Is This a Date? Tumultuous Happy Birthday (これってデート?怒涛のハッピーバースデー "Kore tte Dēto? Dotō no Happī Bāsudē"?), dubbed You Call this A Date? in English dub, is the 35th episode of the season Futari wa Pretty Cure, and also the 35th episode of Pretty Cure franchise overall.


Nagisa's birthday arrives and she is asked out by a popular basketball player. Unable to reject him she agrees to go on a date with him while trying to find a way to let him down.


In class, Honoka overhears Shiho and Rina asking Nagisa what she would want for her upcoming birthday. Nagisa thinks about it, and imagines FujiP wishing her a 'Happy Birthday' with a smile. She quickly brushes it off by bashing her head into the desk multiple times, screaming 'Impossible!' (ありえない 'Arienai!'?) over and over again. This confuses her two friends, so they decide to just go shop for something random.

Meanwhile, at the dark mansion, the seeds of darkness begin conversing about the newfound power that Pollun displayed last time. They worry about how tough the girls have become, but then brush it off by reminding themselves that they are the three strongest warriors of the Evil King.

The next day, on the way to school, Shiho and Rina approach Nagisa with her birthday gift, despite being one day early from October 10. Just then, the girls spot a boy from the Boys' Division waiting outside the Girls' Division gate. Shiho recognizes him as 'Hasekura-kun' from the basketball team, one of the popular boys at Verone.

Hasekura then approaches the three, this excites Shiho, who thinks he wants to talk to her, but actually, he instead approaches Nagisa. He introduces himself as a second-year student, and directly confesses that he likes her, and asks her out on a date. Just then, a bunch of schoolgirls begin to crowd the two, overhearing what just happened.


Honoka and Pollun

Later during the day, Nagisa and Honoka are hiding out on top of a balcony. Nagisa explains that she did not answer Hasekura's question, but instead quickly ran away from him, with Mepple teasing her for what she did. Nagisa states that she doesn't want to go out with him, prompting Honoka to ask if she has someone else in mind, but a now-flustered Nagisa retorts by saying that she wouldn't have time to date boys while playing on the lacrosse team. Honoka tells Nagisa that if she doesn't want to, she can just turn Hasekura down, but Nagisa fears that this may hurt him, but Honoka reassures that being dishonest about her feelings would hurt him more.  

At the end of school, Nagisa waits for Hasekura outside the Boys' Division gate. She is about to talk, but the boy interrupts by asking if she likes chestnuts, and presses her to join him for chestnut gathering tomorrow, on Nagisa's birthday which the 'birthday girl' forgets about.  

The next day, Nagisa hands Pollun over to Honoka for the day. Honoka notices that Nagisa has a cut on her finger, and appears to be sleep-deprived. Nagisa mentions that she stayed up all night to make Hasekura a lunch, and then begs Honoka to come with her to the chestnut fields, but Honoka feels it would be rude since Hasekura only invited one person. Rejected, Nagisa solemnly walks off.  

Pollun has another premonition, "Burr, Burr, Boom!" (毬 毬 どっかん! 'Iga Iga Dokkan!'?). Honoka wonders if he is referring to 'chestnut burrs.'  


Serious Nagisa

Nagisa waits for Hasekura nearby the bus stop, hoping he won't show up, but just when she thinks he isn't coming, he appears behind her, much to her shock, and reveals he bought lunches for the both of them. Meanwhile, a strange boy in a hat and sunglasses, in possession of Mipple's Card Commune, watches them from nearby.  

On the bus, Nagisa wonders when she should reject him, and decides on after they finished gathering chestnuts. In the back of the bus, the strange boy from before is trailing the two. Just then, from 'his' backpack, Pollun pops out to comment on the scenery outside, before being forced by the boy, who is now revealed to be Honoka in a disguise, into the backpack again, before anyone noticed.  

At the destination, Nagisa and Hasekura have fun gathering chestnuts together. He comments on how during the athletic festivalFwPC34, Nagisa seemed so active and confident; He adds that he likes happy and energetic girls, after observing Nagisa's strength in gathering chestnuts. Nagisa then snaps out of her trance, realizing that she can't be having fun here, and attempts to turn Hasekura down at that moment, but before she is able to, she runs away, claiming that she is going to buy some juice. Juna watches her from above.   

Nagisa is now hiding from Hasekura, who is attempting to search for her. She is then interrupted by Honoka from behind, who reveals herself, and tells Nagisa that she mustn't run away from the problem. This prompts Nagisa to finally reveal herself to Hasekura, and is about to finally turn him down, but they are interrupted by a strong gust of wind. Just then, the fallen chestnuts have combined into a Zakenna. Hasekura grabs Nagisa's hand and runs away from the chestnut Zakenna, but Juna corners the two and blows them both back, knocking the boy unconscious. This provides Nagisa and Honoka some time to finally transform.   


Nagisa is slightly angry

The girls are put on the defensive, as the Zakenna's prickly hide makes it hard to physically contact it. The girls start running after the Zakenna rolls towards them, but Black notices Hasekura's unconscious body up ahead. She attempts to pick him up, but the Zakenna seemingly crushes all three of them, only for Pretty Cure to reveal themselves running on top of the Zakenna now, with Black still holding Hasekura. They manage to jump off the Zakenna, while it continues to roll away from them.

Hasekura slightly awakens to notice a girl dressed in black carrying him, before falling unconscious again. Black sets him down by a tree. Pretty Cure begin to launch their Marble Screw attack against the Zakenna. As they are launching the attack, Hasekura awakens once again, to witness the girl dressed in black protecting him, and states that he's found his 'ideal person' before falling unconscious again. The Zakenna is defeated and Juna is forced into retreat.

Hasekura awakens, and attempts to find his savior, but to no avail.

Honoka is disgusted by Nagisa's attempt to 'poison' Hasekura

The two continue to gather chestnuts, until Hasekura breaks the silence by stating that he wants to confess something, to which Nagisa mentions that she does too. He goes first, apologizing for forcing Nagisa to come along with him today, stating that instead, he found his ideal person here, mentioning the girl dressed in black who protected him. Nagisa mentions that she also wanted to turn him down, and the two make up, but Hasekura quickly leaves to try and find the girl who saved him, but unbeknownst to him, he just ran away from his 'savior,' who is left behind with all of the chestnuts that they have gathered today.

Back at the bus stop, Nagisa realizes that she forgot today was her birthday, claiming that nothing good happened today. Just then, FujiP greets the two girls. Honoka mentions to him that today is Nagisa's birthday, so he wishes her a happy 'one' with a smile, to Nagisa's joy.

Honoka remembers that Nagisa made a lunch for Hasekura, and wonders what happened to it. Pollun pops out of Nagisa's bag, stating that the lunch she made was delicious, mentioning the rice-balls filled with chocolate, jam, and candy. A disgusted Honoka wonders if Nagisa was planning on having Hasekura eat all that, to which the 'chef' mentions that she hoped her cooking would make him give up on her. Honoka calls her 'weird.'  

Back at the dark mansion again, Wisdom claims that he must find a way to escape from this cage.  

Major Events

  • Nagisa is forced into a chestnut gathering date on her birthday with Hasekura Kazuki, who rejects her in the end for Cure Black.





Secondary Characters


  • The Singaporean English title of the episode is Is This A Date?! A Chaotic Birthday.
  • In the 'next-episode preview' for this episode at the end of FwPC34, Nagisa mentions that she is going to make 'mashed sweet potatoes with chestnuts' (栗金団 'Kuri kinton'?) out of the giant chestnut Zakenna, to which Honoka retorts that her idea is 'impospudible' (無理金団 'Muri kinton'?).
    • This preview also has a scene that doesn't show up in the actual episode: a confused Cure White standing in front of a background with moving chestnuts, which in-context only worked with the pun mentioned above.


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