes another premonition: "Ouchy ouchy!" He starts to walk as if he were walking on 'burning coal.'

Nagisa and Honoka begin to wash their faces. Yuka approaches the two, congratulating Nagisa for her performance, but tells her to save her 'high spirits' for the relay. Nagisa promises to not lose to her, and the 'Madonna' walks away. Nagisa wonders if Yuka 'hates her,' with Honoka reassuring her that she just wants a 'good rival.' The two girls walk off, but just then, Regine appears by the faucets, staring at the two, who are unaware of her presence.

Pollun accidentally falls into a box of 'bean-bags,' which are going to be used for the next event. The 'bean-bag toss' event begins, with one first-year student unknowingly tossing Pollun into the basket.

During lunch, Ms. Yoshimi congratulates her students for a job well done. Honoka notices that Mipple has gone missing, and Nagisa notices the same for Mepple and Pollun.

Fuji-P and Kimata are looking at the board listing the festival events, stating the the main event is the afternoon relay. A messy-haired boy comes up to them, and calls Fuji-P, 'senpai.' The 'senpai' calls him Hasekura, with the latter wanting to know more about Nagisa after seeing her in the 'hoop dance' event. Kimata teases him, stating that he 'likes' Nagisa.

The girls continue to look for the fairies, but Mepple and Mipple jump out of a shoe locker to make themselves known. They state that not only is Pollun missing, but they feel a dark presence nearby.

The relay is about to start, with Shiho and Rina wondering where Nagisa and Honoka are. The missing girls hear the sound of a piano nearby, and follow it. They find a strange auburn-haired girl, who asks them where the power of the stones is, before transforming into Regine. The girls quickly transform.

Nagisa and Honoka try to close the fire door

Regine summons a Zakenna using the piano. The girls try to close the fire door, but the Zakenna manages to burn it down. The girls jump all the way up to the rooftop, but the Zakenna manages to scale the building wall.  

Everyone back at the relay is wondering where Nagisa is. Yuka even states that without her, the race isn't worth doing.  

The girls are ensnared by the Zakenna's wires, which start to burn them. Just then, Pollun senses their pain, and begins to shout, sending the power of light to the girls, allowing them to use Rainbow Storm on the Zakenna, dissolving it, and forcing Regine to retreat.

Because Nagisa hasn't showed up yet, Yumiko moves from her anchor position in the relay up by 'one leg,' stating that she may have to run the anchor position as well. Thankfully, Nagisa shows up in the nick of time. She runs up to where Yumiko is, and takes her baton, continuing the anchor lap of the race. Nagisa catches up to Yuka, and the two girls are neck and neck, and it seems like a tie at the goal post. But actually, Nagisa manages to win by a nose, scoring for the pink team. Yuka wonders how she got so fast, but just then, Nagisa's stomach grumbles, giving the answer to her fast speed. Yuka states that they should compete again, and walks away, stating that being around Nagisa 'lets down' her 'Madonna' image.

Later that day, Nagisa scarfs down her lunch, as well as Honoka's.

Major Events

  • Hasekura Kazuki develops a crush on Nagisa, leading into the next episode.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Run, Nagisa! An Exciting Relay Race.
  • This is Yuka's second major appearance in the season.
  • Yuka says Impossible! (ありえない! 'Arienai!'?), Nagisa's catchphrase, after losing the race to her.


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